JLG 450AJ: Is It the Right Choice for Your Business?

Boom lifts are versatile pieces of equipment that are used for a multitude of different projects across different industries. The versatility of boom lifts lies in their ability to access elevated areas quickly and efficiently, making them essential tools for a wide variety of projects that require working at heights. It’s important to choose the right type and size of boom lift based on the specific requirements of each project to ensure safety and productivity.

The Basics: Typical Projects the JLG 450AJ is Used For

Construction: Boom lifts are commonly used in construction projects for tasks such as installing windows, siding, roofing, and performing general maintenance and repairs at elevated heights. Their flexibility and outreach capabilities make them ideal for reaching difficult-to-access areas on construction sites.

Maintenance and Repairs: Facilities management and maintenance teams often use boom lifts for tasks like changing light fixtures, servicing HVAC systems, painting, and conducting routine inspections in large commercial buildings, warehouses, and industrial facilities.

Film and Television Production: In the entertainment industry, boom lifts are used for setting up lights, cameras, and equipment at different heights for filming, photography, and stage production. They provide the necessary elevation and stability to achieve desired angles and shots.

Tree Care and Landscaping: Boom lifts are indispensable for installing and maintaining large signs, banners, and advertisements on tall buildings and billboards.

Power Line Maintenance: Utility companies employ boom lifts for maintaining and repairing power lines and electrical infrastructure at elevated heights, ensuring uninterrupted power distribution.

Warehouse Operations: In warehouses and distribution centers, boom lifts aid in stacking and retrieving items from high shelves, maximizing storage capacity and operational efficiency.

Event Setup: For setting up stages, lighting, and decorations at concerts, conferences, and outdoor events, boom lifts are crucial for reaching elevated areas quickly and securely.

Building Inspections: Building inspectors use boom lifts to access the exteriors of buildings for evaluating structural integrity, façade conditions, and other aspects requiring visual assessment.

Window Cleaning: Boom lifts facilitate safe and effective window cleaning for skyscrapers and tall buildings, eliminating the need for dangerous scaffolding setups.

Bridge and Infrastructure Maintenance: In the realm of civil engineering, boom lifts are employed for bridge inspections, maintenance, and repair work.

Firefighting and Rescue: Fire departments utilize specialized boom lifts for aerial firefighting and rescue operations, allowing them to reach upper floors and confined spaces during emergencies.

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Should I Buy a Telescopic or Articulating Boom Lift, Like the JLG 450AJ?

When buying a Boom Lift, it is important to understand the difference between Articulating and Telescopic Boom Lifts and what job site circumstances each are best suited for.

The following job site circumstances are suited for a telescopic boom lift:

  • Open-space job sites
  • Simplistic, accessible work surfaces with no obstacles in the boom’s path
  • Requires significant horizontal and vertical reach (high-rise buildings)
  • Requires stability at high elevations
  • Requires greater lift capacity
  • Requires greater distance from the work surface
  • Only need to access the work surface from one primary angle
  • The required vertical height is between 150 and 210 feet

The following job site circumstances are suited for an articulating boom lift:

  • Crowded job sites
  • Confined spaces with restricted movement capacity
  • Buildings with complex fixtures that require navigation and flexible movement
  • When close proximity to the work surface is required
  • When the work surface needs to be approached from different angles
  • When you need to move up and over obstacles ti reach the work surface
  • The required vertical heigh is less than or equal to 150 feet

What Should I Look for When Buying a Used JLG 450AJ?

Besides making sure you are buying the right kind of boom lift for your project(s), there are other factors to consider as well. Alex Birtalan, from FleetNow, mentions the importance of making sure the machine works properly. “Does this machine have all functions working; the boom goes up and down and the jib works left and right, says Birtalan. To ensure that you’re making a wise investment, here are factors you should consider:

  • Condition and Maintenance History
  • Hours of Operation
  • Mechanical anf Structural Inspection
  • Service Records
  • Operational Tests
  • Safety Features
  • Tire Conditions
  • Price
  • Transportation and Logistics

See the JLG 450AJ Specs Below, Along with Other JLG Boom Lift Models:

JLG 450 Series

ModelPlatform HeightPlatform CapacityHorizontal Outreach
450AJ45 ft / 13.72 m550 lb / 249.48 kg25 ft / 7.62 m
450AJ HC345 ft / 13.72 m660 lb / 299.37 kg25 ft / 7.62 m


ModelPlatform HeightPlatform CapacityHorizontal Outreach
340AJ33 ft / 10.31 m500 lb / 226.80 kg19 ft 11 in / 6.07 m

JLG 600 Series

ModelPlatform HeightPlatform CapacityHorizontal Outreach
600AJ60 ft / 18.47 m500 lb / 226.80 kg40 ft 7in. / 12.37 kg
600AJ HC360 ft / 18.29 m660 lb / 299.37 kg40 ft 7 in. / 12.37 m
600AJN Narrow60 ft 7 in. / 18.47 m500 lb / 226.80 kg39 ft 9 in. / 12.12 m

JLG 800 Series

ModelPlatform HeightPlatform CapacityHorizontal Outreach
800AJ80 ft / 24.38 m500 lb / 226.80 kg51 ft / 15.8 m
800AJ HC380 ft 4 in. / 24.5 m660 lb / 299.37 kg52 ft 4 in. / 15.95 m


ModelPlatform HeightPlatform CapacityHorizontal Outreach
1250AJP125 ft / 38.1 m500 lb / 226.80 kg63 ft 2 in. / 19.25 m


ModelPlatform HeightPlatform CapacityWorking Height
1500AJP150 ft / 45.72 m600 lb / 272.16 kg156 ft / 47.55 m

How Much Does a Used JLG 450AJ Cost?

A used JLG 450AJ can cost anywhere from $21,000 to $115,000 depending on models, features and dealer location.

Here are some examples of used JLG 450AJs through FleetNow:

JLG FleetNow
JLG FleetNow
JLG FleetNow
JLG FleetNow

Where Can I Buy a Used JLG 450AJ?

Used JLG 450AJs can be bought through online marketplaces, like FleetNow, through auction sites like Purple Wave, or local dealers which can be found through the “Locate A Sales or Service Provider” page on JLG’s website that allows you to enter your location, making it easy to find a JLG dealer nearest to you!

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Visit JLG’s website for details on their Boom Lifts.

About the Manufacturer: JLG

JLG, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of access equipment, has been in business since 1969. They pride themselves on making their customers their top priority and are dedicated to understanding the challenges their customers face. JLG provides world-class excellence in quality, service and delivery to their distributors and customers.

JLG 450AJ Warranty:

JLG backs their machines with the JLG 1, 2 & 5 Warranty, providing coverage for 1 full year on the entire machine, 2 full years or 2,000 hours on the drivetrain and cover all specified major structural components for 5 years.

Here’s a Video Detailing JLG’s Full Line of HC3 Boom Lifts:

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