A seller has several options when it comes to putting their semi-trailer truck up for sale. The biggest concern is making sure buyers receive all the specific information they need to make an informed purchase. Sellers should consider their audience, location, and available resources when selling a semi-trailer truck.

Semi-trailer trucks can be sold through a general public sale, at an auction, in print and online advertising, through company websites, on third-party websites, or through a dealer. There are advantages and barriers to each avenue, and the best choice depends on the results a seller wants to achieve.

What is the best way to sell a semi-trailer truck?

Many sellers will say selling a semi-trailer truck through an auction is the best way to go. One of the original ways to sell a truck was to simply stick a “for sale” sign in the window and park it on a street corner with contact details. Today, buyers want more information than just what they can see upfront. Take a look at these different ways to sell a semi-trailer truck today.

How to sell your semi-trailer truck at an auction

Selling semi-trailer trucks at auctions became popular because it simplifies a potentially complicated and time-consuming process. Auction houses make selling to the highest bidder an appealing alternative to liquidating assets.

The Ritche Brothers auction company, which started in the late 50s, now takes care of online listings, auction promotions, and day-of auction tasks. Other popular auction houses for selling semi-trailer trucks include Copart Auto Auctions, Taylor and Martin, proxibid, ADESA, and AuctionTime.com.

Pros of selling semi-trailer trucks at auctions

Selling a semi-trailer truck at an auction can help a seller receive $10,000, $20,000, or even $30,000 over the retail price.

In non-reserved auctions, which is an auction where the item for sale will be sold regardless of the price, the seller is guaranteed a sale.

Similar to Ritche Brothers, many auctions handle the transaction process, making the sale much easier for sellers and buyers.

Cons of selling semi-trailer trucks at auctions

Sellers have the potential to lose out on thousands of dollars at an unreserved auction.

It takes time and money to transport a semi-trailer truck to an auction, and even more time and money to transport it back to where it came from if it doesn’t sell.

Auctions come with fees sellers have to pay, so be prepared. Also, selling a semi-trailer truck at an auction doesn’t mean you will get your money upfront. It could be weeks before you see your payment for your sold equipment. 

How to sell your semi-trailer truck in a company website or in print

Sellers can still use advertising in print magazines to sell semi-trailer trucks. However, with the popularity of online sales, most print ads are a driver to more information that can be found on the web.

FleetNow is one website for sellers to post information about used semi-trailer trucks for sale. Some other popular websites include Truck Paper, Commercial Truck Trader, and My Little Salesman.

Pros of selling semi-trailer trucks in print publications and online

Placing an ad in a publication is more cost-effective than taking a semi-trailer truck to an auction. 

Online advertisements allow sellers to choose when, where, and how long the ads run. 

Making sure ads have enough information for buyers can help sellers save money and time when closing a deal.

Cons of selling semi-trailer trucks in print publications and online

The advertisements that get the most response are carefully crafted and detailed. A seller with little experience creating advertisements for semi-trailer trucks may have to go through some trial and error before finding the right mix of content and graphics to create a successful ad.

Sellers have to be careful with which sites they list semi-trailer trucks on. Lots of new and used equipment-selling sites have good viewership rates. However, it’s up to the seller to know if the viewership includes their equipment’s prime target audience.

Details in ads need to be very specific and carefully reviewed to ensure potential buyers are not given misinformation. 

Online ads may bring in more responses than one person can handle. Prepare to have someone available to conduct test drives or to have the proper resources during third-party inspections.

How to sell your semi-trailer truck on Craigslist

Craigslist is an evolution of the typical classified section found in publications. This non-profit online resource is a optional platform to use when selling semi-trailer trucks, commercial trucks, tractors, and more. 

Pros of selling semi-trailer trucks on Craigslist

There is no fee for private sellers to list equipment on Craigslist. 

Craigslist offers a diverse audience and allows sellers to include a detailed description of the equipment for sale. The listing can be included in the for sale category for easy access for buyers.

Sellers can keep contact information anonymous with Craigslist. The site allows sellers to set up private email links to communicate with buyers.

Cons of selling semi-trailer trucks on Craigslist

Craigslist listings are categorized by region. Responses may come mainly from local interests. Sellers need to repost ads across multiple Craigslist communities to reach a broader audience.

Though Craigslist is seen as a pretty legitimate source for listing semi-trailer trucks for sale, there is the issue of repeat scammers on the site. This leaves seller email addresses, passwords, and other personal information vulnerable.

Since Craigslist is a public resource, sellers may receive some inquiries with outrageous requests. It may take time for sellers to sift through the real potential buyers and the fake ones.

Craigslist has the potential to lead a seller to a transaction that never happens. Buyers can stay anonymous up until the sale, which can result in miscommunication, no communication, or no sale at all. 

How to sell your semi-trailer truck through a dealer

One of the quickest ways to sell a semi-trailer truck is to work with a dealer. 

Heavy equipment dealers are well-versed in appraising, refurbishing, and selling. Dealers know what to look for and what has the potential to sell fast on the market. Dealers also have a better idea of how much a buyer will be willing to pay.

Dealers take care of reviewing online inquiries, preparing semi-trailer trucks for auction, and payment transactions. Some dealers write checks and wire money quickly. A dealer can help the semi-trailer truck selling process go much faster.

Pros of selling semi-trailer trucks through a dealer

Getting paid fast for your sold semi-trailer truck is the number one benefit.

Dealers work with the seller to schedule location visits for truck appraisals. Most dealers will get the semi-trailer truck ready for sale and make repairs in-house after purchasing the truck from the seller.

After buying a semi-trailer truck, dealers will make time to retrieve it from the seller. Sellers can also expect to have no follow-ups after the truck’s sale transaction is complete with the dealer.

Cons of selling semi-trailer trucks through a dealer

Some dealers have a specific type of truck they are interested in purchasing, so every dealer may not want your semi-trailer truck. 

A dealer can make a seller question how much the semi-trailer truck is priced for, where it’s being sold, and if they are reaching the right audience. 

Dealers are not likely to offer retail pricing for used semi-trailer trucks, especially since they expect to spend time refurbishing and repairing the vehicle on their end.

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