Wheeled skid steers can tread lighter than tracked skid steers (see what we did there?) and offer help on landscaping projects and more. Scroll down to see a list of Wheeled Skid Steer manufacturers and find units for sale near you.

Wheeled skid steers were the only skid steer option available until tracked skid steers came onto the market. Wheel skid steers have their limitations, but their foundation is what makes them useful for any construction or landscaping job site. If you’re looking for wheel skid steers for sale, this is the guide for you.

Wheeled skid steers are best used on level surfaces such as hard-packed dirt, asphalt, or concrete. They maneuver over smooth terrain quicker than tracked skid steers. 

Wheel skid steers are safer to use on landscapes that can be easily ripped up by tracked skid steers. Wheel skid steers are also less expensive than their tracked counterparts. 

Watch this video for a full view and explanation of how to use a Bobcat S510 Wheel skid steer.

Wheel skid steers do have a tendency to be heavy enough to sink into muddy surfaces. And, rough terrain has the potential to pop wheel skid steer tires. 

It is possible with some models to add over-the-tire tracks onto each tire of a wheel skid steer.

Wheeled Skid Steer Uses

Wheel skid steers are used primarily for landscaping projects, particularly for digging tasks. They can also be used to compact loose soil.

They have two arms that can connect to a number of attachments including buckets, snowblowers, pallet forks, and more.

With tires that wear out slower than tracks, wheel skid steers are often used for roadwork, demolition, scrap, and recycling.

How do wheeled skid steers work?

The wheels on a wheel skid steer are fixed in a straight line in relation to the body of the equipment. 

Turning the left and right Wheels at different speeds shifts the machine by skidding, or dragging, its wheels across the ground. This allows the machine to perform tighter turn circles within small spaces.

Wheel skid steers are typically operated with joystick controls.

How many hours will a wheeled skid steer work?

Wheel skid steers are known to last up to 5,000, or longer with proper maintenance intervals. 

A wheel skid steer’s longevity depends on several factors aside from maintenance including purchase condition (i.e. new or used), wear and tear, and usage frequency.

Who makes wheeled skid steers?

The top manufacturers of wheel skid steers are Bobcat, Case, Caterpillar (CAT), Gehl, JCB, John Deere, Kubota, New Holland, and Wacker Neuson

Other brands include Asv, Ford, Mustang, Sunward, Takeuchi, Terex, and Volvo.

Wheeled Skid Steer Makes & Models

Asv: ASV RS-75, ASV VS-75

Bobcat: Bobcat 310, Bobcat 743, Bobcat S62, Bobcat S64, Bobcat S66, Bobcat S70, Bobcat S76, Bobcat S100, Bobcat S130, Bobcat S205, Bobcat S250, Bobcat S450, Bobcat S510, Bobcat S530, Bobcat S570, Bobcat S590, Bobcat S595, Bobcat S650, Bobcat S740, Bobcat S750, Bobcat S770, Bobcat S850

Case: Case 450, Case 1845C, Case 445, Case SR130, Case SR160B, Case SR175B, Case SV185B, Case SR200, Case SR210B, Case SR240B, Case SV250, Case SR270B, Case SR280B, Case SR340B, Case SV300, Case SR210, Case 1816, Case 1825, Case 1825B, Case 1835B, Case 1835C, Case 1840, Case 250, Case 40C, Case 40XT, Case 410, Case 430, Case 440, Case 60XP, Case 60XT, Case 75XT, Case 85XT, Case 90XT, Case SR160, Case SR220, Case TV370B, Case W11B

Caterpillar (CAT): CAT 246D, CAT 262D, CAT 262D3, CAT 246B, CAT 246D3, CAT 216B, CAT 216B2, CAT 226, CAT 226B, CAT 226B III, CAT 226B3, CAT 226D, CAT 226D3, CAT 228, CAT 232, CAT 232D, CAT 232D3, CAT 236B, CAT 236B III, CAT 236B3, CAT 236D, CAT 236D3, CAT 239D3, CAT 242B, CAT 242B II, CAT 242D, CAT 242D3, CAT 246, CAT 246C, CAT 248, CAT 248B, CAT 249D, CAT 252B, CAT 252B III, CAT 257D, CAT 259D, CAT 259D3, CAT 259DHF, CAT 262B , CAT 262C, CAT 262C2 , CAT 268B, CAT 272C, CAT 272D, CAT 272D2, CAT 272D2 XHP, CAT272D3, CAT272D3 XE, CAT 277, CAT 279D, CAT 289D, CAT 289D3, CAT 299C, CAT 299D2, CAT 299D2XHP, CAT 299D2XHP2C, CAT 299D3, CAT 299D3 XEL2, CAT 299DXHP2CA, CAT 301.7D CR

