The MT100 Bobcat mini track loader is a versatile little workhorse that can tackle a variety of different construction and landscaping jobs. Why not take the manual labor out of many tasks by letting a mini track loader do the heavy lifting? The Bobcat MT100 is so small that it can fit through a doorway, but sturdy enough to carry up to 1,000 pounds of material. This handy little machine also has a nice range of custom Bobcat attachments to perform different functions. Keep reading for FleetNow’s Bobcat MT100 in depth review and buying tips.

Why Choose the Bobcat MT100 Mini Track Loader?

The Bobcat MT100 mini track loader is an ideal tool for construction, landscaping and other job types that require manual labor in a tight workspace. This modernized mini-track loader can replace wheelbarrows and other manual labor tools on the job site, while preventing injuries to your workforce due to lifting heavy loads. The Bobcat MT100 is perfect for digging, material moving, backfilling, trenching and other job site tasks, while remaining small enough to fit through a doorway.

Let the MT100 do the heavy lifting on your worksite! This little skid steer loader is rated with a lifting capacity of 1,000 pounds. Standard models come with counterweights that can attach to the undercarriage or at the rear of the lifter for increased performance and stability. Previous iterations of skid steer loaders used to require daily maintenance on the undercarriage. That’s a thing of the past with the new, durable Bobcat MT mini track loader.

The average human footprint exerts 16 psi on the ground. The Bobcat MT100 is so well designed that it only exerts 5.25 psi, making it suitable for grass, turf, established surfaces and even concrete. That’s with the standard-sized tracks which make the machine just 36 inches wide. A larger track makes the footprint even smaller, at 3.97 psi. The wider track brings the machine’s width to just under 41 inches. Even sensitive surfaces are virtually undisturbed by the MT100 because of its superior design and weight distribution.

People love the low maintenance required for the Bobcat MT100 mini track loader. Simply lift the hood to perform tool-free tasks like checking and refilling coolant, diesel fuel, engine oil and fluids.

Applications of the Bobcat MT100 Mini Track Loader

Don’t throw your back out with heavy lifting projects at your work site. The Bobcat MT100 is designed to do the heavy lifting for you. This incredible machine is great for landscaping projects, construction sites, grounds maintenance, agricultural applications, and much more. With the right attachments, the MT100 can carry out a wide range of different tasks for you.

Landscaping Projects

Its light footprint and maneuverability make the Bobcat MT100 mini track loader ideal for landscaping projects, which often take place in tight quarters in front or back yards. With the right attachments for your Bobcat, you can carry out many different tasks that allow you to leave the shovels, wheelbarrows, posthole diggers and other hand tools at home. Some of the many landscaping tasks that the MT100 mini track loader can carry out include:

Digging holes for fence installation, planting new trees, or setting up a new sprinkler system

Pulling tree stumps and grinding them

Loosening and removing soil for setting up garden beds

Clearing heavy piles of snow

Agricultural Projects

The MT100’s small profile fits in well with projects on any farm or ranch. Its ability to make tight turns means it can easily maneuver between windrows of hay, rows of corn, grapevines or other agricultural plants. Easily haul feed to livestock, dig holes for fence or corral repair, pull and grind stumps, and carry out other manual labor tasks with the help of the user-friendly MT100.

Grounds Maintenance

The Bobcat MT100 mini track loader can be used year-round, which is perfect for completing grounds keeping maintenance tasks. The light 5.25 psi means the machine can be used on established lawns or landscaping without tearing anything up. It’s easy to master steering and utilizing the MT100, so operators of all skill levels can use it to complete tasks more quickly and efficiently. Some of the grounds maintenance tasks you can carry out with this machine include:

Snow clearance and removal

Transporting heavy materials across campuses without damaging the lawn

Sweeping and removing debris from sidewalks or parking lots

Hole digging for fence construction or tree planting

Removing rocks, stumps or other heavy objects

Construction Projects

Construction projects in tight spaces are a situation where the Bobcat MT100 fits right in. The ride-on platform at the back of the track loader is extremely helpful on long days. The many different attachments allow you to carry out these tasks and more:

Trench digging for water lines, power lines, fiber optic cable lines, utilities and irrigation systems

Flatwork demolition or interior demolition jobs

Road repair

Clearing jobsite debris

Expertly handle and haul rubble, debris, construction materials, and more

Key Features and Specifications

The compact size of the MT100 allows it to easily move through gates, doorways or other narrow spaces on a job site. The machine is optimized for operator comfort when using it for long days. The joint joystick controls are intuitive and easy to learn, so operators of all skill levels can handle them and quickly master using them. You can decrease downtime thanks to tool-free access to maintenance areas. The high-flotation tracks on the MT100 even allow it to be operated in muddy or wet soil conditions.

