Are you looking for a versatile machine for moving or removing materials? Perhaps you’ve just landed a construction project, and you need a machine that you can use to lift bricks or lumber? This blog post answers those questions, highlights some features of the Bobcat Telehandler, and will help you find a Bobcat Telehandler for sale near you.

What is a Bobcat Telehandler?

A Bobcat Telehandler is a multipurpose machine that any contractor or property developer can use to move or lift materials.

It is often one of the first machines you should bring to the construction site and the last to leave. Why? Because a Bobcat Telehandler For Sale is a valuable tool to any constructor.

Generally, a Bobcat Telehandler is compact, allowing it to access any area easily. You can count on it when you want to access barns, sheds, or garage doors.

Here are some of the things that you should know about Bobcat Telehandler:

  • You can fit a Bobcat Telehandler with pallet forks, a bucket, lifting jibs, a sweeper, and work platforms.
  •  A Bobcat Telehandler matches tried-and-tested principles with innovative design and state-of-the-art technologies.
  • It is ideal for tight situations. For instance, you can use it to move across a crowded construction site.
  • The Bobcat Telehandler is user-friendly. It comes with a joystick to control the boom and bucket functions. There is also one shuttle lever to go forward, reverse, and high and low speeds.
  • You can use the Bobcat Telehandler to get more done, faster — maximizing your company’s profitability.

 Are Bobcat Telehandlers Good?

Bobcat Telehandlers are some of the few multipurpose durable machines. Thanks to its numerous features, you will easily navigate any weather conditions.

The Bobcat Telehandler is suitable for those tasks that not only demand accessibility but also require a higher reach and lifting heavy materials.

Bobcat comes with designs and a wide range of standard and hydraulic-powered attachments that you can put and achieve incredible results with a Bob-Tach® or power quick-tach mounting system.

Bobcat V519

The V519 TeleHANDLER® telescopic is one of the machines you should check out. It will allow you to reach any height and stack, backfill, push, and dig.

Maximum Lift Capacity: 5,500 pounds

Maximum Lift Height: 19 feet, 2 inches

Engine Tier: Tier 4.

Bobcat TL619

This unit features many improvements. First, there is an improved cab that offers greater comfort. The engine of the TL619 is more efficient and potent for accessing routine service points.

It is ideal for tough jobs that require excessive lifting and maneuvering of materials and increased lift height and reach.

Maximum Lift Capacity: 5,500 pounds

Maximum Lift Height: 19 feet

Engine Tier: Tier 4.

Bobcat TL723

The TL723 Telehandler will allow you to take your material-handling productivity to new heights. You will easily reach and lift materials using leading versatility.

Inside the cab, you will get excellent visibility, equipment, ergonomics, easy-to-read, automotive-style instrumentation, etc.

Maximum Lift Capacity: 5,500 pounds

Engine Tier: Tier 4.

Bobcat TL923

If you are looking for a versatile machine ideal for projects requiring increased lift height, you should consider the TL923 Telehandler.

The TL923 is one of the most productive and fastest telehandlers yet. It provides many of the same features. For instance, it has a bumpy-terrain forklift, wheel loader, and an attachment carrier.

Maximum Lift Capacity: 9,000 pounds

Maximum Lift Height: 19 feet

Engine Tier: Tier 4.

How much does a Bobcat Telehandler For Sale cost?

Bobcat Telehandlers’ prices vary from one machine to another.

  • The 2021 Bobcat 18in Trenching Bucket costs $990.
  • The 2019 Bobcat 66in Grapple costs $4,659.
  • 2017 Bobcat TL38.70X $26,272.
  • 2008 Bobcat T40140 Telehandler $27,000.

How much does a Bobcat Telehandler Weigh?

Model: Bobcat v519 Telehandler.

Weight: A Bobcat weighs 7,893 lb.

Model: TL923 Telehandler.

Weight: 9,000 Ib.

 What’s the biggest Bobcat Telehandler?

The biggest Bobcat is TL38. It is an efficient agricultural telehandler with a 70 horsepower engine. It can lift to 3.8 tonnes and place loads at nearly 22-foot lift height.

Where are Bobcat Telehandlers made?

Bobcat is part of the Doosan company, an American-based manufacturer of farm and construction equipment located in North Dakota.

Who owns Bobcat?    

Bobcat is owned by the Doosan Group.

Bobcat Telehandler For Sale

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