It’s not getting easier for rental yards in 2022 as equipment shortages, delivery delays, fuel price increases, and equipment surcharges cause daily disruptions.

While the uncertainty of the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us — job sites are open and rental business has been soaring since the summer of 2020 — many rental yards are still wondering what the rest of this year holds.

Looking at overall trends, we see three big ideas that can help you find equipment buyers moving forward.

1. Equipment Shoppers are turning to the internet and searching for used equipment

US retail ecommerce sales will top $1 trillion this year, up 9.4% from $960.44 billion last year.

Equipment buyers continue to use their phones and laptops to shop for equipment.

But be aware — no single used construction equipment marketplace gets “all the buyers.”

As the pandemic continues, many well-known marketplaces have seen slow or no growth.

Listing your equipment on more than one site dramatically improves your ability to sell at retail pricing. And, when you are listing, be sure to use lots of photos. Click here for tips on how to take better construction equipment photos.

Equipment Sale Websites Growth since 2021

Equipment Sale Website Growth - Find Equpiment Buyers

Source: SEMRush, Google Analtyics, July 2022

As you can see above, not every equipment website saw the same amount of growth over the past year.

If you want to sell more equipment at today’s increased retail pricing — listing on more than one site is the quickest route to success. Call or email us today to ask about our free trial.

2. Equipment Sellers who are actively looking for new equipment and new buyers are better able to continue to sell

For equipment dealers and rental yards like you, the days of ordering brand-new items and having them delivered in just three to four months are over.

One of the best methods for obtaining equipment for your fleet is to establish ties with rental yards.

Here are four tips to do that: 4 Clever Heavy Equipment Purchasing Tips for 2022

3. Equipment sellers with optimized websites and strong Search Engine Optimization are winning

Of all the ways that equipment sellers are growing, people who invest in a strong website and being found on Google — Search Engine Optimization — are winning more customers.

Find Equpiment Buyers - Pie chart showing that SEO has a higher ROI than any other digital marketing channel for website owners

Are you being found when people search for the equipment in your rental yard? Are you being found for the equipment that you want to rent more of or sell at retail pricing?

At IronTek Solutions, we’ve built websites ranked on the first page of Google for rental terms like “boom lift rental,” “scissor lift rental,” and “equipment rental.” Click here for an equipment dealer SEO checklist.

Check out the search terms below that are on the first page of Google for a rental yard customer in Cleveland:

rental yard search engine optimization

Source: SerpFox, July, 2022

Even without a paid advertising campaign, this dealer has seen an increase in website leads (emails and phone calls) every month after IronTek Solutions set up their new, Google-friendly website.

Find Equipment Buyers

If you want to win more business this year and next, you need to get listed on more than one equipment marketplace and get your website right.

But how do you know what you should do specifically?

IronTek Solutions wants to help you get this handled, so we just set up a special page for you to talk with us.

If you want to be seen on Google better, book a call with us here.

We’ll take a look at your site, your competition, and show you what you should be doing right now to build your online business.