Dump trailers make clean up easier at the end of a construction job. They are containers with wheels designed to haul materials to and from their destination. Sand, aggregate, scrap, and building materials are just a few things dump trailers can carry.

Some dump trailers have ramps for loading and unloading equipment, and can also be customized to fit the needs of the job. Due to their mobility, dump trailers are sometimes called rubber wheeled dumpsters.

Dump trailers come in models of all sizes. There are three main types of dump trailers including end dump trailers, bottom dump trailers, and side dump trailers.

Dump trailers are a strong tool to use and are less expensive than dump trucks.

Dump Trailer uses

Dump trailers can haul almost anything. The are extremely useful to farmers that need to haul crops and animals, and are great for construction sites moving around scraps and other building materials.

The three types of dump trailers can be used for different jobs.

  • End dump trailers unload materials by lifting their dump box up and dumping from the rear. These are best used for large demolition debris and concrete.
  • Bottom dump trailers, also known as belly dump trailers, have a clamshell dump gate that allows materials to be dumped from the bottom of the dump box. It was deigned to be stable to avoid rollovers when dumping.
  • Side dump trailers use hydraulic rams to unload materials by tiltign them to the riht of left side of the trailer. These are best used for excavation, stockpile dumps, fine materials, or road construction.

How do dump trailers work?

Hydraulic lifting on dump trailers allows users to tilt the container and dump its contents. There are three different types of lifting mechanisms on dump trailers, including:

  •  Telescopic-style lift is a single cylinder that lefts te dump bed to its full dump angle.
  • Dual-piston lifts use two pistons to lift the dump trailer.
  • Scissor lifts, the most popular type, allows maximum leverage while dumping and also broadens the footprint to assist with uneven loads.

The hydraulic lifts on dump trailers make the work of hauling material safer, easier, and more efficient.

How long will a dump trailer last?

As always, the life of a dump trailer depends on the quality, type, and maintenance of the equipment.

Dump trailers require a powerful battery to operate at top performance. Batteries will need to be charged consistently and will eventually need to be replaced.

On average, a dump trailer can last for 10 to 15 years. Dump trailers should be pretty trouble free as long as they are used appropriately and maintenanced regularly.

Who makes dump trailers?

The top manufacturers for dump trailers are Big Tex, Griffin, MAXX-D, PJ Trailers, LAMAR, Diamond C, Gatormade, Hull Porter, EBY, and BWise.

Other brands include Bri-Mar, CAM Superline, Cargo Pro, Corn Pro, CTS, East, Felling, H&H, Iron Bull, Kaufman, Liberty, Load Trail, MAC, Majestic, Moritz, Premier, Quality Steel and Aluminum, Sure-Trac, TRAILSTAR, and many more.

Dump Trailer Makes & Models

Below is a sampling of dump trailers currently available by manufacturer.

Big Tex: Big Tex 50SR, Big Tex 70SR, Big Tex 90SR, Big Tex 10SR, Big Tex 12SR, Big Tex 10LX, Big Tex 14LD, Big Tex 14LP, Big Tex 16LP, Big Tex 14TD, Big Tex 14GT, Big Tex 14GX, Big Tex 16GX, Big Tex 14OD, Big Tex 14OD-GN, Big Tex 20LP, Big Tex 20GX, Big Tex 25DU

Bri-Mar: Bri- Mar DTR508LP-3, Bri-Mar DTR510LP-5, Bri-Mar DTR508LP-5 , Bri-Mar DTR610LP-10, Bri-Mar DTR610LP-7, Bri-Mar DTR610D-7 , Bri-Mar DTR610D-10, Bri-Mar DT610LP-LE-7, Bri-Mar DT610LP-LE-10, Bri-Mar DT612LP-LE-10, Bri-Mar DT712LP-LE-10, Bri-Mar DT612LP-LE-12, Bri-Mar DT712LP-LE-12, Bri-Mar DT712LP-LE-14, Bri-Mar DT714LP-LE-14, Bri-Mar DT508LP-5, Bri-Mar DT712LPHD-12, Bri-Mar DT714LPHD-14, Bri-Mar DT716LPHD-14

BWise: Bwise DTR3, Bwise DTR5, Bwise DTR7, Bwise DTR10, Bwise DT7, Bwise DT10, Bwise DT12, Bwise DT14, Bwise DLPX5, Bwise DLPX12, Bwise DLPX14, Bwise DLP10, Bwise DLP15, Bwise DLP17, Bwise DLP21, Bwise DDR7, Bwise DDR10, Bwise DD10, Bwise DD15, Bwise DDB23, Bwise DU15, Bwise DU17

