If you are looking for a Liebherr telehandler for sale, we will break down the current models and pricing in this article!

Liebherr telehandlers are storage site machinery designed to perform a wide array of tasks.Similar to a forklift, these efficient hydraulic machines are made to help organize, stack, and move heavy loads, especially in tight storage spaces.

With excellent mobility and variable acceleration, these telehandlers are ideal for quickly finishing projects regardless of space limitations.

Liebherr telehandlers have high load capacities and high performance parts. Along with the telehandlers’ ease of use, these characteristics make them indispensable for quick, reliable work.

Are Liebherr Telehandlers Good?

Liebherr is one of the leading producers of construction machinery throughout the world, and it’s not hard to see why. Liebherr telehandlers show their virtues as powerful, maneuverable machines, with powerful operating hydraulics that make transporting large quantities of material simple and efficient.

LIebherr telehandler cabins are comfortable, spacious, and offer an all-around view of the operator’s surroundings. This makes it a productive workplace that possesses ergonomic controls for relaxed operation. Stepless acceleration via hydrostatic drive combined with high maneuverability keep workflow quick even in tighter spaces.

What Telehandlers Does Liebherr Make?

Liebherr telescopic handlers are manufactured in a number of versions. These machines come with lifting heights that range from 7 up to 13 meters. Their lift capacities range from 3.2 to 5 tons.

Liebherr T 32-7

Maximum lift capacity: 3,200 kg

Maximum lift height: 6,925 mm

Engine tier: 100 kW/136 HP

Liebherr T 35-6

Maximum lift capacity: 3,500 kg

Maximum lift height: 6,132 mm

Engine tier: 100 kW/136 HP

Liebherr T46-7s

Maximum lift capacity: 4,600 kg

Maximum lift height: 7,032 mm

Engine tier: 100 kW/136 HP

Liebherr T 60-9s

Maximum lift capacity: 6000 kg

Maximum lift height: 8,870 mm

Engine tier: 115 kW/156 HP

Liebherr T 36-7s

Maximum lift capacity: 3,600 kg

Maximum lift height: 6,925 mm

Engine tier: 100 kW/136 HP

Liebherr T 41-7

Maximum lift capacity: 4,100 kg

Maximum lift height: 6,925 mm

Engine tier: 100 kW/136 HP

Liebherr T 33-10

Maximum lift capacity: 3,300 kg

Maximum lift height: 9,747 mm

Engine tier: 100 kW/136 HP

Liebherr T 32-7s

Maximum lift capacity: 3,200 kg

Maximum lift height: 6,925 mm

Engine tier: 100 kW/136 HP

How Much Do Liebherr Telehandlers Cost?

Because of their high quality, maneuverability, and durability, these machines can represent a substantial investment. Smaller used models can be upwards of $85,000 while larger or newer models can cost $300,000 and beyond.

How Much Does a Liebherr Telehandler Weigh?

Liebherr telehandlers weigh varying amounts depending on the model. The T 60-9S weighs 11,700 kg and the T 55-7s weighs just a bit less at 11,500 kg, but the much smaller TL 441-7 only weighs in at about 6,578 kg.

What’s the Biggest Liebherr Telehandler?

At 11,700 kg or 25,794 lbs, the T 60-9S is the largest telehandler manufactured by Liebherr. It can lift up to 6000 kg (roughly 13,227 lbs) and may reach as high as 8,870 mm, or about 29 ft.

Where are Liebherr Telehandlers Made?

Though the company is based in Bulle, Switzerland, Liebherr manufactures its machinery in Telfs, Austria. This factory has long crafted pipe layers, crawler loaders, and crawler tractors, as well as telescoping handlers. The plant prepares Liebherr telehandlers for serial production and produces them in a separate production line.

Who owns Liebherr?

Liebherr is owned by Liebherr Group, a decentralized organization made up of 13 distinct product segments. Liebherr Group’s top management is its shareholders’ committee. This committee is made up solely of Liebherr family members who inherited the company from its founder, Dr. Hans Liebherr.

The company is one of the biggest manufacturers of construction equipment in the world, providing machines and materials for work sites in countless countries.

Liebherr Telehandlers For Sale

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