Are you considering buying a Hyundai Mini Excavator for sale? Hyundai excavators are small and compact to serve different niches. Mini excavators can come in handy whenever you have small construction projects. Hyundai has been in the heavy equipment market and earned its reputation as a trusted equipment partner.

What Mini Excavators Does Hyundai Make?

Hyundai makes the following mini excavators:


Engine Horsepower: 13.28 Horsepower

Maximum Digging Depth: 5 feet 8 inches

Maximum Reach: 79 inches

Bucket Breakout Force: 2001 lbf

Operating Weight: 2396 pounds


Engine Horsepower: 16.8 Horsepower

Maximum Digging Depth: 7 feet 7 inches

Maximum Reach: 13 feet 2 inches

Bucket Breakout Force: 3490 lbf

Operating Weight:3,747 lbs


Engine Horsepower: 16.2HP

Maximum Digging Depth: 7 feet 11 inches

Maximum Reach: 13 feet 6 inches

Bucket Breakout Force: 3400 lbf

Operating Weight: 4398 pounds (cabin) 4089 pounds (canopy)


Engine Horsepower: 12 Horsepower

Maximum Digging Depth: 11 feet 22 inches

Maximum Reach: 14 feet 7 inches

Bucket Breakout Force: 4740 lbf

Operating Weight: 5688 pounds


Engine Horsepower: 24.8 Horsepower

Maximum Digging Depth: 8 feet 2 inches

Maximum Reach: 16 feet

Bucket Breakout Force: 4740 lbf

Operating Weight: 6625 pounds


Engine Horsepower: 24.7 Horsepower

Maximum Digging Depth: 18 feet 4 inches

Maximum Reach:11feet 9 inches

Bucket Breakout Force: 6945 lbf

Operating Weight: 8135 pounds

Frequently Asked Questions 

Hyundai mini diggers are some of the best in the construction world. Every prospective client is always curious about the product they want to buy. Here are the answers to some of the most pressing questions.

How Much Does a Hyundai Mini Excavator Cost to Buy?

Hyundai offers a reasonably priced portfolio for all its customers. Several factors determine the price of mini excavators, including the size and specifications.

The cheapest Hyundai mini excavator costs $30,000 while new. You can get the used version for a slightly lower price.

How Long Do Hyundai Mini Excavators Last?

Although heavy construction equipment faces the roughest of conditions, owners expect them to last as long as possible. It is important to understand how long your machine may last before purchasing. Most construction machines have no specific lifespan. How long a machine lasts depends on how well you care for it.

On average, a mini excavator will last for around 10,000 hours. Some contractors stop using the machines once the hour meter reads 9,800 use hours. At this point, almost every part has already gone through some major replacement or repair except the engine. Therefore, they retire them for safety purposes.

Heavy equipment must last long enough to give you the utmost value and profitability. A longer lifespan influences your operating and owning costs. Also, it determines how long it takes before getting a new excavator.

Conducting proper maintenance and regular checkups will keep your equipment in top shape. A properly functioning machine ensures no interruptions during work hours.

What Is the Cheapest Hyundai Mini Excavator?

The cheapest Hyundai mini excavator costs $30000 when new. The price can go slightly lower or slightly higher depending on your area of residence. Older models will also cost much less than the recently launched models.

Where Are Hyundai Mini Excavators Made?

Hyundai mini excavators and other models in the Hyundai portfolio are manufactured or assembled in the Americas. Hyundai Heavy Completes Construction Equipment Factory does most of this work and is based in Brazil. They have invested $175 million to build a huge production factory with over 3000 units coming out of the production line each year. Other models produced by this company include backhoe loaders, excavators, and wheel loaders.

What Engine Is in a Hyundai Mini Excavator?

Hyundai mini excavators use a 27.1 kW Yanmar TNV engine with 3000 rpm. The vertical cylinder engine uses diesel fuel for power. Also, water runs the cooling system. The emission reduction technology ensures a cleaner engine, and the noise reduction technology means less noise. Here are some advantages of the Yanmar TNV engine.

Reliable and Durable

Yanmar has heavily invested in this kind of industrial diesel engine to ensure Hyundai clients get nothing but the best. The engine has stiffer pistons and cranks, increased journal tolerance, and a better block cooling system for enhanced durability.

The latest technology guarantees a more robust mounting structure and lower vibrations for increased resilience, especially in heavy-duty jobs.