CAM Superline: CAM Superline 5CAM610LPD, CAM Superline 5CAM612LPD, CAM Superline 6CAM612LPHD, CAM Superline, CAM Superline 6CAM614LPHD, CAM Superline 7CAM614LPHD, CAM Superline 7CAM616LPHD, CAM Superline 8CAM614LPHD, CAM Superline 8CAM616LPHD, CAM Superline P10610DODT, CAM Superline 5-508LPDT, CAM Superline 7-510LPDT, CAM Superline 8-610LPDT, CAM Superline 10-610LPDT, CAM Superline 10-612LPDT, CAM Superline 12-6812LPHDT, CAM Superline 14-6814LPHDT, CAM Superline P14714LP-HLO, CAM Superline O P14716LP-HLO, CAM Superline P16714LP-HLO, CAM Superline P16716LP-HLO

CargoPro: CargoPro CODP4.5X8HO, CargoPro CODP5x8HO

Corn Pro: Corn Pro DB-10 SP, Corn Pro DB-12 SP, Corn Pro DB-10 DP, Corn Pro DB-12 DP, Corn Pro DB-10 S, Corn Pro DB-12 S, Corn Pro DB-14 S, Corn Pro DB-16 S, Corn Pro DG-16 DO Grain

CTS: CTS 30 FT Hard Dump, CTS 32 FT Half Round End Dump Trailer, CTS 40 FT Hard Dump, CTS BDT40, CTS 40 FT Tandem Axle Bottom Dump, CTS HRD32QF, CTS HRD32, CTS HRD36, CTS EHRD40-100, CTS BDT42

Diamond C: Diamond C GST, Diamond C GDT, Diamon C MDT

East: East Genesis, East Frame Dump, East Frameless Dump, East Quarter Frame Dump, East Hybrid Dump, East Aluminum Truck Body, East Steel Dump, East Michigan Series Dump


Felling: Felling FT-6 DT, Felling FT-10 DT, Felling FT-10-DT HD, Felling FT-12 DT-HD, Felling FT-14 DT-HD, Felling FT-16 DT-HD, Felling FT-16-2 DT, Felling FT-20-2 DT, Felling FT-24-2 DT, Felling FT-12 E SD, Felling FT-14 E SD, Felling FT-16 E SD, Felling FT-10 DT HD-SP, Felling FT-10HD

Gatormade: Gatormade Elite Gooseneck Dump, Gatormade 7×14 14k Bumper Pull Dump Trailer, Gatormade 7×12 12k Bumper Pull Dump Trailer, Aardvark Bumper Pull Dump Trailer

Griffin: Griffin GT608, Griffin GT6010, Griffin GT7210, Griffin GT7212, Griffin GT7410DO, Griffin GT8312, Griffin GT8314, Griffin GT8316, Griffin GT8318

H&H: H&H H5408D-B, H&H H6208UD-15-052, H&H H6210UD-15-070, H&H H7610UD-24-100, H&H H7612UD-24-100, H&H H8312DBW-B-140, H&H H8314DBW-B-140, H&H H8316DBW-B-140, H&H H8314DBW-B-160, H&H H8316DBW-B-160, H&H STH9614HLODOD-B-140, H&H STH9616HLODOD-B-140

Hull Porter: HP Trailers 12 FT Dump Box, HP Trailes 14 FT Dump Box, HP Trailers 16 FT Dump Box

Iron Bull: Iron Bull DTB7/10K, Iron Bull DTB14, Iron Bull DWB14, Iron Bull DTG14, Iron Bull DTG21, Iron Bull DDP14, Iron Bull DDG14

Kaufman: Kaufman 8,000 GVWR Light Duty Dump Trailer, Kaufman 10,000 GVWR Light Duty Dump Trailer, Kaufman 12,000 GVW Medium Duty Dump Trailer, Kaufman 15,000 GVWR Heavy Duty Dump Trailer, Kaufman 17,000 GVWR Deluxe Heavy Duty Dump Trailer, Kaufman 15,000 GVW Heavy Duty Gooseneck Dump Trailer, Kaufman 17,000 GVW Heavy Duty Gooseneck Dump Trailer, Kaufman 17,000 GVWR Heavy Duty Gooseneck Dump Trailer


