How Much Does Equipment Trader Cost?

So you want to know How Much Does Equipment Trader Cost? Deciding how to get the most when you sell used construction equipment can be difficult – there are many options and the marketplace is constantly changing. Here, we take a look at some of the features and pricing for Equipment Trader.

What is Equipment Trader?

Equipment Trader is an online resource to find equipment for sale and for rent. Similar to FleetNow, Equipment Trader offers classified advertising to dealers and independent owners. It seems to be a pretty straightforward service that offers a few extra features.

Equipment Trader got its start around 2000. It’s part of the Trader Interactive family of websites. Trader Interactive offers digital resources for online advertising and marketing for equipment segments.

How does Equipment Trader Compare to FleetNow?

The biggest difference between Equipment Trader and FleetNow are the features offered from the sources, besides listing equipment for sale or rent.

Both entities strive to be the number one source for dealers and buyers looking to list their equipment. They both have a special portal for individuals listing several pieces, and FleetNow can take on more listings from one dealer for a more cost-efficient price.

FleetNow and Equipment Trader have search features on their sites, and Equipment Trader includes an additional search for dealers with filters for location, class, makes, and more.

Where they differ

The Equipment Trader is based on simplicity

There are no frills or additional services to use through the Equipment Trader site. It is strictly for searching for and listing equipment or dealers. Other than subscribing to its newsletter or reading articles from its blog, there are no other features.

FleetNow has added benefits for dealers

A private sales network and wholesale pricing on equipment re-rentals is offered through FleetNow. It also offers inventory reporting, team management applications, and software solutions like inspection reports. If a team is looking for a more complete package for listing and monitoring equipment sales and rentals, FleetNow has more options available.

Discover more website affliates with Equipment Trader

As previously mentioned, Equipment Trader is one of many websites housed under the Trader Interactive umbrella. Through Equipment Trader, you will also find easy access to AeroTrader, ATVTrader, CommercialTruckTrader, Boatline, and more. This expansive network of sites offers many different types of equipment and machinery for retail buyers.

How Much Does Equipment Trader Cost?

When comparing Equipment Trader and FleetNow, users will notice that listings with Equipment Trader have a lower cost, and also come with less benefits.

The base package for Equipment Trader starts as low as $229 per month. The most expensive package, which is $750 per month, includes premium advertisements. Depending on your number of listings, monthly costs can reach close to $2,000.

If a dealer wants to list a single piece of equipment, listing prices start at $24.95.

Is the Price of Equipment Trader Worth it?

Though Equipment Trader claims 1.2 million visits per month, it lacks a variety of offerings.

FleetNow can provide users with analytics reporting and software solutions that can help dealers and buyers make better informed purchases. With advertising across Google, Bing and Facebook, FleetNow puts its dealer’s listings in front of buyers where they are shopping.

We recommend listing your equipment with FleetNow to get the most out of your monthly listings — sell just one piece of equipment every three months and FleetNow pays for itself.

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