Clean Emissions

Although similar in design to its predecessor, the Yanmar engine is cleaner and more efficient. Fuel injection technology with a more efficient combustion chamber ensures superior exhaust emissions, translating to a cleaner environment. In fact, the engines have achieved the required international emission standards for Interim Tier 4 engines.

Better Fuel Economy and Delivery

Hitachi mini excavators feature a better fuel economy making Hyundai your trusted brand for construction equipment. The engines are fitted with fuel injection pumps for more accurate fuel delivery and control, effectively reducing waste. The result is improved performance in most of the assigned tasks and reduced emissions for a cleaner environment.

Are Hyundai Mini Excavators Good?

Hyundai is an enviable and trusted brand regarding heavy construction equipment. Here are some reasons why Hyundai mini diggers are excellent.

Quieter Cab

The comfort of the operator is key to the success of the program. Hyundai ensures that the cab is better insulated to reduce significant external noise. The cab also features a quieter electric fan and new spring cab mounts around the clutch. All these combined translates to noise reduction by as much as 4 decibels in the current models compared to earlier models.

The cab also features an improved A/C with nine vents, which can be regulated for the face area. This ensures that the operator is comfortable in the closed cabin.

Auto Engine Shutdown

Fuel economy is something you should consider when purchasing a mini excavator. Hyundai mini diggers have programmable engines that automatically shut down after idling for a few minutes. The feature comes in handy in case the operator leaves the construction site and leaves the machine running. The feature prevents the machine from burning excess fuel, saving you much-needed cash.

Improved Operator Controls

The Hyundai mini excavator has wide screens on the dashboard to show the operator how the machine performs. The monitor can be adjusted horizontally or vertically by a few degrees for optimal visibility. Furthermore, the monitor shows you real-time data critical for the machine’s running, such as the fuel consumption data.

Smart mirrors and operator-settable functions are other features that increase the operator’s convenience. The inclinometer provides additional operator safety assistance while the attachment control can be adjusted for pressure flow and relief.

Flat lower and upper glass offers improved visibility without any sort of distortion associated with curved glass. This reduces visual errors.

What Is the Smallest Hyundai Mini Excavator?

At 3,920 pounds, Hyundai R17Z-9A mini excavator is the smallest in the compact series. The small model brings big power whenever you need to work in small or tight spaces. With a Tier 5 Final engine, you get impressive performance with better fuel economy.

Here are some reasons the smallest Hyundai Mini Excavator is probably the best in the compactor series.

High Performance

The machine is fitted with a powerful Tier 4-certified Yanmar engine with reduced noise, high power output, and optimum fuel economy. Zero tail swing design allows the operator to penetrate in narrow turns and narrow spaces like alleys without problems. Furthermore, the machine offers a faster response due to a fast main control valve and joystick synchronization for improved and smooth operation cycles.

The attachments and the hydraulics are made to provide high digging forces.


The boom swing can be adjusted slightly on either left or the right side to work in congested residential places like urban areas easilyreas.

The operator cabin is cleverly designed and fitted with adjustable arm rests and seats to increase operator’s productivity. The pedal positions and joystick controls are well placed to provide additional convenience during operation.

A centralized monitoring system helps the operator track and understand the vital mini excavator operations. The monitor indicates engine coolant temperature, fuel levels, water temperature, engine oil pressure and battery levels.


All Hyundai frames have undergone the Finite Element Methods test to determine their durability. The lower and upper frames are more robust to preserve the structural integrity of the machine. High-strength, low-stress steel is welded to create and more robust and durable structure.

The arm and the boom are reinforced with high tensile steel and steel bearing. The internal baffle plates and other features make the arm and boom almost unbreakable. The roller and tracks are also designed for heavy-duty operations.


The Hyundai mini excavators have a safety lever that protects against unintended machine movements. For instance, it prevents hydraulic functions from operating when locked, adding more layers of safety. Use the automatic swing brake to lock the arm and the boom whenever moving the machine between places to prevent accidents. Additionally, the engine fan guard protects the operator if the maintenance operation requires the engine to be on.

How Much Does a Hyundai Mini Excavator Weigh?

Hyundai mini excavators have different weights depending on the model. The largest mini excavator weighs 12000 pounds while the smallest weighs 3920 pounds. When purchasing a mini excavator, you should consider your project size. Heavier diggers often have a bigger operating weight which is good enough for moving larger volumes of material.

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