JLG 1932R: Ascending to New Heights

When it comes to reaching new heights in construction and maintenance, having the right equipment is crucial. The JLG 1932R is not just another piece of machinery—it’s a reliable tool that’s changing the game in aerial work platforms.

JLG 1932R Specs

JLG 1932R
Platform Height19 ft
Machine Width2 ft 8 in
Machine Weight3,450 lbs
Working Height25 ft

JLG 1932R Key Features

The JLG 1932R is packed with features designed to enhance efficiency, safety, and versatility in various work environments. Here are some key features of the JLG 1932R:

Compact Design: With its narrow width and low weight, the JLG 1932R is easily maneuverable in tight spaces, making it ideal for indoor use and navigating through doorways and elevators.
Electric Drive: The electric drive system offers quiet operation, zero emissions, and low energy consumption, making it environmentally friendly and suitable for indoor use.
Platform Capacity: The JLG 1932R has a generous platform capacity of up to 500 pounds (227 kilograms), allowing for the safe and efficient lifting of workers and equipment.
Platform Height: This model provides a platform height of up to 19 feet (5.8 meters), enabling access to elevated work areas while maintaining stability and safety.
Automatic Traction Control: The automatic traction control system ensures optimal traction on various surfaces, enhancing stability and maneuverability, especially on uneven terrain.
Self-Leveling Platform: The self-leveling platform ensures that workers remain level and stable, even when the lift is positioned on uneven ground, enhancing safety and productivity.
Integrated Charger: The integrated battery charger allows for convenient and hassle-free charging, ensuring that the lift is always ready for use when needed.

What Jobs Can A JLG 1932R Be Used For?

The JLG 1932R is a versatile aerial work platform suitable for a variety of jobs across different industries. Here are some common applications and jobs where the JLG 1932R can be used:

Construction: The JLG 1932R is frequently used in construction projects for tasks such as electrical installation, drywall work, painting, and ceiling repairs. Its compact size and electric drive make it well-suited for indoor construction sites and tight spaces.
Maintenance: Facilities maintenance teams often utilize the JLG 1932R for tasks such as changing light fixtures, HVAC maintenance, roof repairs, and general building maintenance. Its maneuverability and platform height make it ideal for accessing elevated areas safely.
Warehousing: In warehouses and distribution centers, the JLG 1932R is used for inventory management, shelving installation, picking, and maintenance of overhead systems. Its narrow width allows it to navigate aisles and tight spaces with ease.
Retail: Retail stores and malls utilize the JLG 1932R for tasks such as signage installation, lighting maintenance, and general facility upkeep. Its quiet operation and zero emissions make it suitable for indoor use without disrupting customers.
Event Setup: Event planners and organizers often employ the JLG 1932R for setting up stages, lighting, and decorations at indoor venues or outdoor events. Its compact design and electric drive allow for efficient setup and teardown without disturbing event attendees.
Film and TV Production: The JLG 1932R is commonly used on film and TV sets for lighting rigging, camera setup, and general set construction. Its quiet operation and precise controls make it suitable for use in sound-sensitive environments.

jlg 1932r

How Much Does a JLG 1932R Cost?

Here are examples of new and used JLG 1932Rs for sale through FleetNow:

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JLG 1932R FleetNow 4
JLG 1932R FleetNow 3

Where Can I Find A JLG 1932R For Sale?

JLG 1932Rs can be bought through online marketplaces, like FleetNow, a heavy equipment dealer like Herc Rentals, or local dealers which can be found through the Dealer Locator page on JLG’s website.

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Here’s A Walk-Around Video of the JLG 1932R:

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