Read on to learn about the backhoe makes and models sold in North America and find units for sale near you with this Backhoe Guide from FleetNow. Backhoes, also known as backhoe loaders, combine digging and moving in one machine. One side of a backhoe includes a loader bucket for pushing, lifting, and carrying materials. The other side is used for digging. Stabilizer legs reach onto the ground and provide support for the machine in unstable areas. Typically, backhoes have a rotating seat so the operator can face the loader or the controls for the machine.

The backhoe’s versatility and ability to include attachments make it a great piece of equipment for streamlining construction jobs. It helps companies avoid buying additional equipment, minimizes storage space, reduces maintenance requirements, and limits fuel usage. Being able to reduce the number of machines on a smaller job site can be essential for smooth production.

Watch this video of a CAT 420F2 and 430F2 Backhoe Loader.

Backhoe uses

The backhoe is interesting because it is a combination of a tractor, a loader, and a backhoe.

The tractor portion is the core structure of the backhoe. It is designed to move across all kinds of rough terrain with ease. The backhoes cab protects the operator while the machine is in motion.

The loader is a powerful scooper that can be used to pick up and carry large amounts of loose material. It can also smooth and push down dirt like a plow.

The backhoe is the main tool on the machine. It can dig into hard, compact earth and lift heavy piles. It lifts and transports the pile away from the newly made hole.

A few areas backhoes are good for:

  • Landscaping
    • Digging up trees
    • Transporting soil
    • Moving boulders
    • Digging trenches
  • Construction
    • Grading
    • Material hauling
    • Breaking up pavement
  • Agriculture
    • Laying irrigation pipes
    • Lifting hay bales
  • Logging
  • Roadwork

How do backhoes work?

A backhoe includes a boom, stick, and bucket to operate the machine. The boom bends upward for easier digging if obstacles are in the way. It also allows extra space for the bucket when it’s full and curled inward.

The two stabilizer legs on a backhoe are just behind the rear wheels. These legs take on a majority of the weight when a backhoe is digging. Without the stabilizer legs, the weight of a heavy load or the downward force of digging into the ground would strain the wheels and tires, causing the machine to be off-balance and bouncy. The stabilizers keep the tractor steady and reduce jostling when digging with the backhoe. They also help the tractor from slipping into ditches or holes.

The stabilizer legs can be secured with a grouser shoe that digs into the dirt for a better grip. The shoe can be flipped over to its rubber-padded side to grip asphalt.

How many hours will a backhoe work?

After about 6,000 hours, 20 percent of engines in 14-foot to 15-foot backhoe loaders require a major repair or replacement. By the time they reach 8,500 hours, half of the components in a backhoe loader have reached their lifespan and may fail within 3,500 hours

Who makes backhoes?

The top manufacturers include Case, Caterpillar (CAT), JCB, John Deere, Kubota, New Holland, and Volvo.

Other brands include Allmand, Ameriquip, Bell, Bobcat, Bradco, Bush Hog, Ditch Witch, Fermec, Ford, International, Kioti, Komatsu, Massey Ferguson, Terex, and Vermeer.

Backhoe Makes & Models:

Allmand: TLB 25D, TLB 35D, TLB 220, TLB 225, TLB 325, TLB 425, TLB 535, TLB 6235

Ameriquip: 6600 Backhoe, 7600 Backhoe, 8600 Backhoe, 9600 Backhoe, 70 Backhoe, 80/80A Backhoe, 90/90A Backhoe, 105 Backhoe

Bobcat: B100, B100B, B200, B250, B250B, B300, B300D, 709, B730, B780, 811, B900, 8709, 8811, M06

Bradco: 3511B, 365, 485, 509B, 511B, 611B

Bush Hog: XD65C, XD65, XD75, XD95, XD95EL

Case: 695, 780, 480B, 480E, 570M, 580, 580 K, 580 SE, 580 SL, 580 SM, 580 SM II, 580 SM III, 580 SM+, 580 SM+ II, 580 SM+ III, 580 SN, 580 SN WT, 580L, 580M, 580M II, 580M III, 580N, 580N EP, 580T, 590 SL, 590 SM, 590 SM III, 590 SM+, 590 SM+ III, 590 SN, 590 SN WT, 680CK, 680E, 680G, 680H, 680K, 680L, 695 SR, 780B, 780D

