CAT Mini Excavators: Compact Machine, Maximum Efficiency

CAT recently announced the Next Generation CAT Mini Excavators. These remarkable machines may be compact in size, but they pack an incredible punch when it comes to efficiency and performance, making them a valuable addition to any job site.

About CAT Mini Excavators

Caterpillar Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, off-highway diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives. For nearly 100 years, they’ve been helping customers build a better, more sustainable world and are committed and contributing to a reduced-carbon future. Caterpillar Inc.’s innovative products and services, backed by their global dealer network, provide exceptional value that helps customers succeed.

CAT mini excavators

What Can CAT Mini Excavators Be Used For?

CAT mini excavators are versatile machines designed to perform a wide variety of tasks. Some common uses for CAT mini excavators include:

Digging & Trenching

Material Handling
Utility Maintenance

Ditch Cleaning & Maintenance
Cemetery Work

CAT Mini Excavator Models & Specs

CAT offers 5 models of 1–2-ton mini excavators and 3 models of 3-ton mini excavators. These models include:

CAT 300.9D

CAT 300.9D
Net Power13 hp
Max. Weight2,061 lb
Max. Dig Depth68 in.

CAT 301.5

CAT 301.5
Net Power21 hp
Max. Weight3,913 lb
Max. Dig Depth100 in.

CAT 301.7 CR

CAT 301.7
Net Power21 hp
Max. Weight4,222 lb
Max. Dig Depth100 in.

CAT 301.8

CAT 301.8
Net Power21 hp
Max. Weight4,473 lb
Max. Dig Depth101.2 in.

CAT 302 CR

CAT 302 CR
Net Power21 hp
Max. Weight4,987 lb
Max. Dig Depth101.2 in.

CAT 302.7 CR

CAT 302.7 CR
Net Power23.6 hp
Max. Weight6,703 lb
Max. Dig Depth106.7 in.

CAT 303 CR

CAT 303 CR
Net Power23.6 hp
Max. Weight7,817 lb
Max. Dig Depth116.1 in.

CAT 303.5 CR

CAT 303.5 CR
Net Power23.6 hp
Max. Weight9,239 lb
Max. Dig Depth122.4 in.

CAT Mini Excavator Attachments

The variety of attachments that can be used with CAT mini excavators is what makes these machine so versatile. Visit the CAT Attachments page to learn more about compatible mini excavator attachments.

Some common attachments that can be used with CAT mini excavators include:

Augers & Trenchers
Blades & Scrapers

Cutters & Shredders
Forks & Spears

Plate Compactors
Rakes & Tillers

Snow Attachments
AG Attachments
Steel Tracks

CAT Mini Excavator Warranty

Caterpillar Limited Warranty covers the cost of parts and labor for 12 or 24 months or a specific number of operating hours for new Cat equipment and engines. For specific details, visit the CAT Warranty page.

CAT Mini Excavator Maintenance & Care

  • Daily checks of fluid levels, tires, lights and signals.
  • Regular cleaning to prevent corrosion
  • Regular lubrication of all moving parts
  • Changing engine oil regularly

For more details, visit CAT’s Mini Excavator Maintenance page.

CAT Mini Excavators For Sale

Here are some examples of CAT mini excavators for sale through FleetNow:

FleetNow Cat Mini Excavator Listing
FleetNow Cat Mini Excavator Listing 2
FleetNow Cat Mini Excavator Listing 3
FleetNow Cat Mini Excavator Listing 4

Where Can I Find CAT Mini Excavators For Sale?

CAT mini excavators can be bought through online marketplaces, like FleetNow, heavy equipment dealers, like Zadoon, or local dealers, which can be found through the CAT “Find Dealer” page.

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FleetNow Cat Mini Excavator Listing
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Here’s A Customer Story Of The CAT 303.5 CR Mini Excavator:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Who builds CAT mini excavators?

CAT mini excavators are made by Caterpillar Inc.

Are CAT mini excavators any good?

CAT is one of the leading manufactures of excavators and other heavy machinery. CAT is known for quality machines and are a go-to option for the best construction equipment.

How long does a CAT mini excavator last?

With proper use, care and maintenance, CAT mini excavators can last between 8,000 and 10,000 hours.

What is the smallest CAT mini excavator?

Currently, the smallest CAT mini excavator is the CAT 300.9D.

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