Summary: FirstGreen Industries is a new company that builds all-electric compact loaders, like the MiniZ. Read on to get details, see answers to your questions and find in-stock skid steers near you.

What is a FirstGreen Industries Skid Steer?

FirstGreen Industries, formerly Kovaco Industries, offers a new vision of industrial equipment, claiming that its products have “zero environmental impact.” Designers in the Czech and Slovak Republics partnered with Arbol Capital to build and market two electrically powered skid steers. The company has worked on developing its products for nearly ten years, and has produced three generations of machines during that development period. The FirstGreen MiniZ and Elise 900 represent the current iteration of the company’s concept of environmentally friendly, quiet, high-tech machines that are rugged, reliable and competitive with traditionally powered machines in their capabilities.

In addition to being electrically powered, the two FirstGreen Industries skid steer machines are noteworthy for cutting edge technology. Both the full-sized and the compact models can be operated fully remotely, using controllers that look similar to video game control sticks, or a touch screen model that can be operated through a downloadable app.

What Skid Steers Does FirstGreen Industries Make?

Mini Skid Steer

FirstGreen Industries MiniZ

Horsepower: 3 electric engines each delivering 3.6 HP
 Rated Operating Capacity: 882 pounds
Operating Weight: 2,425 pounds

The FirstGreen MiniZ is a compact, tracked, skid steer vehicle, fully powered by battery power. It is narrow enough to fit through a standard door, having a width of only 31.5 inches.

The company offers a remote control unit containing two joysticks with a 163 foot operating radius, an emergency stop button, and a control touch screen.

The MiniZ comes with a standard bucket attachment. In addition, the company offers a wide array of other attachments that can be used on the machine.

Wheel Skid Steer

Elise 900

Horsepower: 3x 13.4 horsepower BestMotor electrical engines.
Rated Operating Capacity: 1,984 pounds with 240 Ah battery;  2,646 with 40 Ah battery.

Operating Weight: 8,378 pounds

The Elise 900 is FirstGreen Industry’s entry into the full-sized skid steer marketplace. It is a wheeled machine.

The Elise 900 comes with a standard bucket. The company offers over 40 other attachments, including a brush cutter, a wood splitter, and a snow blower, in addition to the standard bucket.

It has 3 BestMotor electrical engines, which can run between four and eight hours on a single charge. The charging time for 80% battery capacity is 3 hours, while the charging time for a full charge is 5 hours.

The Elise 900 is fitted with a fan and heater as standard equipment, and can be fitted with optional airconditioning.

The Elise 900 offers app based remote-control through KOVACO, that can be downloaded through the company website, GooglePlay, or AppStore. It can be operated through any Android or iOS phone. It can also be operated through a Danfoss controller. The remote control device features two joysticks, an emergency stop, and has a 163 foot operating radius. The machine can also be operated directly by a human being in the cab.

The Elise 900 has been approved for road use in all EU countries. It is capable of speeds of up to 7.5 miles per hour and has a minimum speed of .1 mile per hour.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How long do FirstGreen Industries Skid Steers Last?

The FirstGreen Industries models are entirely new, and not much is known about their potential lifespan. Historically, Czechoslovakian industries had a reputation for building good, reliable machines and machine tools, both before World War II and even afterwards.

With proper maintenance, any skid steer should provide many years of reliable and good service. The company website recommends regular service every 500 hours.

The company website states that the rubber drive belts are proving particularly reliable, and have service lives in excess of 4,000 hours.

What’s the most powerful FirstGreen Industries Skid Steer?

At the present time, the company only offers two models of skid steer, the compact MiniZ and the larger Elise 900.

How much does a FirstGreen Industries skid steer cost?

Because they are quite new, not many FirstGreen Industries skid steer machines have appeared on the used market.

Where are FirstGreen Industries skid steers made?

FirstGreen Industries is a Czech company. Since October, 2021, its equipment is manufactured in a factory in Velica Dobra, in the Czech Republic. The factory is currently able to produce 700 machines a year. The firm appears to have ambitious plans to expand, and already has 50 dealers in 37 different countries.

What engine is in a FirstGreen Industries Skid Steer?

The MiniZ has three IPM 120 electrical engines. The 48 volt lead-acid battery can deliver between four and eight hours of operation when fully charged. It takes three hours to recharge the battery, and a hot swap of the battery is not possible, according to the company’s brochure.

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