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What is an AUSA Telehandler?

The AUSA Telehandler’s capabilities are coupled with built-in ergonomics. This makes them a safe solution for transporting most types of material and loads. Their compact size and versatility allow them to operate efficiently on most outdoor surfaces.

Being able to move large and heavy loads with minimal effort, they are ideal for the outdoors. They adapt easily to steep and challenging terrains and surfaces.

Are AUSA Telehandlers good?

Telehandlers are built to handle equipment and material, typically on a construction site. They are classified as variable-reach rough terrain forklift trucks. Telehandlers accept different attachments to lift, move and place materials like shingles, bricks, lumber, and gravel.

Their four-wheel steering and the compact measurements place them in a class of their own, making them indispensable for any work or industry, or on a farm. Their size and lightweight build make them suitable for working in limited access areas in a fragile soil environment so that soil erosion is mineralized.

The TeleHandlers have more than enough capacity and capability for construction, agriculture, and most industries. They are especially suited for handling pallets, bales of paper, grain, and manure, for example. An AUSA Telehandler for sale is a popular item across many industries.

What Telehandlers Does Ausa Make?

AUSA provides two Telehandler models. They are highly compact and have an advanced design that is designed for working in open spaces under extreme conditions. Additionally, they sell a compact model that operates well in very narrow semi-enclosed spaces that have difficult access.

AUSA offers two models, the Telehandlers. The T144H and the T2044. These models’ capacities are 1.5 tons and 2.0 tons respectively. The versatility of their telescopic arm allows positioning at a required height and also to the front. This makes them the ideal equipment for handling materials on-site, whether a ram, a construction site or even on a building being demolished.



Maximum Lift Capacity: 2,976 Pounds

Maximum Lift Height: 12 feet, 9 inches

Engine Tier: Tier 3


Maximum Lift Capacity: 4,409 Pounds

Maximum Lift Height: 12 feet, 9 inches

Engine Tier: Tier 3

How much do AUSA Telehandlers cost?

A quick price check in 2022 on used AUSA Telehandler for sale vary from a 2013 model priced at $29,261 to a high of $87,235.

In between, the unit had these varying prices in USD.

  • 2007 AUSA T 144H $31,950
  • 2017 AUSA T 144H $31,005
  • 2017 AUSA T 144H $39,959

There were fewer Model T204H listed on  equipment seller websites as follows:

  • 2007 AUSA t204 H $31,950
  • 2017 AUSA t204 H $51,334

How much does an AUSA Telehandler weigh?

The weights for the two models as follows:

  • AUSA T 144H 5,300 Pounds, 2,400 Kilograms
  • AUSA T20 4H 5,300 Pounds, 2,400 Kilograms

Who owns AUSA?

AUSA, based outside Barcelona, Spain, was founded in 1956. AUSA is short for Automóviles Utilitarios Sociedad Anónima. In 2015, they began selling equipment in the United States. JLG recently signed a ten-year commercial agreement with AUSA, which is located in Barcelona, Spain, for AUSA manufacture a new model of ultra-compact Telehandler for JLG.

AUSA Telehandler For Sale

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