Blue Diamond Attachments: Reviews, Models & Where to Buy

Have you been considering purchasing Blue Diamond Attachments to upgrade your equipment? Blue Diamond Attachments offers an extensive, ever-growing line of high-quality attachments for farming and construction equipment. The benefits and features below will help you see how Blue Diamond Attachments are a solid choice for upgrading your equipment.

What makes Blue Diamond Attachments Stand Apart from the Competition?

Blue Diamond Attachments differentiates themselves with trustworthy reliability, innovative design, and optimal performance. They’re also known for having one of the best turnaround times in the industry.

  • Quick Turnaround Time: Located in Knoxville, Tennessee, this central location allows attachments to reach more than half of the United States in just 2-3 days’ shipping time. Blue Diamond strives to ship all parts orders received before noon the same day the order is placed.
  • Quality & Durability: Blue Diamond Attachments are known for their commitment to producing attachments of exceptional quality and durability. Using premium-grade materials and robust manufacturing processes, their attachments are designed to withstand the rigors of demanding tasks in various industries.

  • Innovative Design: Blue Diamond Attachments consistently introduces innovative design elements into their attachments, enhancing functionality and ease of use. Their engineers and designers focus on creating attachments that improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and provide unique solutions to common challenges.

  • Versatility: Blue Diamond Attachments cover a wide range of applications, catering to diverse industries such as construction, landscaping, agriculture, forestry, and more. Their versatile lineup ensures that professionals across different sectors can find suitable attachments for their specific tasks.

  • Performance: These attachments are designed to excel in real-world scenarios. Whether it’s a brush cutter, grapple, auger, or any other attachment, Blue Diamond ensures that their products deliver exceptional performance, helping operators achieve optimal results with every use.

  • Customization Options: Blue Diamond Attachments often offers customization options to tailor attachments to specific needs. This level of flexibility allows customers to choose the features, sizes, and configurations that best suit their equipment and projects.

  • Positive Reviews & Reputation: Blue Diamond Attachments often receive positive reviews from users who praise their performance, longevity, and overall value. A strong reputation in the industry further solidifies their position as a top choice for attachment solutions.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee: If a customer feels that a Blue Diamond Attachment does not perform as advertised based on proper application and use, they offer a 90-day customer satisfaction guarantee with a full refund of the purchase price.

  • After-Sales Support: Blue Diamond Attachments is known for its excellent customer service and after-sales support. Whether it’s installation assistance, maintenance tips, or troubleshooting, their team is dedicated to assisting customers throughout the entire ownership experience.

Blue Diamond Makes Attachments for a Variety of Heavy Equipment

Blue Diamond Skid-Steer Attachments:

From Skid Steer Grapples to Skid Steer Backhoe Attachments, Blue Diamond Attachments offers over 50 different types of attachments for skid steer loaders and compact track loaders.

Blue Diamond Brush


The Blue Diamond Series 2 Heavy Duty Rotating Angle Broom is available in manual and hydraulic. A simple to use control comes with the hydraulic angle model to control from inside the cab of your skid steer. The bristles are available in poly or poly-steel mix and are protected by retractable legs when not in use.

  • 60″, 72″, 84″ and 96″ widths
  • 26″ diameter bristles
  • Manual or hydraulic options
  • Poly or poly steel mix
  • Stands protect bristles when not in use
  • 14-pin OEM connector available
  • 1-year warranty
  • Optional water kit (25 gallon)
  • Pivot Angle of 30 degrees
Blue Diamond Bucket


The Blue Diamond High Back Snow and Mulch Bucket features a higher back than the standard snow and mulch bucket. The back has a mesh window, so while this attachment has higher capacity, it is not sacrificing visibility. The reinforced floor and back give this bucket more durability for snow work when operating your skid steer at higher speeds. The taller back keeps the material from rolling over onto your machine.

