Looking for a CASE mini excavator for sale? CASE offers a wide range of mini excavators that are easily operated, extremely smooth with outstanding horsepower. Read this article to learn more and find CASE mini excavator for sale near you.

What models of mini-excavators does CASE make?

Case Construction Equipment makes the following models of mini-excavators:

Case CX 17C

Horsepower: 16.8 horsepower

Maximum Digging Depth: 7 feet 3 inches

Maximum Reach: 12 feet 6 inches

Bucket Breakout Force: [not published on website]

Operating Weight: 3910 lbs.

Case CX 26C

Horsepower: 24.8 horsepower

Maximum Digging Depth: 7 feet 11 inches

Maximum Reach: 14 feet 3 inches

Bucket Breakout Force: [not published on website]

Operating Weight: 5850 lbs.

Case CX 30C

Horsepower:  24.8 horsepower

Maximum Digging Depth: 8 feet 2 inches

Maximum Reach: 14 feet 10 inches

Bucket Breakout Force:[not published on website]

Operating Weight: 22451 lbs.

Case CX 37 C

Horsepower:  24.4 horsepower

Maximum Digging Depth: 10 feet 13 inches

Maximum Reach: 17 feet 1 inch

Bucket Breakout Force: not published on website

Operating Weight: 8300 lbs.

Case CX 57 C

Horsepower: 66.9 horsepower

Maximum Digging Depth: 12 feet 6 inches

Maximum Reach: 19 feet 9 inches

Bucket Breakout Force: not published on website

Operating Weight: 12270 lbs.

Case CX 60 C

Horsepower: 64.7 horsepower

Maximum Digging Depth: 11 feet 9 inches

Maximum Reach: 19 feet 9 inches

Bucket Breakout Force: [not found on company website]

Operating Weight: 12940 lbs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does a CASE Mini Excavator cost to buy?

A 2015 Case CX 55B excavator located in Denver, Colorado, was recently offered for sale at a price of $49550. At approximately the same time, a 2018 Case CX 37C located in Vineland, New Jersey, was offered for sale at a price of $39,900.

How long do CASE Mini Excavators last?

Case has a general reputation for building good and reliable machines. The company has been in business for 180 years. With careful and regular maintenance, a mini excavator should last between 7000 and 10000 hours without requiring a major overhaul or engine replacement. Case offers a standard warranty of 12 months on its equipment however Case parts must be used for maintenance. In addition to the warranty, Case offers a comprehensive maintenance plan that tracks and schedules regular maintenance.

Some owners of Case loaders have complained on line about design flaws, reliability, and poor customer service when the owner took the machines for repair.

In contrast, a recent review for the Case CX 26C described the machine quite favorably, as well built and sturdy, with a great deal of room and comfort for the operator. Other reviews have described Case excavators as having highly intuitive and easy to use controls and ample power. Controls were described as simple, without recourse to many buttons and knobs to complicate operation.

Other Case owners have commented that their old machines remain reliable after many years, with only regular service, and are not prone to frequent breakdown. Many have commented favorably about the design of the machine as well, allowing for ease of service and ease of access to reach frequently maintained and serviced parts and fluids.

Where are CASE Mini Excavator made?

Case Equipment Company was founded by Jerome I. Case in Racine, Wisconsin, in 1842. It was originally named the Racine Threshing Machine Works. Case began building road construction equipment in 1869, and began building excavators in 1967.

Case merged with the New Holland Corporation in 1999. The combined entity was renamed CNH, and manufactures both agricultural and construction equipment.

Case maintains production facilities in Wichita, Kansas, and the larger CNH Industries group has 37 factories in Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

Case maintains a full range of dealers in the United States, as well as service centers and parts distributors. The company offers a comprehensive service and maintenance plan through those dealers.

What engine is in a CASE Mini Excavator?

Case mini excavators are powered by Kubota diesel engines. The latest models of Case mini excavators have engines which are compliant with current EPA air pollution and emissions regulations.

How much is a new CASE Mini Excavator?

The Case website has links which enable prospective customers to have up-to-date quotes from their local dealer, based upon the model of mini excavator chosen and the attachments and options selected. Case offers financing for purchasers through CNH Industrial Capital as well as leasing programs.

What is the smallest CASE mini excavator available?

The smallest CASE excavator available is the CX 17C. It weighs 3910 pounds. It has a height of 7 feet 7 inches. It has a width of 2 feet 11 inches. It has a length of 11 feet 5 inches. It is powered by a Kubota D902 engine.

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