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JCB Skid Steer For Sale

JCB stands for Joseph Cyril Bamford Excavators, Ltd. The company was founded by Joseph Cyril Bamford in his garage in 1948, and has developed into a world-wide corporation making a variety of heavy equipment for the construction and agricultural markets.

JCB is, perhaps, the only construction equipment company to have one of its heavy equipment designs featured on the automotive television show Top Gear, which featured a JCB Fastrac capable of reaching speeds of 40 miles per hour. The show’s host, Jeremy Clarkson, designated it as his “Tractor of Choice.”

In addition to manufacturing equipment, JCB operates an insurance division. The company thus offers both insurance and purchase financing to customers.

What is a JCB Skid Steer?

JCB Excavators offers a wide range of construction and agricultural equipment, including a variety of both wheeled and tracked skid steers. Uniquely, JCB also offers two models with telescopic booms able to reach heights.

Skid steers, often called “Bobcats” after a prominent manufacturer, are used in construction, landscaping and agricultural work for excavation and moving loads. Many companies offer attachments that allow the machines to take up a wide range of functions.

JCB makes both wheeled and tracked skid steers. The machine gets its name due to the fact that it has no turning wheels. Instead, the machine is turned by applying differential power to one side or the other, causing the machine to pivot in the same way that a tank is steered.

JCB advertises its skid steer machines as having excellent visibility from all directions, and an easy to enter cab that is safer than conventional machines.

What Skid Steers Does JCB Make?

Mini Skid Steer

JCB 215

Rated Operating Capacity: 2,112 lbs.

Operating Weight: 7,253 lbs.

Power: 74 hp.

JCB 215t

Rated Operating Capacity: 2,105 lbs.

Operating Weight:9,098 lbs.

Power: 74 hp.

Track Skid Steer

JCB 270T

Rated Operating Capacity: 2,723 lbs.

Operating Weight:n11,003 lbs

Power: 74 hp.

JCB 300 T

Rated Operating Capacity: 3,000 lbs.

Operating Weight: 11,219 lbs.

Power: 74 hp

JCB 325 T Forestmaster

Rated Operating Capacity: 3,201 lbs.

Operating Weight: 12,364 lbs.

Power: 74 hp.

Wheel Skid Steer

JCB 270

Rated Operating Capacity: 2,723 lbs.

Operating Weight: 8,680 lbs.

Power: 74 hp.

JCB 300

Rated Operating Capacity: 3,186 lbs.

Operating Weight: 9,288 lbs.

Power: 74 hp.


These are the first skid steer and compact track loaders to be equipped with telescopic booms. Both models have a lift height in excess of 12 feet and a reach in excess of 7 feet.


Rated Operating Capacity: 3,208 lbs. (retracted) or 1,347 lbs (extended)

Operating Weight: 9,859 lbs.

Power: 74 hp.


Rated Operating Capacity: 3,695 lbs. (retracted) or 1,614 lbs. (extended)

Operating Weight: 12,615 lbs.

Power: 74 hp.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Who makes JCB Skid Steers?

JCB skid steers are made by JC Bamford Excavators, Ltd. a British corporation.

What engine is in JCB Skid Steer?

JCB skid steers are equipped with either a 74 horsepower Kohler diesel engine, or a 74 horsepower JCB EcoMAX engine.

Are Volvo and JCB Skid Steers the same?

In 2010, Volvo and JCB entered into a joint venture. The companies agreed to collaborate on the design, construction, and marketing of both skid steer and tracked loaders, to be sold world-wide under both brands. At the time of the agreement, Volvo produced skid steer loaders for the North and South American trade in a plant located in Pederneiras, Brazil. JCB equipment was produced in the firm’s plant in Savannah, Georgia. The agreement called for Volvo to shift production from its Brazilian plant to the JCB plant in Georgia. The agreement benefited both companies, as it provided an additional range of products for JCB, and allowed Volvo to reallocate its Brazilian plant to the manufacture of backhoes and other designs.

How much can a JCB Skid Steer lift?

The largest wheeled JCB skid steer is the JCB 300. It is able to lift 3,186 pounds. The largest tracked JCB skid steer is the JCB 325T Forestmaster, able to lift 3,200 pounds. The JCB teleskids are equipped with telescopic booms. When the booms are retracted, the JCB 3TS-8T is able to lift 3,695 pounds; its ability to lift using an extended boom is approximately 1,600 punds.

How long do JCB Skid Steers last?

JCB skid steers are designed to be easily maintained, and the cab can be opened by one individual for quick and simple access for servicing. With proper and regular maintenance, a JCB skid steer should last many years.

What’s the most powerful JCB Skid Steer?

All of the JCB skid steers, whether wheeled or tracked, come with a standard 74 horsepower engine. The JCB 325T Forestmaster is perhaps the most powerful in terms of lifting capacity, and is able to lift 3,200 pounds.

What is the smallest JCB Skid Steer?

The smallest JCB skid steers currently being manufactured are the JCB 215 and the JCB 215T models.  The wheeled JCB 215 and the tracked JCB 215T have a width of 5 feet, 6 inches, and a length of 11 feet, 3 inches.

How much does a JCB skid steer cost?

A used JCB 260T skid steer was recently listed on an online internet site for $39,700. A three-year old JCB 3TS-8T with 632 hours was listed on the same site for $89,000.

Where are JCB skid steers made?

JCB is a British company with 22 plants around the world, in England and Europe, India, China, and the United States. The American plant is located near Savannah, Georgia. The Georgia plant produces skid steers for the North and South American market.

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