  • 32″ high back, 38″ bottom
  • Mesh in back for increased visibility
  • Ribs inside to strengthen floor and back
  • Pre-drilled for bolt-on edge
Blue Diamond Forks


The Blue Diamond Severe Duty Grapple Fork is the industry leader for capacity and durability. This skid steer attachment will fit Class 3 forks tines in a variety of widths and lengths and has a strong top clamp to secure your material, allowing it to have a 10,000 lb. capacity. It comes ready to use with hoses and couplers. The top clamp has four mounting positions to give you the best grip for your application.

  • 10,000 lb capacity
  • Fits Class 3 tines
  • 48″ , 60″, 72″, 84″ and 96″ tines available
  • 45″ wide
  • 4-position top-clamp
  • 3-position tine width adjustment
  • Weighs 850 lbs plus tines

Other Skid-Steer Attachments from Blue Diamond Include:

Bale squeezers
Box scraper ripper
Brush cutters
Cold planers
Grapple buckets
Grapple rakes
Hay spears
Land plane
Log grapple
Log splitters

Material roller
Mount plates
Nursery forks
Post drivers
Power rakes
Rental Recommend Attachments
Road saws
Road buckets
Rock grinders
Roof truss
Root grapples

Screening buckets
Silt fence installer
Snow & dozer blades
Snow blowers
Snow pushers
Sod rollers
Stump grinders
Trailer spotters
Tree booms
Tree grubber
Tree pullers
Tree shears

Blue Diamond Excavator Attachments:

Blue Diamond Attachments offers many different excavator attachments that will upgrade your equipment and meet your needs.

Blue Diamond Auger


Blue Diamond Extreme Duty Series 2 Auger offers the ultimate in performance, quality, and cost-effectiveness for excavators. Designed with high-grade materials and innovation, this attachment allows the gearbox to go down the hole, maximizing drilling depth while eliminating downtime.

  • Compact high torque manufactured gearbox
  • 2 piece shaft design ensuring maximum side load ratings
  • 5-year gearbox warranty, 3-year motor warranty, and lifetime shaft pull-out warranty
Blue Diamond Breaker


Blue Diamond’s Hydraulic Breaker includes a “hammer” design that offers technology, simplicity, reliability, ease of setup, and service support.

  • 3-year warranty
  • Mono-block design / no tie rods
  • Anti-blank firing system hydraulic brake
  • No re-gassing needed
  • Only 2 internal moving parts
  • 2 speed control / variable stroke
  • Quiet operation
  • Self-regulating
  • Body bushings around piston
Blue Diamond Rake


The Blue Diamond Heavy Duty Excavator Rake is an essential tool for removing roots and other debris when you need a clean finish. The durable 1/2″ thick tines rip and remove underlying roots while allowing loose soil to flow through. Great for removing rocks, light brush, roots, trash, and any other unwanted material.

  • 26″ tall
  • 1/2″ thick tines
  • Gusseted tine tips
  • Interchangeable mounting system

Other Excavator Attachments from Blue Diamond Include:

Brush cutter

Cold planer
Plate compactor

Post drivers
Rock grinders
Tree grubber

Blue Diamond Mini Skid-Steer Attachments:

Blue Diamond Attachments offers a line of high-quality mini skid steers. 

Blue Diamond Backhoe


Blue Diamond Mini Backhoe is designed for heavy use and engineered to outperform all backhoes in its class. This Mini Skid Steer Backhoe attachment won’t let you down.

  • 42″ and 48″ lengths available
  • 8″, 10″ and 12″ buckets available
  • Pivot linkage increases bucket rotation and breakout force
Blue Diamond Blade


The Blue Diamond Multi-Purpose Mini Blade has many applications for all your mini skid steer needs. It can be used to move snow or dirt. The full trip blade can be locked out to allow backfilling trenches or light grading work. The standard blade is a manual angle with an optional hydraulic angle kit available.

  • 48″ and 60″ widths
  • Manual or hydraulic angle
  • Soft edge available for delicate surfaces
Blue Diamond Grapple


The Blue Diamond Mini Skid Steer Rotating Log Grapple is a high-quality attachment for tree work. The serrated brace under the quick attach area helps stabilize logs when moving. The impressive clamping force holds on to large logs tightly.

