Genie GTH-5519: Revolutionizing Worksite Productivity

The Genie GTH-5519 is a compact yet powerful telehandler designed to tackle a wide range of tasks on construction sites and beyond. With its impressive lifting capacity of up to 5,500 lbs and a maximum lift height of 19 feet, this versatile machine offers exceptional performance in confined spaces without compromising on capability. Equipped with intuitive controls and advanced safety features, the GTH-5519 ensures smooth operation and peace of mind for operators. Its compact dimensions and maneuverability make it ideal for navigating tight work environments, while its robust construction ensures durability and reliability in the most demanding conditions. Whether lifting materials, loading/unloading trucks, or performing maintenance tasks, the Genie GTH-5519 delivers unmatched efficiency and productivity, making it a valuable asset for any job site.

Genie GTH-5519 Specs

Genie GTH-5519
Maximum Lift Capacity5,500 lbs
Maximum Lift Height18 ft 10 in
Maximum Forward Reach11 ft 3 in
Capacity at Max Height4,400 lbs
Capacity at Max Reach1,900 lbs

Genie GTh-5519 Key Features

The Genie GTH-5519 boasts an array of key features that make it a standout choice in the telehandler market. With a lifting capacity of up to 5,500 lbs and a maximum lift height of 19 feet, it offers impressive performance in a compact package. Equipped with a robust yet nimble design, it excels in navigating tight spaces, enhancing versatility on various job sites. Its intuitive controls and advanced safety features ensure smooth operation and operator confidence, while its durable construction guarantees reliability even in challenging environments. Whether it’s material handling, loading/unloading tasks, or maintenance operations, the Genie GTH-5519 delivers unparalleled efficiency and productivity, making it an indispensable asset for any construction or industrial setting.

What Kind of Jobs Can a Genie GTH-5519 Be Used For?

The Genie GTH-5519 telehandler is highly versatile and can be used for a wide range of jobs across various industries. Some common applications include:

Construction: The GTH-5519 is often used on construction sites for tasks such as lifting and placing materials like bricks, lumber, and steel beams, as well as assisting with roofing, framing, and general construction work.

Warehousing: In warehouse settings, the GTH-5519 can be utilized for loading and unloading pallets of goods from trucks, stacking inventory on shelves, and transporting heavy items within the facility.

Landscaping: Landscapers can use the GTH-5519 for tasks such as lifting and moving bulk materials like mulch, gravel, and soil, as well as positioning trees, shrubs, and other landscaping elements.

Agriculture: On farms, the GTH-5519 can assist with tasks such as lifting bales of hay, loading equipment onto trailers, and moving heavy supplies around the farmyard.

Industrial Maintenance: In industrial settings, the GTH-5519 can be used for maintenance and repair work, such as lifting machinery and equipment for servicing, as well as assisting with installation and assembly tasks.

Genie GTH-5519

How Much Does A Genie GTH-5519 Cost?

The price of Genie GTH-5519 models can vary based on year, hours, and condition. Here are some examples of Genie GTH-5519 models for sale through FleetNow:

Genie GTH-5519 FleetNow 1
Genie GTH-5519 FleetNow 2
Genie GTH-5519 FleetNow 3
Genie GTH-5519 FleetNow 4

Where Can I Buy A Genie GTH-5519?

Genie GTH-5519 models can be bought through online marketplaces, like FleetNow, or heavy equipment dealers like Gearheadz , or local dealers which can be found through the Find A Dealer page on Genie’s website. 

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Here’s A Video About How to Operate the Genie GTH-5519:

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