Kubota Mini Skid Steers: Small Size, Big Impact 

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. Kubota mini skid steers are great examples of where compact size meets colossal impact. Kubota mini skid steers can tackle a variety of tasks with ease. Whether you’re a construction professional, a landscaping enthusiast, or simply curious about the latest innovations in the field, you will see the small size and big impact of Kubota’s mini skid steers.

About Kubota Mini Skid Steers

Kubota was established in 1890 and continues to be a chosen brand among customers in the market for various types of equipment. Kubota produces many products including tractors, mowers, utility vehicles and construction equipment, such as their mini skid steer. Kubota prides themselves on high-quality equipment that will help you get your jobs done efficiently.

What Can A Kubota Mini Skid Steer Be Used For?

Kubota mini skid steers are versatile machines designed to perform a wide variety of tasks. Some common uses for Kubota mini skid steers include:

Excavating and digging foundations
Demolition work
Planting and seeding

Snow and ice removal
Stall and barn cleaning
Material handling and lifting

Soil and mulch spreading
Grading and leveling
Landscaping and gardening tasks

Kubota Mini Skid Steer Specs

Kubota currently has 1 model of their mini skid steer.

Kubota SCL1000:

The SCL1000, compact in size, packed with performance and features. The SCL1000 features a wide 9.8-inch track that comes standard on the narrow, 36-inch machine. Boasting a powerful 24.8 horsepower turbo-charged Kubota diesel engine, this machine is able to handle all those tough tasks and materials. Precision engineered with cushioned loader boom cylinders and an adjustable platform suspension system; this machine is determined to increase operator comfort for maximum productivity.

How Much Does a Used Kubota Mini Skid Steer Cost?

Here are some examples of used Kubota mini skid steers for sale through FleetNow:

FleetNow Kubota
FleetNow Kubota
FleetNow Kubota

Where Can I Find a Kubota Mini Skid Steer For Sale?

Used Kubota mini skid steers can be bought through online marketplaces, like FleetNow, a heavy equipment dealer like Herc Rentals, or local dealers which can be found through the “Find A Dealer” page on Kubota’s website.

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Visit this online marketplace for Kubota Mini Skid Steers.

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Here Rentals sells Kubota mini skid steers.

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Kubota website will help you find Kubota Mini Skid Steers near you.

Here is a Review of the Kubota SCL1000:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Kubota make a mini skid steer?

Yes, Kubota currently offers one mini skid steer model: Kubota SCL1000.

What is the difference between the Kubota SCL1000 and the Bobcat MT100?

The Kubota SCL1000 and the Bobcat MT100 are similar machines in terms of specs. Both the Kubota SCL1000 and the Bobcat MT100 have rated operating capacities of 1,000 lbs. Some differences include fuel tank capacity, travel and speed. The Kubota SCL1000 has a 7.75 gallon fuel tank capacity, while the Bobcat MT100 has a 7 gallon fuel tank capacity. The Kubota SCL1000 has a travel speed of 4.9 mph while the Bobcat MT100 has a travel speed of only 4.1 mph. View both Kubota and Bobcat mini skid steers for sale here.

How long do Kubota mini skid steers last?

With proper maintenance and operation, Kubota mini skid steers offer a general lifespan of around 5,000 hours.

Is a mini skid steer good investment?

Mini skid steers are good investments as they are versatile pieces of equipment that can be used to perform a wide range of tasks. Consider purchasing a used mini skid steer to save on upfront costs.

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