JLG 3246ES Electric Scissor Lift: Exploring Efficiency

The JLG 3246ES Electric Scissor Lift is a cutting-edge solution poised to redefine productivity in aerial work settings. With its innovative design and electric-powered capabilities, this compact yet powerful machine offers a glimpse into the future of efficient vertical access.

JLG 3246ES Specs

jlg 3246es
Platform Height31 ft 9 in
Machine Width3 ft 10 in
Machine Weight4,975 lbs
Working Height37 ft 9 in

JLG 3246ES Key Features

The JLG 3246ES is packed with features designed to enhance efficiency, safety, and versatility in various work environments. Here are some key features of the JLG 3246ES:

  • Quieter, cleaner operation for a variety of environments
  • Electric drive and integrated components with only two hydraulic hoses and four hydraulic fittings on the entire machine will keep you on the job longer and reduce your operating costs by reducing chances for leaks and service calls
  • Tight turning radius for great maneuverability

What Jobs Can A JLG 3246ES Be Used For?

The JLG 3246ES Electric Scissor Lift is a versatile piece of equipment suitable for a wide range of tasks across various industries. Some of the common applications and job types where the JLG 3246ES can be used include:

Construction: The JLG 3246ES is often employed in construction sites for tasks such as electrical installations, painting, drywalling, and ceiling work. Its ability to provide safe and stable elevated platforms makes it indispensable for accessing high areas in building projects.

Maintenance and Facility Management: Facility managers utilize the JLG 3246ES for routine maintenance tasks such as changing light fixtures, HVAC system servicing, and repairing overhead infrastructure. Its compact design allows it to navigate through tight spaces commonly found in commercial buildings.

Warehousing and Distribution: In warehouse environments, the JLG 3246ES facilitates inventory management, stock picking, and maintenance of overhead systems like lighting and ventilation. Its maneuverability and efficient operation contribute to optimizing workflow in busy distribution centers.

Retail and Hospitality: Retail stores and hospitality venues utilize the JLG 3246ES for visual merchandising, signage installation, and general facility maintenance. Its quiet electric operation is conducive to indoor environments where noise levels need to be minimized.

Film and Event Production: The JLG 3246ES is frequently employed in the entertainment industry for setting up stage lighting, rigging, and camera positioning during film shoots, concerts, and live events. Its precise controls and stable platform ensure safety and accuracy in complex setups.

Municipal and Utility Services: Municipalities and utility companies utilize the JLG 3246ES for tasks such as streetlight maintenance, tree trimming, and utility pole servicing. Its ability to navigate rough terrain and provide extended reach makes it ideal for outdoor maintenance work.

Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance: Landscaping professionals utilize the JLG 3246ES for tasks such as tree pruning, hedge trimming, and outdoor lighting installation. Its elevated platform allows workers to access tall trees and structures safely and efficiently.

jlg 3246es scissor lift

How Much Does a JLG 3246ES Cost?

Here are examples of used JLG 3246Es models for sale through FleetNow:

JLG 3246ES FleetNow 1
JLG 3246ES FleetNow 2
JLG 3246ES FleetNow 3
JLG 3246ES FleetNow 4

Where Can I Find A JLG 3246ES For Sale?

JLG 1932Rs can be bought through online marketplaces, like FleetNow, a heavy equipment dealer like Aerial Titans, or local dealers which can be found through the Dealer Locator page on JLG’s website.

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Here’s A Video on Scissor Lift Safety Featuring the JLG 3246ES:

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