John Deere 5100E: Technology & Performance

Technological advancements and performance are two key factors that drive efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. Among the remarkable innovations in the farming industry, the John Deere 5100E tractor stands out as having cutting-edge technology and outstanding performance.

John Deere 5100E Specs

John Deere 5100e
Engine Displacement4 cylinders: 4.5 L / 276 cu in.
Rated Engine PowerAt 2400 rpm: 74.6 kW / 100 hp
Maximum Engine Power76 kW / 102 hp
Fuel Tank Capacity25 U.S. gal

John Deere 5100E Key Features

The John Deere 5100E is a utility tractor known for its versatility and performance in various farming and agricultural tasks. Here are some key features of the John Deere 5100E:

  • Manage the tractor from anywhere with the help of JDLink™ compatible with 5 Series tractors and in base on all 5E and 5M tractors starting at Model Year 2024. No matter who is running the tractor, information such as idle time, fuel levels, and machine location can be viewed on your personal device.
  • Starting on Model Year 2024, the 5100E tractor can be ordered with a Premium Cab that will increase user comfort whether you are working in the field or around your property.
  • Increased lift capacity

What Jobs Can A John Deere 5100E Be Used For?

The John Deere 5100E tractor is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for a wide range of agricultural tasks and jobs. Its power, capabilities, and compatibility with various implements make it a valuable asset on the farm. Here are some common jobs and tasks for which the John Deere 5100E can be used:

Plowing: The tractor can be used for plowing fields to prepare the soil for planting crops. It can handle various plow types, including moldboard plows and disc plows.
Tilling: The 5100E is well-suited for tilling tasks, such as seedbed preparation and weed control. It can be equipped with rotary tillers or disc harrows for these operations.
Planting: Farmers can use this tractor for planting crops, whether it’s through seed drills, planters, or seed spreaders. It can achieve precise row spacing and depth control.
Mowing: With the appropriate attachment, the 5100E can be used for mowing grass, hay, or other forage crops. This is especially useful for livestock operations.
Baling: Farmers can use the tractor to operate balers for hay or straw, creating compact and manageable bales for storage and feeding.
Loader Work: Equipped with a front-end loader, the tractor is capable of tasks such as material handling, loading/unloading, and lifting heavy objects on the farm.

How Much Does a John Deere 5100E Cost?

Here are examples of new and used John Deere 5100Es for sale through FleetNow:

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Where Can I Find A John Deere 5100E For Sale?

John Deere 5100Es can be bought through online marketplaces, like FleetNow, a heavy equipment dealer like Ag-Pro, or local dealers which can be found through the Dealer Locator page on John Deere’s website.

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Here’s A Review of the John Deere 5100E:

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