Bobcat vs. Genie Telehandlers: How Do They Compare

There’s a reason you can find a Telehandler on most job sites. Versatile and strong, these machines help you finish the job quicker. Among the reputable names of manufacturers of telehandlers,, Bobcat and Genie have emerged as two of the best. Both offer a range of telehandlers designed to meet specific needs. But how do they compare?

About Bobcat Telehandlers

The Bobcat telehandler, also known as the Bobcat TL Series, represents a versatile and compact solution for material handling tasks in various industries. These telehandlers are designed with maneuverability and efficiency in mind, making them ideal for navigating tight spaces while still offering impressive lifting capacities. The Bobcat TL Series features robust construction, intuitive controls, and a range of attachments to enhance versatility on the job site. With a focus on operator comfort and safety, Bobcat telehandlers are equipped with ergonomic cabs, excellent visibility, and advanced stability systems to ensure smooth and secure operations. Whether used in construction, agriculture, or landscaping, the Bobcat telehandler combines performance and reliability to meet the demands of modern worksites.

Bobcat Telehandler Models and Specs

About Genie Telehandlers

Genie GTH telehandlers, with outstanding design and performance,  allow all-around utility to answer virtually all your work site needs.  Available in five power-packed models, Genie telehandlers offer exactly what you need for productivity in limited-access areas or applications where high reach is needed. With a wide range of available attachments, Genie telehandlers can easily handle even the most demanding jobs.

Genie Telehandler Models and Specs

Genie Telehandler

Genie GTH-5519

Genie GTH-636

Genie GTH-844

Genie GTH-1056

Genie GTH-1256

How Can I Find a Bobcat or Genie Telehandler Dealer Near Me?

Bobcat has a “Find A Dealer” page on their website that allows you to enter your location, making it easy to find a Bobcat telehandler dealer nearest to you!

Genie has a “Find a Genie Dealer” page on their website that allows you to enter your location and what category of equipment you are looking for, making it easy to find a Genie teleandler dealer nearest to you!

Where To Find Bobcat Telehandlers & Genie Telehandlers For Sale?

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Here’s a Product Walk-Around for the Genie GTH-1256 Telehandler:

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