Below is a comprehensive guide on SkyTrak telehandler for sale, including pricing and technical specifications.

Telehandlers are a fairly modern invention but quite indispensable on construction sites. If you’re considering getting one, SkyTrak telehandlers are the best selling brand in North America.These rough terrain forklift trucks can get construction materials and workers to different floors because they can reach variable lengths.

You can fit different attachments at the end of the boom to help place, move and lift materials like gravel, shingles, and lumber.

What is a SkyTrak Telehandler?

SkyTrak telehandlers are versatile machines specially built for movement and material handling on construction sites. Telescopic handlers can move, place and lift construction material using hydraulic arms. Additionally, powerful tier 4 engines enable them to move on rough terrain easily.

These versatile machines are multipurpose forklift trucks that accept different attachments to move, lift and place construction material like lumber, bricks, and gravel. They can adapt to perform various worksite tasks, including availing initial materials at the beginning, lifting suspended and palletized loads, and even participating in cleanups. All the above actions make SkyTrak telehandlers the first and the last machines to leave a construction site.

Are SkyTrak Telehandlers Good?

SkyTrak is not North America’s best-selling telehandler brand for nothing. Designed to provide utmost performance, versatile utility, and superb operator comfort, they deliver the best there is in the world of telehandlers. Every SkyTrak is engineered for improved function and features an integrated armrest, enhanced speeds, and a single multipurpose joystick for more effortless operation.

Every machine from SkyTrak is equipped with powerful Tier 4 engines strong enough to navigate the toughest terrains and leave a reduced carbon footprint. What’s more, high-use parts and other engine components are easily available, making repairs, possible maintenance, and pre-operations inspections more convenient than ever. In summary, SkyTrak telehandlers are optimal performance, enhanced productivity, and operator comfort combined.

What Telehandlers Does SkyTrak Make?

SkyTrak is a well-known construction equipment brand that manufactures several telehandler models. They include:

SkyTrak 3013

Maximum Lift Capacity: 2700 pounds

Maximum Lift Height: 13 feet, 1 inch

Engine Tier: Tier 4

SkyTrak 6036

Maximum Lift Capacity: 6000lb

Maximum Lift Height: 36 feet, 1 inch

Engine Tier: Tier 4

SkyTrak 6042

Maximum Lift Capacity: 6000lb

Maximum Lift Height:41 feet, 11 inches

Engine Tier: Tier 4

SkyTrak 8042

Maximum Lift Capacity: 8000lb

Maximum Lift Height: 41 feet, 11 inches

Engine Tier: Tier 4

SkyTrak 10042

Maximum Lift Capacity: 10000lb

Maximum Lift Height: 42 feet, 1 inch

Engine Tier: Tier 4

SkyTrak 10054

Maximum Lift Capacity: 10000lb

Maximum Lift Height: 53 feet, 2 inches

Engine Tier: Tier 4

SkyTrak 12054

Maximum Lift Capacity: 12000lb

Maximum Lift Height: 52 feet, 2 inches

Engine Tier: Tier 4

How Much Do SkyTrak Telehandlers Cost?

These machines have different prices depending on the year of production and whether it is new or second-hand. For instance, a used 2014 model will cost anywhere between $41,950 to $49,900. You will have to pay more for the newer versions—the older the model, the lower the price.

Here are sample prices;

SkyTrak 3013


SkyTrak 6042


SkyTrak 8042


SkyTrak 10042


SkyTrak 10054


SkyTrak 12054


How Much Does a Skytrak Telehandler Weigh?

You might wonder what the weight of a telehandler model you intend to buy is. You should always remember that the overall weight of a telehandler is directly related to its lifting capacity. The heavier the telehandler, the more the weight it can bear.

A second factor that affects the amount of weight the telehandler can lift is the angle at which the boom is located. A boom is an elongated arm that holds materials, workers, or any other arm extensions. The lower the boom angle, the less weight it can lift. For instance, a 180 degrees boom can only lift a paltry 400lbs (180kg), while a 60° angled boom can potentially lift 10,000lbs (4535kg).

Luckily for you, SkyTrak telehandlers have specific operating weights depending on the model. Operating weight is just the normal weight of a vehicle, that is, the total component weight plus the operator and the fuel. Here is a comprehensive list:

30135,300 lbs/ 2404.04 kg
603621300 lb / 9661.52 kg
804227100 lb / 12292.35 kg
1004227300 lb / 12383.07 kg
1005428200 lb / 12791.30 kg
1205430357 lb / 13769.70 kg

What’s the Biggest Skytrak Telehandler?

The Skytrak 12054 telehandler is the newest and the largest model from JLG Industries. The model features a single joystick functionality, can find its way through tight spaces, and can lift up to 12, 000 pounds. Below are key features and specifications.

Key Specifications

Max Lift Capacity: 5443.11kg/ 12000lb

Max Lift Height: 12.8m/ 42 ft

Max Lift Height: 16.21/53 ft 2 in.

Max Reach: 11.84m/ 38 ft 10 in.

Key Features

·Reduced operator fatigue because of the integrated armrest and single joystick functionality.

·Enhanced driver comfort due to a functional air conditioning system in the cabin.

·Incorporates a Stabil-Trak type stabilization system on the rear axle, boosting confidence when placing the load.

·Low maintenance costs because of the Tier 4 engines. Also, you can get an alternative 74 hp engine that runs efficiently without a diesel exhaust fluid.

Where Are Skytrak Telehandlers Made?

The SkyTrak brand is owned by JLG Industries, which has several manufacturing facilities here in the United States. Other manufacturing facilities are in Tianjin in China, Leicester in England, Medias in Romania, Leon in Mexico, and Fauillet in France. However, the firm has sales outlets across six continents and countries, including;

·Latin America

·United States









·Hong Kong



·The Netherlands



·New Zealand

Who Owns Skytrak?

JLG Industries, Inc., owns and manufacturers SkyTrak telehandlers. JLG, owned by Oshkosh Corporation, is an American company that designs, manufactures, and sells access equipment: telehandlers and aerial work platforms.

The company manufactures products for use in facilities maintenance, construction, industrial maintenance, fits-outs, and material handling. JLG Industries was established in 1969 and operated independently until 2006, when the Oshkosh Corporation acquired it. McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania, is the current JLG headquarters.

SkyTrak Telehandler For Sale

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