Here are some of the key features and specifications to know about the Bobcat mini track loader.

Key Specifications

Rated Operating Capacity – 1,000 pounds

Rated Operating Capacity with Counterweight – 1,300 pounds

Machine weight – 3,390 pounds

Tipping load – 2,898 pounds

Ground Pressure – 5.25 psi Width – 35.6 inches

Height to bucket hinge pin – 80.9 inches

Travel Speed – 4.1 mph

Reverse Speed – 2.9 mph

Engine Specifications

Fuel – Diesel

Cylinders – 3

Displacement – 55 cubic inches

Horsepower – 24.8

Engine cooling – liquid

EPA Emissions Tier – Tier 4

Fuel tank – 7 gallons

Hydraulic System

Pump capacity – 12 gallons per minute

System relief at Quick Couplers – 2,900 psi

Auxiliary Std Flow – 12 gallons per minute


Length – 106.2 inches

Width – 35.6 inches

Height – 54.6 inches

Length of track on ground – 41.4 inches

Reach at Maximum Height – 18.6 inches

Key Standard Features

Auxiliary Hydraulics

Bob-Tach Attachment System

Built-in Tie Down and Crane/Lift Locations

Lift Arm Lockout w/Manual Bypass

Lift Arm Support

Neutral Start Interlocks

Ride-on Platform

Spark Arrestor Muffler

Tilt Lockout

Benefits of the Bobcat MT100 Mini Track Loader

Compact Size

The Bobcat MT100 can turn on a dime and fit in extremely in tight areas and spaces, making it an incredibly versatile machine. At just 36 inches wide with a bucket attached, the MT100 can fit through doorways, gates and other small entrances. If you need to work in a confined indoor or outdoor space, the MT100 is the answer to your problems. Because of its small size, it can easily be loaded onto a trailer for transport.


The twin joystick controls on the Bobcat MT100 are intuitive to use and easy to learn. Precise and easy turns are possible, thanks to the machine’s design and fluid control system. Drive the mini-track loader with one hand, while adjusting speed and direction with the other. The lift and tilt functions are carried out with a simple lever. Adjust the height controls on the MT100 with the tilt steering function, for maximum comfort.


The Bobcat MT100 mini track loader has rubberized tracks and a distributed weight system that leaves an incredibly light footprint on work surfaces. You can maneuver it across finished yards, concrete patios and pavement without any damage or minimal ground disturbance throughout. There will be no lost time making surface repairs, thanks to this lightweight machine. It can also travel across muddy, soft or wet surfaces with ease. This reduces downtime after a rainstorm, and allows you to extend your work seasons in the spring and fall.

Safety Features

Bobcat machinery is known for its excellent safety features. The Bobcat MT mini track loader has many of the industry’s leading safety features. This includes a reverse-travel stop panel, a lift arm lockout system, a tilt lockout system and a parking brake.

Performance Advantages

Let’s face it – no one likes manual labor that involves a shovel or a wheelbarrow. The Bobcat MT100 can fit in cramped, narrow spaces with ease, where heavier equipment cannot. Its diesel engine and quick, powerful hydraulics provide a strong breakout force and great pushing and lifting capacity, so you don’t have to do it by hand. A Bobcat MT mini track loader will increase performance and efficiency on your job site. You can get more work done in a shorter amount of time with this great machine.

Versatile Attachments for the Bobcat MT100 Mini Track Loader

There are three different angle brooms for the Bobcat MT100 mini track loader. The only difference between the three is their width. There is a 48″, a 52″ and a 64″ version available. The angle broom makes it easy to clean sidewalks or clear away dirt, debris or even light snow.

A boring unit attachment allows you to drill precise holes in roads, pavement or other surfaces that you don’t want to have to repair or replace. The unit makes it easy to install flexible pipes and underground cables without causing extra surface damage.

The brushcat rotary attachment allows you to clear brush and bushes from job sites with ease. The brushcat can mulch trees and saplings up to 3 inches in diameter. It has dual offset motors that can provide a clean cut every time, and its design allows it to follow ground contours for a superior cut.

There are five different bucket attachments for the MT100 mini track loader. The bucket attachments are the most common ones that you see on these types of mini track loaders. The different buckets allow for clearing dirt and debris, hauling materials, light-duty grading and leveling, clearing and hauling snow, and more.

The various attachments are what sets the Bobcat MT100 mini track loader apart. This piece of machinery is incredibly versatile, whether it’s used for grounds maintenance, agriculture, landscaping or construction.

Check out our selection of used Bobcat MT100 mini loaders at FleetNow, or contact us for more information if you are in the market for one.

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