  • Opens to 66.5″
  • Closes to under 4″
  • Load stabilization brace
  • 2,000 lb capacity
  • Serrated quick attach for load stabilization
  • Heavy duty welded cylinder
  • Serrated boom to stabilize and push
  • Rope tie/chain tie-off attach point

Other Mini Skid-Steer Attachments from Blue Diamond Include:

Land planes

Log splitters
Mount plates
Power rakes
Rock buckets
Snow blower

Snow pusher
Sod rollers
Stump grinders
Trailer spotters
Tree brooms

Blue Diamond Tractor Attachments:

Blue Diamond Attachments offers various high-quality tractor attachments.

Blue Diamond Slit-Fence Installer

Slit-Fence Installers

The Blue Diamond Silt Fence Installer is essential for erosion control. Easily install silt fencing in a fraction of the time. The design allows a trench to be cut and installs the fence up to 20″ deep without needing to pre-trench and backfill.

  • Trench and install fencing in one pass
  • 40 degree pivot to either side of center
  • Fits up to 30″ diameter roll
  • Installs up to 20″ deep
  • Install thousands of feet of fencing per hour
Blue Diamond Mower


The Blue Diamond Finishing Mower suits 20-60 hp tractors with a Category 1 hitch and can be used in front or behind the tractor. Our finishing mower will make your land look sharp with fine and controlled cuts in small to medium grass thanks to its 3 blades.

  • Useable on front or rear of tractor
  • Quickly converts tractor to turf maintenance
  • 2-year warranty
  • Adjustable cutting depth
Blue Diamond Spear

Hay Spears

Blue Diamond offers a high quality yet compact hay spear. The high-quality German-made spear tines are rated for 3500 lbs. each, and the lower stabilizers are replaceable. These strong frames are powder coated, and a bolt-on back rack is available.

  • Dual full length tines
  • Can be used as pallet fork
  • Add-on back rack available
  • Single, double, or quad spears
  • Optional bolt-on rack
  • 3,500 lb. spear capacity
  • Euro-Ag/Global and John Deere 400/500, 600/700 mounts available
  • Powder coat paint

Other Tractor Attachments from Blue Diamond Include:

Bale squeezes

Brush cutters
Rock buckets

Rock grapples
Snow pushers
Trailer spotters
Tree brooms

Blue Diamond Forklift Attachments:

Blue Diamond Attachments offers various high-quality forklift attachments.

Blue Diamond Industrial Jib

Industrial Jibs

Get the extra reach you need with the Blue Diamond Industrial Jib. Simply pull out the spring pin and go from 6.9’ to 12’. It has a lift capacity of 6,000 lbs at 6’9” and 3,000 lbs when fully extended. Simply slides onto forks for quick attachment. Add this jib to your inventory to get the most out of your telehandler. 9 working positions!

  • Lift capacity of 6,000 lbs at 6’9″ and 3,000 lbs fully extended
  • Slides onto forks for quick attachment
Blue Diamond Work Platform

Work Platforms

The Blue Diamond tough, lightweight Work Platforms offer many features. The mesh floor gives the driver visibility while providing stable non-slip footing. The weight capacity is 2,000 lbs, and end-fork pockets are standard on 6’ and larger platforms for moving and loading in tight areas. Fork pockets are 2 3/4″ x 5 3/4″ inside.

  • Anchors behind fork heel
  • Safety harness tie downs
  • Safety pins on doors
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA specs
Blue Diamond Attachments Push Broom

Push Brooms

Clean up job sites, push light snow, sweep leaves, squeegee water or groom ball fields. Add our heavy duty magnet for picking up screws, nails and, other steel debris. The Standard Duty comes with 8 rows of bristles, and the Heavy Duty has 11 rows. Both models are available in 60”, 72”, or 96” widths.

