Gehl Wheel Loaders: Top Models, Specs, and Buying Tips

Wheel loaders play an indispensable role in moving materials efficiently and safely on job sites. Gehl is a manufacturer of wheel loaders that is known for reliability, innovation, and performance. Gehl currently offers five different models of wheel loaders to satisfy your job site needs.

What Can Gehl Wheel Loaders Be Used For?

Gehl wheel loaders are versatile pieces of machinery designed to handle a variety of tasks. Some primary uses and applications for Gehl wheel loaders include:

  • Material Handling: One of the most common uses of wheel loaders is to move and transport materials such as sand, gravel, dirt, coal, and other bulk materials. They can quickly load these materials onto trucks or other transport vehicles.
  • Construction Sites: On construction sites, wheel loaders are used for tasks like site preparation, moving construction materials, backfilling, and grading.
  • Road Building: Wheel loaders play a crucial role in road construction, where they can be used for tasks like clearing and preparing the site, transporting asphalt, and assisting in road paving.
  • Mining Operations: In mining, wheel loaders are used to move and load minerals, ores, and other mined materials. They can handle the rough terrain and heavy loads typical of mining environments.
  • Agriculture: In agricultural settings, wheel loaders can be used for tasks like handling large bales of hay, moving silage, or loading manure.
  • Forestry: Wheel loaders can be equipped with specialized attachments to handle logs, move wood chips, and assist in other forestry operations.
  • Snow Removal: With the right attachments, wheel loaders can be used for snow removal, clearing large areas like parking lots or roads.
  • Landscaping: For large landscaping projects, wheel loaders can move and spread topsoil, mulch, and other landscaping materials.

Gehl Wheel Loader Models & Specs


Gehl AL550
Max Height of Bucket Pivot Point3.16 m / 10 ft 4 in
Overall Height with 4 Posts Canopy2.31 m / 7 ft 7 in
Static Tipping Load with Bucket (straight)2,190 kg / 4,828 lbs


Gehl AL650
Max Height of Bucket Pivot Point3.32 m / 10 ft 11in
Overall Height with 4 Posts Canopy2.47 m / 8 ft 1 in
Static Tipping Load with Bucket (straight)3,059 kg / 6,744 lbs


Gehl AL750
Max Height of Bucket Pivot Point3.47 m / 11 ft 5 in
Overall Height with 4 Posts Canopy2.48 m / 8 ft 2 in
Static Tipping Load with Bucket (straight)3,587 kg / 7,908 lbs


Gehl ALT750
Max Height of Bucket Pivot Point5.03 m / 16 ft 6 in
Overall Height with 4 Posts Canopy2.48 m / 8 ft 2 in
Static Tipping Load with Bucket (straight)3,499 kg / 7,714 lbs


Gehl ALT950
Max Lifting Height5.20 m / 17 ft 1 in
Overall Height with Cab2.70 m / 8 ft 10 in
Static Tipping Load with Bucket (straight)4,978 kg / 10,975 lbs

Safety Features of Gehl Wheel Loaders

Gehl wheel loaders are designed with a focus on safety, ensuring that operators can perform their tasks efficiently without compromising their well-being. Here are some of the prominent safety features commonly found in Gehl wheel loaders:

ROPS/FOPS Cab: Many Gehl wheel loaders come equipped with a Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) and Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS) cab. This ensures that the operator is protected from potential rollovers or falling objects.

Visibility: Gehl designs its loaders with maximum visibility in mind. Large windows, well-placed mirrors, and sometimes even rearview cameras ensure that operators have a clear view of their surroundings.

Anti-slip Steps and Platforms: Gehl wheel loaders often feature anti-slip steps and platforms to prevent accidents during entry and exit.

Emergency Exit: In the rare event of an emergency, operators can use the secondary exit route built into the cab.

Hydraulic Lockout: This feature ensures that hydraulic functions are locked out when the operator is not in the seat, preventing unintentional movements.

Seat Belts and Adjustable Seats: These features ensure that the operator remains securely in place, especially during rough operations.

Audible Alarms: Backup alarms alert nearby workers when the loader is reversing, reducing the risk of accidents.

Warning Lights: These include beacon lights and other warning indicators to alert nearby workers of the loader’s operation.

Load Handling Features: Some Gehl wheel loaders come with automatic load leveling or return-to-dig features, ensuring that materials are handled safely and efficiently.

Braking System: Gehl wheel loaders are equipped with efficient braking systems that provide reliable stopping power, even under heavy loads.

How Do I Know Which Gehl Wheel Loader Model Is Right For Me?

Choosing the right Gehl wheel loader model for your needs requires considering various factors related to your specific requirements and the features of the available models. To make an informed decision, some factors you should consider include:

  • Types of materials you will be handling
  • Volume of materials you will be handling
  • Bucket capacity
  • Attachment compatibility
  • Engine power

Gehl Wheel Loader Warranty

All new Gehl equipment boasts a 2-year / 2,000-hour warranty, whichever comes first. Gehl also offers extended coverage up to 6 years / 6,000 hours. To learn more about Gehl’s warranty, visit their Warranty page.

Where Can I Find a Gehl Wheel Loader For Sale?

Gehl wheel loaders can be bought through online marketplaces, like FleetNow, heavy equipment dealers, like Integra Supply Corp., or local dealers, which can be found through the “Find a Gehl Dealer” page on Gehl’s website.

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Here’s A Walk-Around Video of the Gehl ALT950 Wheel Loader:

Gehl Wheel Loader FAQs:

What kind of warranty does Gehl offer for its wheel loaders?

All new Gehl wheel loaders come with a 2 year / 2,000 hour warranty. Extended coverage of up to 6 years / 6,000 hours is also available. For more information, visit Gehl’s Warranty page.

Where can I find authorized Gehl dealers and service centers?

Authorized Gehl dealers and service centers can be found quickly and easily through the “Find a Gehl Dealer” on Gehl’s website.

Where are Gehl wheel loaders made?

Gehl wheel loaders are made in the United States.

What is the difference between a skid steer and a wheel loader?

Skid steers and track loaders operate in a skidding fashion, while wheel loaders steer by independent or articulating action.

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