Haulotte, the European leader of people and material lifting equipment, announces the launch of its own telematics solution, based on customer requests for valuable and accurate data. From preparing for technical call-outs, identifying on-site unsafe behaviors, to proactive energy management, Haulotte’s brand new solution is changing the way people manage their fleet.

Monitor your fleet from anywhere, in real-time with this telematics solution

Easy to use, SHERPAL fleet management system provides rental companies, equipment owners, and service managers, actionable insights to make the right decisions at the right time. It offers remote access to machine data and gives a consolidated overview of the status of all assets, whatever the size of the aerial equipment fleet.

“SHERPAL is designed to manage aerial fleets more efficiently. It delivers focused and meaningful data to be more productive, secure the day-to-day operations and grow business. It simply makes life easier. By connecting machines with SHERPAL telematics solutions, you are sure to increase equipment uptime and utilization rates, all while reducing operating costs”

says Christophe Lacaze, operational marketing manager at Haulotte.

SHERPAL uses an on-board GPS system to instantly locate machines in the field. The interactive map allows customers to track a specific asset or get an overview of the entire fleet. As the SHERPAL device constantly monitors what is happening on the machine’s CAN bus communication network, it can intercept and transmit a wide range of data. Much more than just GPS location, it displays crucial information to remotely perform an efficient and advanced diagnostic, such as:

  • the machines’ operational status in real time with simple color code,
  • the machines’ hourmeter and next maintenance deadlines,
  • engine and battery status,
  • fault codes, root causes, and even instructions on how to fix the problem…

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