Looking for a boom lift that will fit all your construction needs? Finding Manitou boom lifts for sale can be a challenge if you’re in the market for a machine that can reach higher than a scissor lift and around obstacles. Our vendors often offer the two basic types of Manitou Boom lifts for sale—articulating and telescoping. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of the performance abilities of our boom lifts and an answer to all your burning questions about our Manitou boom lifts for sale.

What is a Manitou Boom Lift?

A boom lift is a machine designed to raise a person, usually one, to a great height for construction or maintenance work. They’re equipped with a hydraulic arm that extends a small cabin upward from the body of the vehicle. Other names for the vehicle include cherry picker, bucket truck, and AWP (aerial work platform). They’re vital for tasks like electric power line work and window installation, and Manitou lifts have all-terrain tires and suspension for use in rough environments.

Some boom lifts use arms that extend in a straight line with telescoping sections placed inside each other, while others have articulating arms that fold out and can bend around corners. Telescoping boom lifts can reach higher because their design allows them to fit more total boom length in one place, and articulating boom lifts are necessary when there’s work to be done in a high place that can’t be reached in a straight line from the ground.

A note on safety: when you’re using a boom lift, you’ll need to take note of the angle of the telescoping or articulating arm to make sure that it isn’t too far off from the vehicle’s center of weight. If it is, it could cause the machine to fall over. Boom lift operators also know to take note of the wind speed and conditions before attempting any job.

What Boom Lifts Does Manitou Make?

Here’s a handy overview of Manitou’s boom lift specifications:

Manitou AETJ 43

Working Height: 49′ 3″

Capacity: 500 lbs

Weight: 16,248 lbs

Electric Engine Power: 2 x 4.50 kW

Manitou AETJ 49

Working Height: 55′ 5″

Capacity: 500 lbs

Weight: 15,642 lbs

Power: 2 x 4.50 kW

Manitou ATJ 46

Working Height: 52′ 6″

Capacity: 500 lbs

Weight: 13,342 lb

Power: Kubota – D1105-E4B 24.8 Hp

Manitou ATJ 46+

Working Height: 52′ 6″

Capacity: 899 lbs

Weight: 18,047 lbs

Power: Kubota – D1803-CR 24.8 Hp

Manitou ATJ 60

Working Height: 66′ 9″

Capacity: 500 lbs

Weight: 22,267 lbs

Power: Kubota – D1803-CR-TIE4B 42.90 Hp

Manitou MAN’GO33

Working Height: 39′ 1″

Capacity: 500 lbs

Weight: 9,149 lbs

Power: Kubota – D1105-E4B 24.80 Hp

Manitou TJ 65

Working Height: 72′ 2″

Capacity: 2 People

Weight: 26,125 lbs

Power: Kubota – D1803-DR-TIE4B 49.60 Hp

Manitou TJ 65+

Working Height: 72′ 2″

Capacity: 899 lbs

Weight: 29,983 lbs

Power: Kubota – D1803-DR-TIE4B 49.60 Hp

Manitou TJ 80+

Working Height: 84′ 5″

Capacity: 899 lbs

Weight: 35,946 lbs

Power: Kubota – D1803-DR-TIE4B 49.60 Hp

Manitou TJ 85

Working Height: 91′ 10″

Capacity: 529 lbs

Weight: 36,350 lbs

Power: Kubota – D1803-DR-TIE4B 49.60 Hp

Manitu VJR 26

Working Height: 10′ 4″

Capacity: 441 lbs

Weight: 5,842 lbs

Electric Pump Power: 3 kW

What is the Life Expectancy of a Manitou Boom Lift?

A boom lift can last quite a long time with the proper care—30 years of use is a good rule of thumb. Almost like a car’s odometer, boom lifts can have an hour meter that keeps track of the time a boom lift has been engaged, giving you a sense of the wear that the hydraulic system has seen.

The intensity of the use you put a boom lift through and whether it receives proper care is the biggest factor in the machine’s lifespan, not the actual age of the machine. A couple of years carrying heavy loads without any regard for maintenance can put a quick end to the life of a boom lift, but a lift that sees light use and proper care can last decades.

How Much is a Manitou?

The typical price range for a totally new boom lift for sale is $25,000 to $75,000. On the used market, expect to find machines between $20,000 and $40,000 in price. As for Manitou boom lifts specifically, here is a selection of boom lifts for sale that should give you a sense of the typical price for a new machine—the prices range from $49,000 to $75,900.

Where are Manitou Boom Lifts Made?

Manitou’s manufacturing operations for the USA market are based in the USA with plants in Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Texas. Manitou is a French company that purchased the American-founded company Gehl in 2008, and their facilities in the USA have been under the same company’s ownership ever since.

Manitou Boom Lift For Sale

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