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What Is a Snorkel Telehandler?

A Snorkel telehandler is a versatile machine that can lift, move, and place materials in high places. Also called a telescopic handler, it can carry items like lumber, gravel, and bricks. The machine has an ergonomic design to facilitate stable movement and material handling. Its adaptable components enable you to work in different work sites by attaching appropriate accessories.

Are Snorkel Telehandlers Good?

Snorkel telehandlers are an excellent addition to your worksite because they offer several advantages. These benefits make work and life easier to make looking at a snorkel telehandler for sale worthwhile. They include:

  • High Load Capacity

Snorkel telehandlers can accommodate several tons worth of materials with their high-load capacities. They incorporate a sturdy and durable construction that enables them to lift weighty loads to great heights without collapsing.

Telehandlers are stronger than similar-sized forklifts and cranes, allowing you to handle various tasks with heavier materials. Besides, these machines integrate a set of feet at the front called stabilizers. These components boost stability and sturdiness that lets the telehandlers lift the heavy items.

  • Enhanced Safety

Snorkel prioritizes safety, as evident in the company motto, “What goes up must come down safely.” Snorkel telehandlers include an operator manual to help you correctly use the machines. In addition, these devices have stabilizers that you can use when necessary to boost safety

  • On and Off-Road Use

Snorkel telehandlers have on and off-road capabilities. They integrate a 4-wheel drive feature into their construction, letting you operate on uneven and very rough terrain. You can also rely on the wheel types to drive on normal roads to ease transportation between workstations.

  • Convenient Loading Reach and Height

A telehandler’s ability to lift loads to usually unreachable lengths and heights is among its biggest benefits. It lets you remove or put materials on high spots you would otherwise not reach via a single vehicle. You can depend on the machine’s ergonomic, extendable, and long handle to cover considerable distances.

  • Versatility

Versatility is one of the reasons telehandlers are popular in the agricultural and construction industries. A Snorkel telehandler’s extendable handle has interchangeable attachment heads. Hence, you can switch the telescopic handle according to your needs without investing in another machine.

You can attach accessories such as scoop buckets, forklifts, mud grabs, and wenches to enjoy a one-stop solution at work. In addition, you can incorporate a cabin to lift workers to hard-to-reach places. Adding a clamp ensures you can conveniently lift materials like straw bales. Versatility lets you find the perfect balance between reach, usability, and power when using a telehandler.

  • Increased Efficiency

As previously mentioned, telehandlers provide versatility via the interchangeable attachment heads. This flexibility enhances speed since you can swiftly change the accessories to meet different demands on your work schedule.

The machines’ designs enable you to maneuver them quickly and smoothly to deliver efficient transportation. This quality aids many agricultural and construction operations in handling many time-sensitive activities.

What Telehandlers Does Snorkel Make?

Snorkel makes rough terrain telehandlers to help you address various work needs in different environments. The machines feature proportional joystick controls and a full-time 4-wheel drive, facilitating tight maneuvering. You can also rely on the 4-wheel drive design for on and off-road applications.

They have ergonomic handles that let you change the attachment heads according to your needs. This versatility enables you to meet multiple task demands, with its extendable handle accessing typically hard-to-reach places.

Some models you can find when seeking a Snorkel telehandler for sale are:

Snorkel SR5719

Maximum Working Height: 19 feet

Maximum Weight Limit: 5,732 pounds

Engine Tier: Tier 4 Final

Snorkel SR626

Maximum Lift Capacity: 5,732 pounds

Maximum Lift Height: 19 feet

Engine Tier: Stage V

Snorkel SR626E

Maximum Lift Capacity: 5,732 pounds

Maximum Lift Height: 19 feet

Engine Tier: Lithium-ion

Snorkel SR1442

Maximum Lift Capacity: 9,259 pounds

Maximum Lift Height: 44 feet

Engine Tier: Tier 4 Final

Snorkel SR1745

Maximum Lift Capacity: 9,998 pounds

Maximum Lift Height: 54 feet

Engine Tier: Tier 4 Final

Snorkel SR1065

Maximum Lift Capacity: 14,330 pounds

Maximum Lift Height: 31 feet

Engine Tier: Tier 4 Final

How Much Do Snorkel Telehandlers Cost?

A used Snorkel telehandler for sale can have varying prices, ranging from $50,000 to $60,000. You can find some exceptions costing more than $120,000, depending on multiple factors. The lift capacity, hours used, and year of manufacture play a part in determining the charging rates.

For instance, you can get cheaper rates if the machine has a low lift capacity and more used hours. A 2019 machine with a 5,700-pound lift capacity and 402 hours costs around $63,800. In contrast, a telehandler from the same year with a 10,000-pound lift capacity and 30 hours goes for approximately $128,500.

How Much Does a Snorkel Telehandler Weigh?

Snorkel telehandlers include different models with varying weights, ranging between 5.18 tons and 13.43 tons. The Snorkel SR626 has a 5.18-ton weight, whereas SR626E weighs 5.29 tons. Snorkel offers the SR1442 at 12.29 tons, the SR1745 at 13.43 tons, and the SR1065 at 12.22 tons.

What’s the Biggest Snorkel Telehandler?

SR1745 is Snorkel’s biggest telehandler. This machine weighs 13.43 tons, which makes it the heaviest of the available models. Additionally, SR1745 features a maximum lift height of 54 feet, giving you the highest reach among the Snorkel options.

It has an impressively high lifting capacity that can hold 9,998 pounds of materials. However, this capacity comes second only to the Snorkel SR1065, which can support up to 14,330 pounds.

Where Are Snorkel Telehandlers Made?

Snorkel makes telehandlers, including select models, at its factory in Elwood, Kansas. The site also provides equipment-rebuilding services to clients. Snorkel feels responsible for the environment and takes measures to keep the impact on the surroundings low. For instance, the company utilizes water-based paints, carefully monitors the water used, and properly disposes of solvent products.

Who Owns Snorkel?

Art Moore found Snorkel in 1959, enabling firefighters to shoot significant water amounts onto flames blazing up to 85-feet high. Innovation transformed it from a firefighting equipment company to the engineering profile known today. Currently, Xtreme Manufacturing, a US-based LLC owned by Don Ahern, owns the company. The LLC acquired Snorkel in 2013 after buying 51% of the business from The Tanfield Group Plc.

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