Scissor Lift FAQs: Everything You Need to Know

Scissor lifts are indispensable tools in various industries, offering safe access to elevated workspaces. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding scissor lifts:

What is a scissor lift?

A scissor lift is a type of mobile elevated work platform used to provide temporary access to areas at heights. It consists of a platform supported by interlocking, crisscrossing steel supports that can be extended vertically to raise or lower the platform.

What are the primary uses of scissor lifts?

Scissor lifts are commonly used for tasks such as construction, maintenance, painting, installation, and repair work in various industries including construction, warehousing, manufacturing, and facilities management.

What are the different types of scissor lifts?

Scissor lifts come in various configurations, including electric, diesel, and rough terrain models. They can be categorized based on platform size, weight capacity, drive system, and application-specific features.

What safety precautions should be taken when operating a scissor lift?

Operators should always ensure that they are properly trained and familiar with the equipment. Pre-operation inspections should be performed to check for any defects or malfunctions. Following manufacturer guidelines, load capacity limits, and using personal protective equipment (PPE) such as harnesses and hard hats is essential. Operators should also avoid overhead hazards and unstable surfaces, never exceeding the maximum platform height or extending the platform beyond its limits. Below is a video showing how to safely operate a Genie Scissor Lift:

What are the benefits of using a scissor lift?

Scissor lifts offer increased efficiency and productivity in accessing elevated work areas. They provide enhanced safety compared to ladders or scaffolding and versatility in maneuverability, especially in tight spaces. Scissor lifts can be used indoors and outdoors, depending on the model, and they reduce strain on workers by providing a stable platform for working at heights.

What maintenance is required for a scissor lift?

Regular inspections of hydraulic systems, electrical components, and structural integrity are necessary. Lubrication of moving parts according to manufacturer recommendations, prompt repair of any damages or malfunctions identified during inspections, and keeping records of maintenance activities are also essential.

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Can scissor lifts be used on uneven terrain?

Yes, some scissor lifts are designed for use on rough terrain and feature enhanced stability systems, such as oscillating axles or outriggers, to provide a level platform on uneven surfaces.

What are the regulations governing the use of scissor lifts?

Regulations vary by jurisdiction, but common requirements include operator training and certification, regular equipment inspections, adherence to manufacturer guidelines, and compliance with occupational health and safety standards.

How do I transport a scissor lift to and from job sites?

Scissor lifts can be transported on trailers or trucks equipped with loading ramps or hydraulic lift gates. Operators should ensure the transport vehicle can safely carry the scissor lift’s weight and dimensions and secure it properly with tie-down straps or chains during transit.

How do I choose the right scissor lift for my project?

Choosing the right scissor lift involves considering factors such as the maximum height required, platform size, weight capacity, terrain conditions, and power source (electric, diesel, or hybrid). It’s important to assess the specific needs of your project and consult with a reputable supplier or dealer for expert advice.

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How much does a scissor lift cost?

Scissor life prices can vary greatly based on make, model, year, hours and condition. Here are some examples of scissor lifts for sale through FleetNow:

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Where can I find a scissor lift for sale?

Scissor lifts can be purchased through online marketplaces, like FleetNow, or heavy equipment dealers like Aerial Titans, Lyon Lifts and United Lift Holdings.

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