Boom Lift Attachments & Accessories:

Boom lifts can get you up, over, and around hard to reach spaces on job sites and usually make the job more efficient. They are perfect for bridge maintenance, roof repair, tree trimming, and many more applications.

What makes these machines great is their ability to be modified to fit almost any job application. They also offer safety attachments for the more demanding jobs. The list of attachments below shows you both the productivity as well as the safety attachments for boom lifts.

Auxiliary Rail: This is an attachment that goes above the top railing on the basket. The auxiliary rail creates an additional layer of safety for the operator.

Platform Control Box Cover: This cover is attached to the top of the control panel in the basket and prevents any loose debris from entering the control box. It also saves the box from any potential paint overspray, falling trees, etc.

Light Package: Additional lighting is perfect for jobs that require the operator to work in the evening or in low-light areas like under a bridge. This accessory consists of two, chassis-mounted drive lights and two platform-mounted work lights to illuminate the work area.

Panel Cradle: The panel cradle consists of two cradles, two foam cushions, and a load-restraining strap. –It’s perfect for drywall, glass panes, wood panels, and more. The cradle allows the operator to strap the materials to the outside of the basket, raise to working height, and easily access the materials for the job.

Pipe Cradle: A pipe cradle allows the boom operator to easily transport pipes with stability to working height. The cradle is easily attached to the platform with U-bolts, and it rests on the floor of the platform to transfer the weight of the pipes away from the guard rails.

Contact Alarm: This safety accessory is designed to stop boom functions and alert ground personnel when an operator contacts the activation cable. A contact alarm is perfect for electricians when working near telephone wires.

Fall Arrest Bar: Fall arrest bars provide additional safety for operators while giving them the ability to move freely on an adjacent structure outside of the platform. The arrest bar includes a sliding arm that’s designed to allow the operator to be anchored with a fall arrest lanyard. It is easily added and removed to the basket when needed.

Operator Protective Structure: This attachment connects to the top railing of 6ft and 8ft platforms and gives the operator additional safety from overhead obstacles when raising the boom.

Platform Mesh (Full, Half, Screen):

  • Full: Covers all four sides of the platform from the floor to the top rail, without obstructing the lanyard attachment points on the rail.
  • Half: Acts as a guard to help keep materials and tools from falling out of the platform. A swing gate allows operators to enter and exit the platform without having to duck under a sliding midrail. This can make a big difference especially with tools or materials in hand.
  • Screen: Designed to encapsulate the boom platform fully covering the bottom, sides, door, and control panel. This accessory is specifically designed so nothing dropped while inside the platform can fall out.

Aircraft Protection Package: This factory-installed attachments allows the operator to work up-close to any sensitive work areas without fear of damages. With the foam-padded auxiliary rails located on the top and sides, plus a padded proximity-sensing rail underneath, it is perfect for safe operation. If any of these rails contact the surface, all motion functions stop.

Expo Installer: Allows for precise, easy placement of signs, banners, and hanging decor. Designed to make operators more efficient when working at height, these attachments are currently only made for indoor boom lifts.

Access Deck: This approved attachment gives the operator a small, extra step on the platform to work from. Attached to the platform midrail, this additional access enables operators to get into restricted spaces to increase productivity.

Tool Tray: This attachment is a simple tray that hangs on the railing of the basket that can hold small tools and materials in order to prevent clutter and tripping.

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