Hitachi Introduces New Mid-Size Excavator

LAS VEGASHitachi has unveiled a new mid-size excavator for price-conscious buyers — the Hitachi ZX190LC-7 S7x.

The new Hitachi ZX190LC-7 is mid-sized and weighs in at 43,652 pounds. The excavator closes the gap between Hitachi’s mini and large excavators and with its higher performance measures at lower price point.

The new Hitachi ZX190LC-7 fills in line between the pre-existing ZX160LC-7 and ZX210LC-7 models. The Hitachi ZX190LC-7 is capable of over a 23 foot digging depth and an over 28,000 pounds bucket breakout force.

Patrick Baker, the product manager of medium and large excavators for Hitachi says, “Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas Inc. (HCMA) recognizes the need to add the ZX190LC-7 to its line of full-sized excavators to meet customer demand,” aiming the new mid-size excavator at price-conscious buyers.

“Because of the way the industry is evolving, you either have an owner-operator that’s really focused on price or you’re buying fleets of equipment where it’s all about performance and efficiency. We’ve tried to combine those things. We’re looking to be very aggressive with the price tag.”

Some notable features of the Hitachi ZX190Lc-7 is the enhanced undercarriage, a strong boom design, a spin-on type fuel filter to prevent dust from entering the fuel circuit and the tracking maintenance. Lastly, the Hitachi ZX190LC-7 is equipped with the HIOS IV hydraulic system. Baker says, “You can now set and tune the speed of your arm, your bucket and your swing,” he explained. “It’s very customized and very operator friendly.”