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What is a Skyjack Boom Lift?

A Skyjack boom lift is any one of a variety of models of articulated or telescoping aerial boom lifts made by the Skyjack manufacturing corporation, a division of the Linamar Corporation of Guelph, Ontario.

Boom lifts can be either articulated or telescoping. An articulated lift has joints in the main boom which enable it to be positioned very precisely on the job site. In contrast, a telescoping lift has only a straight boom which can be extended. A telescoping boom lift cannot be positioned quite so precisely as an articulated boom lift. However, a telescoping boom lift can generally reach greater heights, and carry heavier loads, than a similarly-sized articulated boom lift.

What Boom Lifts does Skyjack Make?

Skyjack makes a variety of both articulated and telescoping boom lifts designed to fit a variety of workplace needs. Skyjack products are intended to be used in rugged and uneven sites, and to maneuver well in close areas Skyjack lifts are designed to be simple, and easily understood and maintained with ordinary tools.

Skyjack Articulated Booms

Skyjack SJ30 ARJE

Working Height: 35 feet, 6 inches

Capacity: 500 lbs.

Weight: 12,320 lbs/

Power: 48 volt electric

Skyjack SJ45 AJ+

Working Height: 51 feet

Capacity: 660 lbs.

Weight: 11,190 lbs.

Power: Kubota 24.8 HP diesel

Skyjack SJ46 AJ

Working Height: 52 feet, 3inches

Capacity: 660 lbs.

Weight: 13,200 lbs.

Power: Deutz 48 HP diesel or Kubota 61 HP dual fuel

Skyjack SJ60 AJ+

Working Height: 66 feet

Capacity: 660 lbs.

Weight: 18,865 lbs.

Power: Kubota 24.8 HP diesel

Skyjack SJ85 AJ

Working Height: 91 feet

Capacity: 500 lbs/

Weight: 37,400 lbs.

Power: 74 HP diesel

Skyjack Telescoping Booms

Skyjack SJ40T

Working Height: 46 feet, 7 inches

Capacity: 750 lbs.

Weight: 14,800 lbs

Power: Kubota 24 HP diesel

Skyjack SJ45T

Working Height: 51 feet, 1 inch.

Capacity: 660 lbs.

Weight: 15,780 lbs/

Power: Kubota 24 HP diesel

Skyjack SJ61T

Working Height: 67 feet, 8 inches

Capacity: 660 lbs.

Weight: 25,050 lbs.

Power: Deutz, 74 HP diesel, or Kubota 61 HP dual fuel

Skyjack SJ66T

Working Height: 72 feet, 3 inches.

Capacity: 660 lbs.

Weight: 27,745 lbs.

Power: Deutz, 74 HP diesel, or Kubota 61 HP dual fuel

Skyjack SJ82 T

Working Height: 88 feet

Capacity: 500 lbs.

Weight: 37,600 lbs.

Power: 74 HP diesel

Skyjack SJ86 T

Working Height: 92 feet

Capacity: 500 lbs.

Weight: 38,000 lbs

Power: 74 HP diesel

How much is a Skyjack lift?

The price of a Skyjack boom lift will depend on the model and options selected. There more features to a boom lift than simply the height it can reach, such as its carrying capacity, and its engine.

When shopping for a boom lift, you should consider the types of projects and job sites it will be working. You don’t want to pay extra for a boom lift that can go higher than any site you are likely to work on; the extra capacity will be wasted.

How long do Skyjack lifts last?

Skyjack sells its products based on their durability and ease of maintenance. Skyjack boom lifts are meant to be simple designs that can be worked on with ordinary tools. A boom lift that is regularly and properly cared for should last for decades of ordinary use on the job site.
Who owns Skyjack?

Skyjack was founded in 1985. Skyjack was acquired by the Linamar Corporation, based in Guelph, Ontario, in 2002. Skyjack has facilities in Illinois and Arizona. Linamar has numerous branches and facilities in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Where are Skyjack lifts made?

Skyjack manufactures, sells and services its products around the world. The company has manufacturing plants in Arizona, and in Guelph, Ontario, the headquarters of its parent company, Linamar.

Skyjack Boom Lift For Sale

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