Caterpillar (CAT): 415, 415 IL, 415F2, 415F2 IL, 416, 416 II, 416C, 416D, 416E, 416F, 416F2, 420, 420D, 420D IT, 420E, 420E IT, 420F, 420F IT, 420F2, 422E, 424D, 426 II, 426B, 426C, 428 II, 428C, 428D, 428E, 430D, 430D IT, 430E, 430E IT, 430F, 430F IT, 430F2, 430F2 IT, 432D, 432E, 434E, 436 II, 436C, 438 II, 438C, 438D, 440, 442D, 442E, 444E, 446, 446B, 446D, 450, 450E, 450F

Ditch Witch: A420, A523, A620, A820, A920

Fermec: 750B, 760B, 860B, 860SB, 960B, 960SB

Ford: 420, 445, 455D, 550, 555, 555B, 555C, 555D, 555E, 575D, 655, 655A, 655D, 655E, 675D, 750, 4400, 4500, 5550

International: 100C, 250A, 260A, 270A, 2400B, 2444, 2500, 2500B, 2514B, 3400, 3400A, 3400DA, 3414, 3444, 3500, 3500A, 3514, 3600A, 3600DA, 3616, 3820A, 3850

JCB: 1CX, 1CX-8FT, 210S, 210X LC, 210X SC, 212S, 214, 214 SITEMASTR, 214E SERIES 4, 214E TURBO, 214S, 214SE IV, 215, 215 SITEMASTR, 215E, 215S, 215S SITEMASTR, 217, 217S, 2CX, 2CX L, 2CX-12, 2CXS, 3CX, 3CX 14 SUPER, 3CX COMPACT, 3CX ECO, 3CX SUPER, 3CX-14, 3CX-15, 3CX-15 SUPER, 3CX-17, 3CX-17 SUPER, 3CX-2, 3CX-4, 3CX-4S, 4CX, 4CX SITEMASTER, 4CX SUPER, 4CX SUPER SITEMASTER, 4CX-14, 4CX-14 SUPER, 4CX-15, 4CX-15 SUPER, 4CX-17, 4CX-17 SUPER, 5CX, ICX, ICXT

John Deere: 110, 300B, 300D, 302A, 310, 310A, 310B, 310C, 310E, 310G, 310J, 310K, 310K EP, 310L, 310LX, 310L EP, 310SE, 310SG, 310SJ, 310SK, 310SL, 310SL HL, 315C, 315D, 315SE, 315SG, 315SJ, 315SL, 400, 410, 410B, 410C, 410D, 410G, 410J, 410J TMC, 410K, 410K TC, 410L, 415B, 500C, 510, 510B, 510C, 510D, 610B, 610C, 710B, 710C, 710D, 710G, 710J, 710K, 710L

Kioti: SB2410L, SB2420, KB2465, KB2475L, KB2485

Komatsu: WA30-1, WB140-2, WB140-2N, WB140PS-2, WB140PS-2N, WB142-5, WB146-5, WB146PS-5, WB150-2, WB150-2N, WB150AWS-2, WB150AWS-2N, WB150PS-2, WB150PS-2N, WB156-5, WB156PS-5, WB70A-1, WB91R-2, WB93R-2, WB93R-8, WB93R-5, WB93S-5, WB93S-8, WB97R-2, WB97R-5, WB97R-8, WB97S-2, WB97S-5, WB97S-8, WB98A-2

Kubota: B26, L47, M62, BX23S-1, L48TL-SG

Massey Ferguson: 50B, 50H, 50HX, 50HXS, 50F, 50HX, 60H, 60TL, 750T, 860, 960, MF34A, MF35, MF40, MF50A, MF60, MF CB65, MF BH3222, MF CB75, MF CB85

New Holland: 555D, 555E, 575E, 655E, 675E, B100 C, B110, B110B, B110C, B115, B115B, B115 C, B90B, B95, B95B, B95B LR, B95B TC, B95BTC, B95C, B95C LR, B95C TC, B95LR, B95TC, LB110, LB110.B, LB115, LB115.B, LB75, LB75.B, LB85, LB90, LB90.B, LB95.B

Terex: 760B, 820, 860 ELITE, 860SX, 870B, 880, 880 ELITE, 880SX, 970, 970 ELITE, 980, 980 ELITE, TLB 840, TLB 840R, TLB 840SM, TLB 844S, TLB870, TLB890, TX750, TX760B, TX860B, TX870B, TX970B

Vermeer: B550, B750, B-780, B930, V9300

Volvo: 616, BL60, BL60B, BL70, BL70B, BM 616B, BM 6300, BM 646, BM EL70, BM EL70C, BL60B, BL61B, BL70B, BL71B, BL60, BL61, BL61 Plus, BL70, BL71, BL71 Plus