Forklift Attachments that Make Every Job Easier:

Forklifts are one of the more versatile pieces of equipment to have on any construction site or at a warehouse. They are an everyday machine that makes material handling jobs significantly easier and more efficient.

What makes these forklifts so desirable is their ability to be transformed into a machine to complete almost any task just by changing the attachments. The typical attachment most people see on forklifts are the forks, but there are many more than can transition to many different jobs. Learn more about forklift attachments like forklift forks, forklift extensions, carpet poles, and more here:

  • Forklift Forks: This attachment is what you would see most often on forklifts. The forks allow the operator to easily pick up and transport materials on pallets around the jobsite.
  • Heavy duty forklift extensions: These fork extensions are an accessory that makes the existing forks both longer and capable of carrying a heavier capacity load. Simply slide your fork into the forklift extension and secure it by placing the locking pin through the brackets on the back. Extensions available in 48″, 54″, 60″, 63″, 72″, 84″, 90″ & 96″ lengths
  • Carpet poles: This is an attachment that can be attached to the forklift’s lifting mechanism directly. The pole is used to insert into tightly rolled carpet in order to easily pick it up from shelves and moving it to another location without having employees lift those heavy, awkward roles themselves.
  • Drum handlers: This attachment is perfect for material handling companies dealing with plastic, steel, or fiber drums. This is a set of jaws that clamp onto the top of the drum stabilizing it on the platform on the bottom of the drum ensuring the lid will not fall off while transporting the drums around the site and loading/unloading them.
  • Lift Jibs: Lift Jibs allow for flexible lifting of long, bulky loads, such as bar stock, piping and tubing. The forklift lift jib slide over forks and secure to lift truck with a safety chain. Multiple hole locations and (2) standard swivel hook with shackles give you many lifting options. Standard lift jib goes from 82” retracted length to 144” fully extended. The loop handle on the end allows for ease of extending the jib. The T-lock on side screws down to clamp extension in place when desired length is set.
  • Self-dumping hoppers: This “bucket-type” attachment is perfect for all jobsite applications. This eases the tedious end of the day clean up needed for any job. This attachment helps collect, store and transport bulk materials, and it is easy for a forklift operator to transport them by sliding forks into their built-in fork pockets. Once it has been moved to the right location, release the safety latch and the hopper will tilt forward and release its content. Then, the self-dumping steel hopper will return to its locked position and it can be reused for another load of materials immediately.
  • Load backrests: These backrests are essential and required by OSHA for every forklift. This attachment prevents any load from falling back towards the operator. All load backrests are either bolt-on or slip-on style. Special backrests, such as notched center and electric pallet truck backrests are available upon request. The backrests are also made to order from the manufacturer’s depending on the applications of the forklift.
  • Man-baskets – Forklift: This basket turns the forklift into a small manlift. This allows the forklift operator to lift personnel into the air, in a small basket using the forklift. This could be used for small jobs like replacing lights, electrical works, etc.
  • Man baskets – Construction: This attachment is similar to the other basket above, but this is designed specifically for telehandlers (rough terrain forklifts). The basket is slightly larger than the man basket for warehouse forklifts and also features a traction cover for the floor of the basket to prevent slipping if working in wet conditions.
  • Snow bucket: This is a quick attachment that turns a forklift into a snowplow. The bucket also has a self-dumping mechanism, like the self-dumping hopper above, that is activated with a release cable. This is perfect for snow removal around warehouses and jobsites where there is a smooth, paved surface.
  • Trailer mover: The trailer hitch attachment is perfect to quickly move any towable trailers or lifts that have a ball hitch on them. This attachment is quickly added to the forklift by sliding the forks into the attachment and safely wrapping the chain around the carriage of the forklift. This allows the operator to quickly hitch to a trailer and move it around the yard or jobsite easily.

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