  • Safe around people and animals
  • Less dust than a rotary broom
  • Does not require auxiliary power
  • Most mounts available to fit forklifts, skid steers, and mini skid steers
  • Moves anything from dust to small rocks
  • Maintenance-free
  • 1-year warranty

How Much do Blue Diamond Attachments Cost?

The prices for Blue Diamond Attachments can vary based on the type of attachment, the model, and dealer location.

Here are some examples of used Blue Diamond Attachments for sale through FleetNow:

FleetNow Blue Diamond Attachment
FleetNow Blue Diamond Attachment
FleetNow Blue Diamond Attachment
FleetNow Blue Diamond Attachment

For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing on new models, it would be best to check directly with Blue Diamond Attachments website or contact a local dealer in your area. Prices might also vary due to promotions, regional differences, or updates in their product line.

Blue Diamond Attachment Reviews – See What Blue Diamond Attachment Customers Are Saying

Here are just a few of the reviews posted on Google Reviews:

5 Star Review

We purchase Blue Diamond attachments for our rental fleet regularly. The quality in the product and service are unmatched anywhere. The extreme duty line is the best there is out there, don’t waste your time shopping around. Blue Diamond Attachments are for life.

Lynn V., Google Review
5 Star Review

I purchased a duty quick attach snow bucket from Blue Diamond. Wow!.. Talk about quality and workmanship! All the cuts are clean, and the welds are perfect. They ground off any rough edges. The paint job was perfect as well. Very nice! 

Don Ches, Google Review

5 Star Review


A wonderful staff to work with. Awesome products and the best Parts Department around. 

Doug Lauderdale, Google Review

5 Star Review


Was a contractor working here , very high quality equipment! Made in the USA….nothing better! 

Kenneth Mode, Google Review

5 Star Review

What a great company… nice world Headquarters in Knoxville, TN. They ship their products out of their Knoxville location so it is a quick to most of the midwest, and south. They make a variety of compact equipment Attachments. The customer service is awesome. They even have a money back guarantee. 

Michael Koehler, Google Review

5 Star Review

Pallet forks were very well made and solid, great fit for QA attachment. 
No problems at all! Highly recommended 

Ray Morrow, Google Review

Where to Find Blue Diamond Attachments for Sale

Used Blue Diamond Attachments can be bought through online marketplaces, like FleetNow, a heavy equipment dealer like Ag-Pro, or local dealers which can be found through the Dealer Locator on Blue Diamond Attachment’s website.

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Visit this online marketplace for used Blue Diamond Attachments

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Purple Wave sells used Blue Diamond Attachments.

Ag-Pro Sells Blue Diamond Attachments

Ag-Pro sells used Blue Diamond Attachments.

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Visit Blue Diamond Attachment’s website to find dealer information.

Blue Diamond Attachments Warranty Policies

Cylinders: Defective cylinders are covered for 12 months

Breakers: 3-year warranty policy: 1-year on parts and labor, and the rest on parts only.

Brush Cutters (All Models): All Blue Diamond Brush Cutters have one year warranty on parts and labor.

Grapples: 1-year warranty

Hay Spears: 1-year warranty with a 2-year warranty on the tines against breakage from normal use

Hydraulic motors: 1-year warranty on parts and labor

Pallet forks: 1-year warranty

Stump grinders: 1-year warranty on parts and labor

Thumbs: 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects, including weld cracks and leaking cylinders.

Other attachments: All other attachments that are not listed above have a 1-year warranty.

Blue Diamond Attachments has a YouTube channel where they post videos showing how different attachments are used.

Here’s Video Detailing the Blue Diamond Skid-Steer Drum Mulcher:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does Blue Diamond Attachments offer?

Blue Diamond Attachments offers an extensive, ever-growing line of high-quality attachments for construction and farming equipment.

Are Blue Diamond Attachments good?

Blue Diamond Attachments is a recognized and respected brand known for superior quality ad unparalleled dependability.

Are Blue Diamond Attachments made in the USA?

Yes, all Blue Diamond Attachments are proudly made in the USA.

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