Prospecting for new clients for your rental yard? Here are three methods to find email addresses:

1) Email can help you guess at an email address.

If you know the URL being used, you can plug in your suspect’s name. For example, you can test if or or firstname@ironteksolutions are valid email addresses.

2) can also help you if you have the website of your suspect’s company. will tell you if they have an email address. But, they are a paid service.

They will show you a list, and you can either guess or use Email Checker to confirm an address.

3) Clearbit will show you up to 100 email addresses per month for free.

Clearbit requires the Google Chrome browser, the Clearbit plug-in and Gmail.

Using the Google Chrome browser, you can download the plug-in here:

Sign into

You should see a Clearbit icon on the right side of your screen, just below your Google icon / your photo. (Example below)