Lublin, Poland – 2020 – Super fans of a Polish motorcycle speedway team could not purchase a ticket for their team’s match against a rival, so they came up with an idea never seen before. With all the obstacles that COVID-19 has created for the world this year from sports shutdowns to social distancing this group of fans managed to go above and beyond, literally. They rented 18 lifts in order to follow the social distancing rules, but also catch their favorite teams’ race.

These original ways of using lifts are not only happening in Poland and sports stadiums they are happening here as well. Just last week in Westerville, Ohio a pastor climbed aboard a scissor lift and gave his sermon to a drive-thru church while 25 feet in the air.

There are changes happening every day, all over the country in almost every facet of society because of the social distancing guidelines. They are moving college classes outside, many cities are holding town hall meetings outside, and there are many more to come as we face this head on. This is allowing people to come up with creative ideas to comply with the guidelines as well as go on with life “as usual.”

This could be a great opportunity for the aerial lift industry and its biggest competitors to become a household name in areas where they would’ve never dreamt of before. These new regulations and guidelines may call for more companies to move things outside and brainstorm different ways to get back to business.