If you are looking for a transportable air compressor that is long lasting, reliable and powerful, then you will want to check out Kaeser compressor for sale. Kaeser compressors are the perfect compressor to add to your fleet with their longevity and dependable performance. Kaeser makes a large variety of portable air compressors so read below to find out which is perfect for you.

What is a Kaeser Compressor?

Kaesar makes a large variety of different air compressors but we are going to focus on Kaeser’s 50 to 1600 cfm portable air compressors. Kaeser portable air compressors are available in a wide range of sizes and pressures and are perfect for many uses. This includes: sandblasting, pavement breaking, and general air equipment use. Customization is easy and they can meet virtually any demand. Kaesar compressors are extremely user friendly, cost efficient and reliable making the Kaeser compressor a great edition to your fleet.


Free Air Delivery: 50 cfm

Pressure: 100 psig

Engine: Honda GX630

Power: 14.8 hp

Weight: 445 pounds


Free Air Delivery: 60 cfm/35 cfm

Pressure: 100 psig/217 psig

Engine: Honda GX630

Power: 17.4 hp

Weight: 450 pounds


Free Air Delivery: 92 cfm

Pressure: 100 psig

Engine: Kutota D1105-B

Power: 21 hp

Weight: 1,267 pounds


Free Air Delivery: 100 cfm

Pressure: 100 psig

Engine: Kubota Diesel

Power: 22 hp

Weight: 13,000 pounds


Free Air Delivery: 185 cfm

Pressure: 100 psig

Engine: Kuota D1803CR-T

Power: 43 hp

Weight: 1,920 pounds


Free Air Delivery: 195-295 cfm

Pressure: 100 psig

Engine: Kubota V 3307-CR-T

Power: 73 hp

Weight: 1,580 pounds


Free Air Delivery:  360-405 cfm

Pressure: 100-205 psig

Engine: Deutz 3.6L4

Power: 114 hp

Weight: 4,462 pounds


Free Air Delivery: 340-405 cfm

Pressure: 125-205 psig

Engine:Deutz TCD 4.1.L04

Power: 121 hp

Weight: 4,580 pounds


Free Air Delivery: 405-550 cfm

Pressure: 125-205 psig

Engine: Deutz TCD 6.1.L06

Power: 145 hp

Weight: 6,278 pounds


Free Air Delivery: 696-900 cfm

Pressure: 125-205 psig

Engine: Cummins B6.7

Power: 259 hp

Weight: 7,214 pounds


Free Air Delivery: 100-150 cfm

Pressure: 1340-1600 psig

Engine: Caterpillar C 18

Power: 600 hp

Weight: 26,235 pounds

Where are Kaeser compressors made?

Kaeser Kompressorenis one of the world’s top, leading manufacturers and providers of compressed air products. The company was established in 1919 as a machine workshop, but currently Kaeser has two manufacturing sites in Germany.

Kaeser Compressors, Inc. was established in 1982 with it’s headquarters located in Fredericksburg, Virginia to serve the United States compressor market. Kaeser has different branch locations and distribution partners located throughout the United States.

What engine does Kaeser use?

Kaeser uses a variety of different engines for it’s portable air compressors including Caterpillar, Kubota and Cummins engines. Kaesar also has a wide variety of both diesel powered air compressors and electric air compressors.

How much are Kaeser compressors?

Kaeser portable, air compressors can cost anywhere from $2,000 to over $30,000 depending on the free air delivery, engine, horsepower and capacity.

What is the life expectancy of Kaeser compressors?

If you take proper care of your Kaeser compressor, the compressor should have a life expectancy of 10-15 years with routine maintenance.

Kaeser Compressor for sale

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