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What Is a MEC Boom Lift?

A MEC boom lift is a machine with a telescopic extension or an articulating arm for lifting workers or materials. It is popular in utility and construction applications.

A boom lift is a type of aerial lift that differs from a scissor lift in its design and function.

Unlike the scissor lift, this machine features a hydraulic arm to maneuver around obstacles. You can quickly angle the arm in various directions to access the hard-to-reach sections.

It can also extend to higher places to meet your needs when accessing elevated points. A boom lift can lift higher than a scissor lift, making it the better option when dealing with greater elevation.

A boom lift comes with a large platform at the end of the mast to deliver stability and comfort. The machine has different models with varying lifting capacities. You can find boom lifts with working heights ranging between 34 feet and 65 feet. A boom lift also supports indoor and outdoor applications, enhancing convenience when handling tasks in different settings.

Types of MEC Boom Lifts

Aside from the comparison with a scissor lift, you can find two types of MEC boom lifts available. The first kind is the telescopic models that typically have straight arms and higher weight capacities. However, their extension mechanism makes it challenging to maneuver.

The second type is the articulating machines incorporating arms that bend. This flexibility means you can conveniently move the bucket around items. Thus, you do not need to adjust your workstation constantly by moving obstacles for the boom loft to operate.

MEC makes different boom lifts integrated with ergonomic features to deliver optimal operations. These include:

1. Performance

Their performance features include turntable rotation that enables the platforms to move from 180 degrees to more than 300 degrees. They also have fully-proportional lift and drive controls for better maneuverability.

MEC boom lifts incorporate oscillating rear and front axles that facilitate frame leveling ability. They also feature dual rear and front stabilizers to enhance balance, safety, and precision. The machines’ high ground clearance lets you navigate different worksites and uneven terrain.

MEC uses powerful engines to run the boom lifts, letting you enjoy efficient and effective performances. They also come with ergonomic arms in articulated or telescopic designs that allow you to reach greater heights. The working heights range between 34 feet and 65 feet. These selections enable you to choose a MEC boom lift that matches your work needs.

2. Control System

MEC boom lifts have a triple joystick interface for better maneuverability. The machines also have filly proportional multi-function controls for increased convenience during operation. These systems let you enhance your control to run the boom lift safely with excellent balance.

3. Safety

The MEC boom lifts incorporate emergency shutoff functions in the lower controls, platform, and chassis. This system enables you to prevent overloading and short-circuit issues during prolonged utility. It also comes with engine shutdown protection on its models for added convenience.

MEC includes a tilt horn and alarm, ensuring you know when the machine is in a dangerous position. The warning also helps you maintain proper load on the device and avoid accidentally overloading it.

In addition, MEC broom lifts have multi-axis tilt sensors that monitor the load limits. It presents another safety feature that prevents inadvertent overloading.

These machines come with a standard automotive horn to improve safety and communication around the workstation. You can prevent accidents with personnel working around the boom lift with the hooting.

MEC boom lifts feature a four-wheel SAHR braking system for enhanced safety. This safety function lets you move around tricky settings, including rough terrain, busy worksites, and slopes. You can rely on the responsive braking system to improve control and navigation.

4. Platform

MEC boom lifts have sizeable platforms that can measure up to 90 inches. You can comfortably stand in the work area without losing your balance. It also allows you to carry plenty of loads at a time.

The machines have many loading capacities, ranging between 500 and 4,000 pounds. This high capacity lets you lift heavy items without concerns about breaking or collapsing components.

So, what models can you get when looking at a MEC boom lift for sale?

What Boom Lifts Does MEC Make?

MEC 34-J Telescopic Diesel

Working Height: 34 feet

Capacity: 500 pounds

Weight: 8,000 pounds

Power: Kubota D1105 Tier 4 Final

MEC 45-AJ Articulated Diesel

Working Height: 45 feet

Capacity: 500 pounds

Weight: 16,380 pounds

Power: 48 Horsepower Kubota Diesel Engine

MEC 45-J Telescopic Diesel

Working Height: 45 feet

Capacity: 600 pounds

Weight: 14,100 pounds

Power: Kubota V1505 Tier 4

MEC 60-J Telescopic Diesel

Working Height: 60 feet

Capacity: 600 pounds

Weight: 19,300 pounds

Power: 50 Horsepower Kubota Tier 4 Final

MEC 65-J Telescopic Diesel

Working Height: 65 feet

Capacity: 600 pounds

Weight: 21,800 pounds

Power: 50 Horsepower Kubota Tier 4 Final

MEC Titan 40-S Telescopic Diesel

Working Height: 40 feet

Capacity: 4,000 pounds

Weight: 24,250 pounds

Power: 74 Horsepower Kubota Tier 4 Final

MEC Titan 60-S Telescopic Diesel

Working Height: 60 feet

Capacity: 3,000 pounds

Weight: 40,000 pounds

Power: 74 Horsepower Kubota Tier 4 Final Turbo

How High Do MEC Boom Lifts Go?

MEC boom lifts offer different lifting heights, ranging from 34 feet to 65 feet. The brand has seven models available with varying working heights. For instance, the 34-J telescopic diesel reaches 34 feet and has the lowest reach of all the options. The Titan 40-S telescopic diesel offers the second-lowest height at 40 feet.

The 45-AJ articulated diesel and the 45-J telescopic diesel lift materials or workers up to 45 feet. You can access areas at 60 feet using the 60-J telescopic diesel and the Titan 60-S telescopic diesel models. MEC provides its highest working height via the 65-J telescopic diesel that reaches 65 feet.

How Long Do MEC Lifts Last?

MEC boom lifts feature sturdy and durable constructions that serve your demands for years. Besides, the company offers quality support to customers via experienced staff, helping you find parts you may need. You can also get genuine components for MEC machines, making it easier to repair and maintain your boom lift. Your maintenance routine plays a significant role in determining how long your MEC lift can last.

Who Owns MEC Aerial Work Platforms?

In 1976, MEC created a reputation for designing and producing a high-quality selection of scissor lifts. The Equipment Parts Wholesale owners acquired the Aerial Work Platform Division of MEC in 2002. These current owners moved the company from Mayville, Wisconsin, to California.

The brand formed the CMEC in 2004 to build on the MEC legacy. It manufactured the first MEC Titan Boom 40-S in 2010. After that, MEC continued its boom line by introducing the 60-foot Titan Boom 60-S in 2012.

It produced the 60-J Straight Boom Lift with electric and diesel models in 2015. MEC made the 45-AJ Articulated Boom Lift in 2018, with the 65-J and 45-J Diesel Booms coming in 2019.

Where Are MEC Lifts Made?

MEC initially began making its lifts in Mayville, Wisconsin. It shifted its offices to California after the 2002 acquisition by the Equipment Parts Wholesale owners. The company has several factories in different countries that produce MEC-brand products.

Notably, MEC is the pioneer of the pothole protection system. All slab machine manufacturers adopted this innovation, integrating it into their machines.

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