The Bobcat S550: Performance, Specs and More

The Bobcat S550 is a robust and versatile skid-steer loader, renowned for its exceptional performance and durability on job sites. Powered by a reliable engine and featuring an advanced hydraulic system, the S550 offers impressive lifting capabilities and precise control, making it ideal for a variety of tasks from construction to landscaping. Its compact design allows for excellent maneuverability in tight spaces, while the comfortable operator cabin enhances productivity with intuitive controls and superior visibility. Whether handling heavy loads or performing detailed work, the Bobcat S550 stands out as a reliable workhorse for professionals seeking efficiency and reliability.

Bobcat S550 Specs

bobcat s550
Horsepower48.9 hp
Rated Operating Capacity1,340 lbs
Operating Weight4,938 in
Tipping Load2,678 lbs

Bobcat S550 Key Features

The Bobcat S550 boasts a range of key features that make it a standout skid-steer loader in its class:

Powerful Engine: Equipped with a high-performance engine, the S550 delivers reliable power for demanding tasks, ensuring efficient operation even in tough conditions.

Advanced Hydraulic System: The S550’s advanced hydraulics provide strong lifting capabilities and precise control, enhancing the machine’s versatility for various applications.

Compact Design: Its compact dimensions allow for superior maneuverability in confined spaces, making it ideal for jobs where space is limited.

Operator Comfort: The spacious and ergonomically designed cabin features intuitive controls, adjustable seating, and excellent visibility, promoting operator comfort and productivity.

Durability: Built with robust materials and components, the S550 is designed to withstand rigorous use, ensuring long-term durability and reliability.

Easy Maintenance: The loader offers convenient access points for maintenance, simplifying routine checks and servicing to minimize downtime.

Versatility: Compatible with a wide range of Bobcat attachments, the S550 can be easily adapted for various tasks, from digging and lifting to grading and material handling.

Enhanced Safety: Features such as a seat belt, rollover protective structure (ROPS), and falling object protective structure (FOPS) ensure operator safety during operation.

What Kind of Jobs Can a Bobcat S550 Be Used For?

The Bobcat S550 is an incredibly versatile skid-steer loader, capable of handling a wide variety of jobs across multiple industries. In construction, it excels at tasks such as digging, grading, and site preparation, efficiently moving materials and clearing debris. Landscapers benefit from its ability to handle tasks like soil preparation, tree planting, and material transport, thanks to its compact design and powerful performance. Agricultural applications include barn clean-up, manure handling, and feed distribution. Additionally, the S550 is invaluable for snow removal operations, effortlessly clearing driveways, parking lots, and pathways. Its compatibility with numerous attachments further extends its capabilities, making it an essential machine for any job that requires lifting, loading, or precision work in tight spaces.

bobcat s550 in action

How Much Does A Bobcat S550 Cost?

The price of Bobcat S550 models can vary based on year, hours, and condition. Here are some examples of Bobcat S550 models for sale through FleetNow:

Bobcat S550 FleetNow
Bobcat S550 FleetNow
Bobcat S550 FleetNow
Bobcat S550 FleetNow

Where Can I Find A Bobcat S550 For Sale?

Bobcat S550 models can be bought through online marketplaces, like FleetNow, heavy equipment dealers like Herc Rentals, or local dealers which can be found through the Find A Dealer page on Bobcat’s website. 

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Here’s A Video Detailing How to Operate a Bobcat S550:

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