Are you using email to send equipment offers to potential buyers? Knowing your buyer and what they are looking for is the best way to get a response and start a conversation.

However, even if you have a great relationship with a buyer, cutting through the clutter of messages overwhelming their inbox starts with your subject line.

Taking a moment to consider what email subject line will help your equipment buyer to stop and open your email can boost your effectiveness.

Here are equipment sales email subject lines that get your message opened and clicked:

  • 2016 Genie Z-45/25J DEUTZ

Get specific. A simple email subject line that states the specific machine you have on special can be successful.

Coast to Coast Equipment, a Fleet Up user, had the most success in November with the email subject line: 2016 Genie Z-45/25J DEUTZ. That email saw a 61.1% open rate. Talk about specific!

  • Hi, Buyer’s name, are you looking for scissor lifts?

What’s the sweetest sounding word? Your name! Do you have a buyer’s name? Use it!

  • container specials!

Capitalization and punctuation count – try Mixing It Up. Using all lower case can stand out.

  • Genie Clearance

Is the item priced below market? On clearance? Tell your readers!

  • Did you get what you were looking for?

HubSpot suggests using this one to follow up with a lead or a website visitor.

  • Question about lifts?

If they are buying lifts, they might want to learn what your question is about.

  • X scissors for your fleet

Many brokers or dealers send one machine out at a time. Stand out with a number in your subject line.

More sales subject lines

HubSpot has several additional suggestions. They aren’t specific to rental yards, equipment brokers or fleet owners, but they can offer ideas for you to use.

Some of our favorites of theirs include:

“Hoping to help”

“Do not open this email”

“HBO Go password?”