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What Is a Sany Telehandler?

A Sany telehandler is a machine hybrid of a crane and a forklift. It features a sizeable crane-like arm that extends to considerable heights while looking and functioning like a forklift. The term “telehandler” is an abbreviation of the machine’s other name, “telescopic handler.”

The Sany telehandler is ideal for farming and construction sites. Its durability and sturdiness enable you to lift heavy materials and items to high places like rooftops. In addition, the machine has a flexible attachment head that lets you interchange accessories.

You can change the attachment heads to address different work demands. Besides, you can fit the telehandler with a workman’s cabin or basket and lift people to hard-to-reach spots.

Are Sany Telehandlers Good?

Sany telehandlers are good because they merge the functions and design of a forklift and crane for an excellent performance. This design offers multiple benefits to satisfy construction and agricultural applications. It is essential to weigh these advantages when seeking a Sany telehandler for sale, helping you make an informed decision.

Some advantages you can expect from the machine include:

  • Versatility

Versatility is one of the most significant benefits you can get from a Sany telehandler. The machine features an interchangeable design that enables you to switch the heads according to your needs. Thus, you can tackle multiple tasks with the telehandler providing a one-stop solution at your worksite.

  • On and Off-Road Utility

A telehandler has four-wheel drive functionality to facilitate smooth and efficient navigation on rough terrain. The tires deliver excellent traction, and their size enhances stability.

You can rely on these qualities to maneuver confined spaces and uneven surfaces. They also enable convenient movement on typical roads, making telehandlers perfect for urban and rural applications.

  • Lower Cost

The telehandler’s versatile design helps lower operation costs you would otherwise incur using a typical vehicle. For instance, the interchangeable attachment heads mean you avoid buying a separate machine to match specific accessories. You also move large loads using its high lifting capacity, saving labor costs and time per cycle.

  • Better Safety

Improved safety is another reason to consider looking at a Sany telehandler for sale. The machine has a high lifting power, safely allowing you to execute complicated manual lifting.

Additionally, most telehandlers come with stabilizers that let you operate the machine steadily, even on sloping grounds. The operator manual in the package means you can learn how to use the telehandler with systematic instructions.

  • Enhanced Productivity

Sany telehandlers have a high-load capacity that boosts productivity. You can move heavy loads per cycle over considerable heights and lengths. This efficiency is one of the reasons telehandlers are popular in the agricultural and construction industries.

What Telehandlers Does Sany Make?

Sany makes modern and effective telehandlers to suit various industries, such as the construction and agricultural sectors. This company produces two models; STH1056A and STH1256A.

They incorporate a durable construction, withstanding more than 10,000 laps around a rough terrain test course. Both models also passed the loading test on the lift structure by carrying over 20,000-cycles of a full rated load.

Sany integrated an ergonomic design, letting you view all four tires from your seat without obstructed visibility behind the machine. STH1056A and STH1256A have standard features for convenience and safety. These include LED work lights, a lifting hook, a flashing beacon, and a reverse sensing system. They also have a fluid level check and a side-mounted engine, making maintenance easier.

Sany STH1056A

Maximum Lift Capacity: 10,000 pounds

Maximum Lift Height: 56 feet, 2 inches

Engine Tier: Tier 4

Sany STH1256A

Maximum Lift Capacity: 12,000 pounds

Maximum Lift Height: 56 feet, 2 inches

Engine Tier: Tier 4

How Much Do Sany Telehandlers Cost?

The price tag is among the most significant factors to consider when looking at a Sany telehandler for sale. New telehandlers typically cost anywhere from $70,000 to $150,000 or more. In addition, you can find some used options to meet your telehandler demands.

The used models can charge between $143,500 and $165,000. It is necessary to note that the price tags for the used telehandlers depend on certain factors. Your charging rate varies depending n the product’s year of production and hours used.

For example, you can expect lower costs if the machine is older and has plenty of hours. On the contrary, you can find a higher price tag when the telehandler has a recent manufacture date and more used hours.

Generally, the more hours the machine has, the lower the cost. A 2022 Sany STH1256A used for two hours goes for around $161,900. In contrast, a 2021 Sany STH1056A used for 12 hours charges about $149,042.

How Much Does a Sany Telehandler Weigh?

Telehandlers come in various sizes and weights, ranging from 4,000 pounds to 15,000 pounds or more. Sany’s STH1056A weighs 33,290 pounds, while STH1256A has a 35,494-pound weight. Sany specializes in heavy machinery manufacturing, producing the larger telehandler types.

What’s the Biggest Sany Telehandler?

The two models made by Sany share similar measurements, although STH1256A has slightly bigger dimensions than STH1056A. Both feature a maximum forward reach of 42 feet and 11 inches. They also have a maximum lift height of 56 feet and 2 inches.

However, STH1256A has a stowed height of 8 feet and 5 inches. The latter’s stowed height is 8 feet and 4 inches. STH1256A’s width also measures 8 feet and 6 inches, while STH1056A’s width is an inch shorter. The former is approximately 2,000-pounds heavier than the latter, weighing 35,494 pounds.

Where Are Sany Telehandlers Made?

Sany makes its telehandlers in Peachtree City, Georgia. The company’s facility features an impressive building that houses a massive transformer-style robot. Sany’s manufacturing teams incorporate members with diversity and depth of experience to deliver quality telehandlers for your needs.

Who Owns Sany?

Liang Wengen is the founder and major shareholder of Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. It is a Chinese multinational company that manufactures heavy equipment. Moreover, Sany is the fifth-largest engineering machinery manufacturer globally. It is the first business in China to enter the Forbes Global 2000 and the FT Global 500 rankings.

Sany America is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd, based in the United States. It focuses on the production, research and development, servicing, and sales of heavy industrial equipment.

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