Kubota Mini Excavators Buyer’s Guide: Digging Up Deals

Finding the right equipment can make all the difference between a job well done and one full of challenges. When it comes to compact and efficient digging power, Kubota mini excavators stand out as top contenders. With 15 models to choose from, you will definitely find a Kubota mini excavator to fit your specific needs!

About Kubota Mini Excavators

Kubota was first established in 1890 and introduced the first kerosene engine for use in the agricultural market in 1922. Since then, Kubota has been dedicated to producing high-quality equipment for customers. Kubota prides themselves on constant evolution and innovation. According Shingo Hanada, Kubota’s President and CEO, “Kubota stands for quality, reliability and durability and we will never compromise in the foundation of our heritage that made us into who we are today.”

What Can Kubota Mini Excavators Be Used For?

Kubota mini excavators are versatile machines designed to perform a wide variety of tasks. Some common uses for Kubota mini excavators include:

Digging & Trenching

Material Handling
Utility Maintenance

Ditch Cleaning & Maintenance
Cemetery Work

Kubota Mini Excavators Specs

Kubota K008-5 Mini Excavator

Kubota KX018-4 Mini Excavator

Kubota KX030-4 Mini Excavator

Kubota KX033-4 Mini     Excavator

Kubota KX040-4 6-in-1 Blade. Mini Excavator

Kubota KX040-4 Mini     Excavator

Kubota KX057-5 Mini Excavator

Kubota KX080-4 Mini Excavator

Kubota U10-5 Mini Excavator

Kubota U17 Mini Excavator

Kubota U25S Mini Excavator

Kubota U27-4 Mini Excavator

Kubota U35-4 Mini Excavator

Kubota U48-5 Mini Excavator

Kubota U55-5 Mini Excavator

Kubota Mini Excavator Attachments

The variety of attachments that can be used with Kubota mini excavators is what makes these machine so versatile. Some common attachments that can be used with Kubota mini excavators include:

Augers & Trenchers
Blades & Scrapers

Cutters & Shredders
Forks & Spears

Plate Compactors
Rakes & Tillers

Snow Attachments
AG Attachments
Steel Tracks

Kubota Mini Excavator Warranty

As part of our commitment to quality and reliability, Kubota provides comprehensive warranty coverage on every new Kubota. The Kubota Tractor Corporation Warranty Department provides customers coverage and support through a network of more than 1,100 authorized Kubota dealers nationally. Any necessary repairs and claims are conducted by and administered through this network of authorized Kubota dealers.

Click here to download Kubota’s Warranty Guide for more information.

How Much Do Used Kubota Mini Excavators Cost?

Here are some examples of Kubota mini excavators for sale through FleetNow:

Where Can I Find Kubota Mini Excavators For Sale?

Kubota mini excavators can be bought through online marketplaces, like FleetNow, heavy equipment dealers like Herc Rentals and Integra Supply Corp., or local dealers, which can be found through the “Find A Dealer” page on Kubota’s website.

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Here’s A Video Detailing Kubota’s Smallest Mini Excavator: KX008-5:


How much does a Kubota KX040-4 cost?

A 2023 Kubota KX040-4 can cost anywhere form $74,000 – $80,000.

How much does a Kubota K008-5 cost?

A Kubota K008-5 costs on average about $20,000.

How much should I pay for a mini excavator?

Depending on brand, model, size, year and condition, mini excavators can be priced as low as $10,000 and as high as over $100,000.

How often should I service my Kubota mini excavator?

Keeping up with maintenance is essential. You should change engine oil and filters roughly every 200 hours. Visit Kubota’s Maintenance Check Points page for more service recommendations.

What kind of warranty does Kubota offer for its mini excavator?

Every new Kubota product comes with a standard warranty coverage of 2 months / 2,000 hours. Intended coverage is also available. Visit Kubota’s Warranty page for more information.

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