Liberty: Liberty LD5K60C5, Liberty LD7K72C5, Liberty LD10K72C5, Liberty LD14K83C6, Liberty LD14K83B8, Liberty LD20K96B12

Load Trail: Load Trail DH8312072, Load Trail DH8314072, Load Trail DH8316072, Load Trail DH8314082, Load Trail DH8316082, Load Trail DH8316102, Load Trail DH8320102, Load Trail DH8316073, Load Trail DM8314072, Load Trail DM8314082, Load Trail DM8316082, Load Trail DM8316073, Load Trail DS7210051, Load Trail DS6008051, Load Trail DS6008051CM, Load Trail DS6010051, Load Trail DS4808051, Load Trail DS7210071, Load Trail DS6010071, Load Trail DT8310032, Load Trail DT7210032, Load Trail DT6010032, Load Trail DT8310052, Load Trail DT8312052, Load Trail DT8314052, Load Trail DT8316052, Load Trail DT7210052, Load Trail DT7212052, Load Trail DT7214052, Load Trail DT6010052, Load Trail DT8310072, Load Trail DT8312072, Load Trail DT8314072, Load Trail DT8316072, Load Trail DT7210072, Load Trail DT7212072, Load Trail DT7214072, Load Trail DT7216072

MAC Trailer: MAC Trailer Sheet & Post Dump, MAC Trailer MVP Dump, MAC Trailer Macsimizer Dump, MAC Trailer Steel Dump

Majestic: Majestic 7210D10K, Majestic 7212D10K

MAXX-D: MAXX-D D6X 60″ Scissor Lift Dump Trailer, MAXX-D D7X 72″ Dump Trailer, MAXX-D DKX – 14K 83″ I-Beam Dump, MAXX-D DJX 83″ I-Beam Dump Trailer, MAXX-D DTX 14K 83″ Telescoping Dump Trailer, MAXX-D DHX 83″ Super HD Dump Trailer, MAXX-D D9X 96″ Deckover Dump Trailer, MAXX-D DDX 96″ Tandem Dual Dump Trailer

Moritz International: Moritz International 6.1×12, Moritz International DLBH610-14 14000 Dump Trailer, Moritz International DLBH62-10 9950 Dump Trailer, Moritz International DLBH610-10 12000 Dump Trailer

PJ Trailers: PJ Trailers 72″ Tandem Axle Dump (D3), PJ Trailers 60″ Utility Dump (D5), PJ Trailers 96″ Deckover Dump (D8), PJ Trailers Tandem Dual Dump (DD), PJ Trailers HD Low-Pro Dump (DE), PJ Trailers 14K Low-Profile Dump (DG), PJ Trailers 14K Low-Profile Dump PRO (DL), PJ Trailers 83″ Low-Pro High Side Dump (DM), PJ Trailers Roll-Off Dump (DR), PJ Trailers 83″ Pro-Lift Dump (DT)

Premier: Premier LE HDT 58-5K LP, Premier LE HDT 610-7K LP, Premier LE HDT 610-7K DO, Premier LE HDT 610-10K LP, Premier LE HDT 610-10K DO, Premier LE HDT 612-10K LP, Premier LE HDT 812-12K LPHD, Premier LE HDT 814-14K LPHD

Quality Steel and Aluminum: Quality Steel and Aluminum 608D7K, Quality Steel and Aluminum 7210D7K, Quality Steel and Aluminum 7212D7K, Quality Steel and Aluminum 7210D10K, Quality Steel and Aluminum 7212D10K, Quality Steel and Aluminum 7215D10K

Sure-Trac: Sure-Trac ST8212DD-B-120, Sure-Trac ST8212DD-B-140, Sure-Trac ST8214DD-B-140, Sure-Trac ST8212HLOD-B-120, Sure-Trac ST8212HLOD-B-140, Sure-Trac ST8214HLOD-B-140, Sure-Trac ST8216HLOD-B-140, Sure-Trac ST8214HLOD-B-160, Sure-Trac ST8216HLOD-B-160, Sure-Trac ST8212TLDD-B-120, Sure-Trac ST8212TLDD-B-140, Sure-Trac ST8214TLDD-B-140, Sure-Trac ST8216TLDD-B-140, Sure-Trac ST8214TLDD-B-160, Sure-Trac ST8216TLDD-B-160


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