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Inspection Efficiency Jumps 73% with FleetNow’s App

One Year Later: Inspection Efficiency Jumps with FleetNow’s Equipment Inspection App

OHR Rents has been using FleetNow Inspect for a year now to maintain their construction equipment and their shop is posting impressive efficiency gains since adapting the digital workflow.

Comparing inspections run before the app to inspections run today – the increase was astounding – the mechanics ran 73% more inspections using the app versus paper. This happened while rentals were up 10% and total equipment in the yard was up 31%.

During 2023, all seven mechanics at OHR Rents used the inspection app. We compared September 2022 inspections – the last month before mechanics started to use the app – to September 2023 inspections.

A 73% Increase in Inspections

OHR had a busy September, and when compared to 2022, it’s easy to see how FleetNow Inspect helped.

  • September 2022 – 7 mechanics, 1,177 machines, 264 paper inspections
  • September 2023 – 7 mechanics, 1,545 machines, 459 digital inspections

“When we started with this app, we saw that it would speed up inspections,” Tom Yagersz says. “What we didn’t anticipate is how much time we could save – which really helped us get equipment rental ready as business picked up.”

Feedback from Mechanics Using FleetNow Inspect

It’s not just about the numbers – the people using the app see the difference it makes in their workday.

“I didn’t have to track down a missing form or worry about the paper getting wet in the rain or blowing away,” Field Service Inspector Jeremy Nelson says. “Plus, the app showed me important information, like the work order number, without having to search for it on the page.”

Even mechanics who were reluctant to put down their pen and paper and pick up their tablet warmed up to the app this year:

“My writing is bad,” Eric says. “Being able to read my notes is one of the biggest benefits.”

“[Using the app] is faster,” Service Foreman Dan Dusek says. “All of the information is in one spot. Before the app, we were filling out three or four different pieces of paper. And paper gets dirty pretty quickly. With the app, you just wipe the screen.”

The Time Study Holds Up After One Year of Using the Inspection App

In October 2022, FleetNow conducted a time study to see how much time a mechanic could save using the app versus paper while inspecting equipment.

Over a month, mechanics were observed while inspecting machines. Front desk employees and managers were observed while handling and scanning paperwork. We found that mechanics saved over 3 minutes on each inspection using the app – a savings that added up to $2700 over the past year!

For more on FleetNow Inspect, visit https://buyfleetnow.com/inspect

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