Looking to buy a MCT Scissor Lift? Read on to learn about the various types of MCT lifts.

What is an MCT scissor lift?

The MCT scissor lift is a Mobile Elevated Working Platform and it is built for maintenance work. This includes repairing and performing maintenance on airplanes. There are a variety of models for sale, ranging from the Generation I type to the Generation II type. MCT scissor lifts have been used by the U.S. Military since 1973.

Are MCT scissor lifts good?

It is also important to evaluate the quality of MCT scissor lifts. An MCT Scissor Lift For Sale is in fact a high-quality machine. You can tell this by the fact that MCT received a contract from the United States Air Force in 1990 to redesign the Universal Maintenance Stand.

Additionally, MCT got another contract from the United States Air Force in 2009 to redesign their Generation I UMS models. MCT scissor lifts also have good reviews on multiple websites. Even older MCT scissor lifts regularly sell well at various online auctions.

What scissor lifts does MCT make?

MCT manufactures the Universal Maintenance Stand, which is also known as the Universal Maintenance Platform. They have made this model for quite some time now. This model is designed to allow maintenance crews at both the depot and aircraft field level to perform aircraft maintenance and service on mostly wide-body aircraft. A few examples of this type of aircraft are bombers, dignitary support aircraft, ISR aircraft, and cargo aircraft.

As previously stated, there are two generations of this scissor lift model. Both generations of this model are still used by all USAF Major Commands in the world. Read on for the specifications of this model:

  • Maximum lift height: 36 feet
  • Maximum lift weight capacity: 2000 pounds
  • Machine weight: 17,000 pounds
  • Power source: Diesel/electric

How much does an MCT scissor lift cost?

The price of an MCT Scissor Lift For Sale can vary a bit, depending on where you get the model. However, a used Generation I Universal Maintenance Stand from MCT typically costs roughly $1,000-$1,500, depending on the listing. Of course, a Generation II MCT scissor lift that is new will cost more than that. Based on the cost of other similar scissor lifts, an MCT scissor lift will likely cost you at least $20,000. Since the MCT scissor lift is 36 feet high, it is more expensive and $20,000 is typically the lowest price you will find.

How much does an MCT scissor lift weigh?

The Universal Maintenance Stand made by MCT is one of the larger scissor lifts available on the market. You can see that reflected in its weight. The total weight of the Universal Maintenance Stand from MCT is 17,000 pounds. This is much larger than many other similar scissor lifts available on the market. This difference in weight is likely due to the fact that the Universal Maintenance Stand was designed to allow maintenance crews to perform maintenance and service on a variety of military aircraft.

Who owns MCT?

The owner of MCT Industries, Inc, is Ted Martinez. He is also the founder of MCT Industries, Incorporated. MCT headquarters are located in the city of Albuquerque in the state of New Mexico. Its headquarters have been located in Albuquerque since being founded in 1973.

It is also worth pointing out that there are two companies that are both a part of MCT. The first is MCT Industries, Incorporated, as previously mentioned. The second is MCT Manufacturing, LLC. The current president of MCT is Claudine Martinez and she is also the current General Counsel of MCT.

Where are MCT scissor lifts made?

Despite the fact that MCT scissor lifts are used in USAF Major Commands all across the world, MCT is actually a smaller company than you might expect. As previously mentioned, its headquarters are located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. MCT manufactures all of its scissor lifts in the United States. MCT scissor lifts are made at the 80,000 square foot MCT manufacturing facility. However, this is not the only production facility that MCT has. MCT also has another facility designed for ramp-up production that is 50,000 square feet.

Can two people be on an MCT scissor lift?

The maximum lift weight capacity for the Universal Maintenance Stand is 2,000 pounds. As a result, it is safe to say that the Universal Maintenance Stand can handle two people at once. However, the Universal Maintenance Stand is only rated for two people at once at most. For optimal safety, it is best if no more than two people are on the Universal Maintenance Stand at once.

MCT Scissor Lift For Sale

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