Katy, TX — KOBELCO Construction Machinery USA is pleased to introduce the enhanced ED160BR-7 Blade Runner excavator model in North America.

The next-generation ED160BR-7 is an innovative machine that is unique to KOBELCO and provides unmatched versatility. It is a combination of both a short radius excavator and a dozer, which enables customers to have two machines in one.

Unlike most excavators, this 105 hp, 37,000 lb. model is equipped with more than just a backfill blade; a patented six-way large capacity dozer blade with folding edges makes the ED160BR-7 an easy-to-transport machine that is unique to the market.

The dozer blade boasts power, angle, tilt and lift capability, making the ED160BR-7 ideal for site preparation and slope grading jobs.

To demonstrate KOBELCO’s commitment to quality, the ED160BR-7 will include a 4-year or 4,000-hour standard factory warranty with KOMEXS Telematics.

KOBELCO Introduces New Blade Runner

Performance advancements allow the ED160BR-7 to deliver greater efficiency and productivity as well as increased power and speed than its predecessor.

This upgraded model boasts a dynamic digging force of 24,800 lbs. to achieve leading-class work volume.

A zero-tail swing radius and long digging reach capabilities provide a broad working range and easy maneuverability, while a top-of-class digging depth of 19’ and impressive swing speed of 11 rpm shorten cycle times by ~10%.

Equipped with a new Tier IV Final engine that increases power output by ~10%, the ED160BR-7 maintains superior productivity and efficiency, even while working at high power levels, lifting heavy loads, or traveling on steep grades.

KOBELCO’s exclusive independent travel feature allows the ED160BR-7 to move, lift and swing simultaneously without experiencing loss of power. And, a strong drawbar pulling force enables the ED160BR-7 to tackle steep and rough terrain with ease.

The KOBELCO ED160BR-7 is equipped with enhanced multifunction capabilities, including an attachment selection system with adjustable flow-rate presets for the bucket, breaker, nibbler and thumb. This attachment selection system allows the operator to change tools quickly and easily. Mode settings for other attachments, such as a tilt rotator, can be easily added or changed.When it comes to comfort, the ED160BR-7 offers intuitive operation and comprehensive safety. This KOBELCO machine comes standard with an ergonomic lever and Grammer air ride suspension seat to reduce operating force and fatigue.

The ED160BR-7 also boasts various cab features, including an optimized control layout with a new jog dial and 10-inch color monitor. An unfastened seatbelt indicator, and built-in rear, left and right-side cameras with a customizable split-screen display function to enhance operator awareness and jobsite safety.Maintenance on the ED160BR-7 is easy and cost efficient.

Remote diagnostic and preventive maintenance systems utilize the latest IT innovations to improve operating product lifecycle costs. Easy access to maintenance data from the operation management system greatly improves ease of maintenance scheduling and ensures a long service life. Operators can expect extended service intervals when it comes to engine oil, hydraulic oil, filter changes and greasing.KOBELCO Construction Machinery USA offers industry-leading crawler excavators in the 3,000 lb. to 185,000 lb. classes including zero tail swing, compact, standard, long reach, high and wide undercarriages, mass excavation, auto recycling and demolition models. Well-known as the excavator authority, KOBELCO is committed to producing quality machines with advanced productivity-boosting features and innovative technologies. With premier capabilities such as no time limit power boost and exclusive independent travel, KOBELCO machines ensure superior performance and efficiency for the toughest worksite challenges.

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