Gehl: Gehl 5640, Gehl 3640E, Gehl 4510, Gehl 4640, Gehl 5240, Gehl 5640, Gehl 5640E, Gehl 6640, Gehl R105, Gehl R165, Gehl R165 SKID LOADER, Gehl R260, Gehl R260 SKID LOADER, Gehl RT185, Gehl RT255 TRACK LOADER, Gehl V270, Gehl V270 GEN:2, Gehl V420, Gehl V420 LOADER ARMS, Gehl VT320 TRACK LOADER

Ford: Ford CL30

JCB: JCB 110 ROBOT, JCB 1110T, JCB 135, JCB 160, JCB 170, JCB 190, JCB 205, JCB 215, JCB 260, JCB 270, JCB 270W, JCB 280, JCB 300, JCB 3TS-8W, JCB 407, JCB 409, JCB 411, JCB 427, JCB 437, JCB 457

John Deere: John Deere 324G, John Deere 328D, John Deere 320, John Deere 320G, John Deere 318G, John Deere 240, John Deere 240 II, John Deere 250, John Deere 260, John Deere 270, John Deere 312GR, John Deere 313, John Deere 318E, John Deere 320D, John Deere 322, John Deere 323E, John Deere 325, John Deere 325G, John Deere 326E, John Deere 328, John Deere 328E, John Deere 330G, John Deere 332, John Deere 332D, John Deere 332E, John Deere 332G, John Deere 7775, John Deere SB72, John Deere 316GR, John Deere 318D, John Deere 326D, John Deere 320E, John Deere 324E, John Deere 3375, John Deere 4475, John Deere 6675, John Deere 8875, John Deere 14, John Deere 24, John Deere 24A, John Deere 60, John Deere 90, John Deere 125, John Deere 280, John Deere 315, John Deere 317

Kubota: Kubota SSV75, Kubota SSV65, Kubota SVL97-2, Kubota SVL75-2, Kubota SVL65-2, Kubota SVL 95-2S, Kubota SVL90-2HFC, Kubota SVL95-25HFC

Mustang: Mustang 1650R, Mustang 1350R, Mustang 1350RT, Mustang 920, Mustang 2026, Mustang 2060, Mustang 2064, Mustang 2076 

New Holland: New Holland L218, New Holland L225, New Holland L125, New Holland L140, New Holland L170, New Holland L175, New Holland L180, New Holland L190, New Holland L220, New Holland L221, New Holland L223, New Holland L228, New Holland L230, New Holland L234, New Holland L316, New Holland L318, New Holland L320, New Holland L321, New Holland L328, New Holland L334, New Holland L553, New Holland L783, New Holland LS125, New Holland LS140, New Holland LS170, New Holland LS180, New Holland LS185B, New Holland LT190B, New Holland LX565, New Holland LX665, New Holland LX885, New Holland LX985

Sunward: Sunward SWL3230, Sunward SWL2830 

Takeuchi: Takeuchi TS70RC50, Takeuchi TS80V2, Takeuchi RL12V2, Takeuchi TS60V

Terex: Terex R200S, Terex TSR70, Terex TSV80, Terex TSV90, Terex V200S

Volvo: Volvo MC135C, Volvo MCT125C, Volvo 1700XHP, Volvo MC110D, Volvo MC115D, Volvo MC135D, Volvo MCT110D, Volvo MCT125D, Volvo MCT135D, Volvo MC60C, Volvo MC70C, Volvo MC85C, Volvo MC95C, Volvo MC100C, Volvo MC105C, Volvo MC110C, Volvo MC115C, Volvo MC125C, Volvo MC135C, Volvo MC155C, Volvo MCT70C, Volvo MCT85C, Volvo MCT95C, Volvo MCT110C, Volvo MCT125C, Volvo mct135c t4f, Volvo MCT135C, Volvo MCT145C, Volvo MC60B, Volvo MC70, Volvo MC70B, Volvo MC80B, Volvo MC90B, Volvo MC110B, Volvo MC60, Volvo MC80, Volvo MC90, Volvo MC110

Wacker Neuson: Wacker SW24, Wacker SW28, Wacker SM100, Wacker SW16, Wacker SW16 RADIAL LIFT, Wacker SW20, Wacker SW21, Wacker SW32

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