The Bobcat E85: Efficiency in Action

The Bobcat E85 excavator is a powerhouse of innovation, designed to excel in a wide range of excavation tasks. This compact yet robust machine combines impressive digging forces with smooth hydraulic performance, ensuring precision and efficiency on the job site. Equipped with advanced features like a spacious cab, intuitive controls, and excellent visibility, operators can work comfortably and confidently, maximizing productivity. The E85’s extendable arm allows for increased reach and depth, making it ideal for various construction and landscaping applications. With its superior digging capabilities and user-friendly design, the Bobcat E85 sets a new standard for performance and versatility in compact excavators.

Bobcat E85 Specs

bobcat E85
Bucket Digging Force14,509 lbf
Operating Weight18,960 lbs
Maximum Reach at Ground Level286.8 in
Width91 in

Bobcat E85 Key Features

The Bobcat E85 excavator boasts several key features that enhance its performance and usability on job sites:

Powerful Engine: The E85 is equipped with a robust diesel engine that delivers high torque and power for efficient digging and lifting operations.
Advanced Hydraulics: With precise and responsive hydraulic controls, operators can achieve smooth and precise movements for increased productivity and accuracy.
Extendable Arm: The extendable arm feature allows for greater reach and digging depth, enabling versatility in various excavation tasks without repositioning the machine frequently.
Comfortable Cab: The spacious and ergonomically designed cab offers a comfortable working environment, reducing operator fatigue during long hours on the job.
Excellent Visibility: The cab design ensures excellent visibility to the surrounding work area, enhancing safety and operational efficiency.
Versatile Attachments: The E85 is compatible with a wide range of attachments, such as buckets, hydraulic hammers, and augers, allowing it to tackle different tasks with ease.
Integrated Technology: Some models come equipped with telematics technology for remote monitoring of machine performance and maintenance needs, improving uptime and reducing operational costs.
Easy Maintenance: The E85 is designed for easy maintenance access, with conveniently located service points and components, reducing downtime and optimizing machine availability.
High Durability: Built with quality materials and components, the Bobcat E85 is durable and reliable, capable of withstanding demanding job site conditions over the long term.

What Kind of Jobs Can a Bobcat E85 Be Used For?

The Bobcat E85 excavator is highly versatile, capable of tackling a wide range of construction and landscaping tasks. From excavation and trenching for utilities to landscaping, grading, and material handling, the E85 excels in various applications. It’s also suitable for demolition work with hydraulic attachments, making it ideal for breaking up concrete and asphalt. The E85’s adaptability extends to site development, where it can clear land, level surfaces, and prepare building sites efficiently. With its powerful engine and range of attachments, the Bobcat E85 enhances productivity and effectiveness across different job sites, making it a valuable asset for contractors and operators.

Bobcat E85 in action

How Much Does A Bobcat E85 Cost?

The price of Bobcat E85 models can vary based on year, hours, and condition. Here are some examples of Bobcat E85 models for sale through FleetNow:

Bobcat E85 FleetNow
Bobcat E85 FleetNow
Bobcat E85 FleetNow
Bobcat E85 FleetNow

Where Can I Find A Bobcat E85 For Sale?

Bobcat E85 models can be bought through online marketplaces, like FleetNow, or heavy equipment dealers like Callidon Equipment, Herc Rentals, or local dealers which can be found through the Find A Dealer page on Bobcat’s website. 

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Here’s A Walk-Around Video of the Bobcat E85:

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