Here are Some of the Most Commonly Asked Questions About
SELLING Equipment on FleetNow™

Have a question you don’t see below? Please contact us today for more information via the form at the bottom of the page, or you can reach us here:  1.833.476.6835 |

Getting Started with FleetNow:

Contact us today and we’ll get you set up. The team from FleetNow is easy to work with, and FleetNow’s marketplace is one of the most affordable sales & lead-generation platforms in the industry. You can reach us at:  1.833.476.6835 |  We look forward to hearing from you!

You can sell all types of heavy equipment – along with some not-so-heavy-equipment – on FleetNow! From construction & agricultural equipment and attachments to automobiles & saws, you can sell it through FleetNow. We work to find you qualified buyers across many equipment types, and we’re always adding new categories to the marketplace. Contact us today to get your items listed!

1.833.476.6835 |

Yes! Most of our sellers list their used equipment, but you are welcome to list new equipment and attachments if that’s what you’d like to sell.

Yes! You can sell parts and attachments on FleetNow. Contact us today to get started:

1.833.476.6835 |

We’ll do the work for you, so you can stay focused on your business. We use FleetNow Easy Integrations to automatically update your listings on a daily basis – that way, your listings will always be up to date without any time on your part. We can also update your listings directly from your spreadsheet.

FleetNow is one of the most affordable online marketplaces in the industry. At FleetNow, we’re upfront about our pricing – no surprises or extra fees!

Here’s what you can expect:

Unlimited listings
Free integration
Dashboard & lead tracker
Built-in follow up process
Free tracking number

No Risk: Just 1 Sale Per
Year Pays for Itself!

Everything from Essentials plus:
Banner ad on site
Monthly blog post
Monthly email blast
Monthly social media feature

Everything from Essentials plus:
Multiple banner ads
2 Monthly blog posts
2 Monthly email blasts
2 Monthly social media features
Update listings on MT
Featured dealer page

Contact us today for more information or to get started: 1.833.476.6835 |

Why FleetNow?:

In addition to being the most affordable, easy-to-work with team in the industry, you’ll appreciate many other benefits when you list with FleetNow:

  • See all of your sales & rental data in one place – FleetNow includes an easy-to-use Fleet Dashboard that lets you see your equipment details at a glance, which makes it easy for you to make smart business decisions quickly.

  • Personal account rep – When you join FleetNow, you’ll have a personal account rep dedicated to helping you sell your equipment. We’ll also share your listings with our private sales network of buyers.

  • Easy lead follow-up – FleetNow helps you keep your leads organized and track your follow-up progress with a built-in follow-up process and lead tracker.

  • Be seen on the largest shopping sites on the web – When you list on FleetNow, your equipment will be seen on Google & Bing Shopping.

  • It’s more profitable – Get 30–50% more when you sell your equipment on FleetNow. Buyers often pay retail prices, while you pay one of the lowest rates in the industry to find new buyers.

  • Sell your equipment faster – It’s easy for buyers to find your equipment on FleetNow because:

    • The site is not oversaturated with outdated listings
    • You don’t have to pay extra to be seen; we match the right buyers with the equipment they want
    • Repeat business; a great user experience keeps buyers coming back
  • Get first access to new products and free trials – FleetNow is working on new tech solutions for the heavy equipment industry to save time and increase ROI. As a part of FleetNow, you’ll have access to new tools like an inspection app, price estimator, and more.

Contact us today for more info or to get started: 1.833.476.6835 |

While sites like Machinery have been around for over 20 years, consider placing your machine(s) for sale on more than one equipment sale website.

  • Multiple sites will get you additional exposure and help you find fresh leads.
  • Only have one machine to sell? Sites like and let you sell individual machines.
  • Have more than one machine? A site like FleetNow allows you to post unlimited listings for the same price.

At FleetNow, our goal is to help you sell your equipment! We’ll even help you update your listings on other sites to save you time.

  • FleetNow is the fastest growing marketplace in the industry.

  • FleetNow is not over saturated with 100,000+ listings like some advertising sites. It’s easy for buyers to find your equipment. 

  • You don’t have to pay more for your listings to appear at the top of the search results. We connect buyers with the equipment that best meets their needs, which keeps them coming back.

  • We’re a fraction of the cost of advertising sites. It can cost almost 10 times more to list your equipment with our top competitor.

  • 85% of our site visitors are retail buyers who pay top dollar for used equipment.

  • You can get 30-50% more when you sell your used equipment through FleetNow.

Leads and Lead Follow Up:

FleetNow’s Lead Tracker makes it easy for you to view, follow up, and track the progress you’re making with your leads. FleetNow also includes an automatic follow-up process that buys you time and keeps your leads hot.

FleetNow’s Lead Tracker has a set schedule to help you and your team achieve the best results when following up with new leads. Everyone on your team will be able to view the leads, current status, and notes associated with each contact.

Note: Research shows that following up within the first hour increases your odds of qualifying the lead by 7x. FleetNow has an automated follow-up process to help keep your leads warm and buy you time.

You choose how many leads you’d like to get per month. Lead levels include, but are not limited to:  10 minimum |  30 minimum |  60 minimum leads per month. When you choose a level, we’ll guarantee you’ll get at least the minimum number of leads each month. The leads are unique to you and the specific equipment you have listed.

Once you decide to list your equipment on FleetNow, it can take approximately a week to get your equipment listed. Once listed, you should start seeing new leads coming in within 48 hours.


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