LAS VEGASJohn Deere’s future-generation excavators have been unveiled on the first day of ConExpo.

Also being unveiled are John Deere’s updated excavator models and the new 85 P-Tier and 510 P-Tier.

“We are beyond excited about the future of our excavator line-up, including the new models available to our customers today and the machines being strategically designed and built for tomorrow,” said global product manager, Aaron Klauer.

In August of 2021, John Deere and Hitachi Construction Machinery ended their joint marketing and manufacturing because both companies began marketing and developing excavators on their own.

On display at ConExpo this year is the 145 P-Tier, 210 P-Tier and 360 P-Tier models. Offering durability, leading performance and reliability showing their advanced technology and guaranteeing connectivity enhancements and safety management going forward.

“We understand the importance of attracting and retaining talented operators. That’s why we are prioritizing an elevated operator experience through a new cab, controls, displays and technology,” Klaurer closes.