Towable boom lifts are popular in part because they are the simplest boom lifts to move.

Also called trailer-mounted, cherry pickers, or pull-behind boom lifts, these can be towed behind a pickup truck, work van or SUV — any vehicle with a Class 2 or Class 3 trailer hitch can work. This makes towable lifts perfect for those that do not have a flatbed trailer to haul it around.

Controls for pull behind lifts are typically simple and intuitive. And, these lifts will typically help you raise up to 500 pounds to your working height.

In addition to being easy to move and use, these lifts are small enough to fit onto a variety of job sites.

Towable boom lifts can reach up and over at the same time when extended and are studier than using ladders. Platform height for towables range from 34 feet to 62 feet. Roofers and tree trimming services often add a towable boom lift to their equipment to help take on more jobs, safer. Simple to set up, hydraulic outriggers provide stability that ladders cannot.

Their light weight can help you avoid damaging the surface you are working on — like on a lawn or driveway.

Towable boom lift uses

  • Roofing
  • Tree trimming
  • Picking fruit (why they are also called cherry pickers)
  • Power, cable and telephone line work
  • Mounting holiday decorations
  • Window cleaning

Who makes towable boom lifts?

In addition to the larger aerial lift manufacturers, Genie and JLG, here is a list of popular towable boom lift makes and models.

As with other mobile elevated work platforms, the model number often contains the working height of the machine, like the JLG T350, which has a working height just beneath 35 feet.

How High Will a Towable Boom Lift Reach?

Towable Boom Lifts are easy to tow and easy to use — but how high can a towable boom lift reach? With platform heights from 34 feet to 62 feet, click here for an illustration of how high different towables could work.

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