Lyon Lifts Sees Continued Success With FleetNow

Lyon Lifts, a trusted provider of high-quality lifting equipment, has seen continued success from the leads they’ve received from FleetNow. In their partnership with FleetNow, Lyon Lifts brings its expertise and high-quality lifting equipment to a wider audience. Equipment buyers can shop Lyon Lifts’ current equipment for sale on FleetNow.

Since Lyon Lifts started listing their equipment for sale on FleetNow in July of 2022 (through Sept of 2023), they have been able to sell 35 machines to new buyers who found them through FleetNow.

About Lyon Lifts

Lyon Lifts was founded in 2021 with one ambition: helping customers with their machinery needs. They are dedicated to their customers, committing to go above and beyond to always offer the best solutions and customer service. Lyon Lifts strives to make sure customers have a smooth and enjoyable buying experience.

Lyon Lifts maintains and inspects their equipment to meet industry standards and regulations, ensuring businesses can trust the quality and safety of their machines. With over 2,500 units of equipment available, over 12 years of industry experience, and over 1,500 machines successfully traded, Lyon Lifts helps customers reach new heights of success.

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Lyon Lifts is located at: 62 Fawcett Rd, Unit 1 Coquitlam, BC V3K 6V5

Lyon Lift’s Listings On FleetNow

FleetNow Lyon Lifts Listing
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FleetNow Lyon Lifts Listing 1

About FleetNow

FleetNow is an equipment-services company that provides rental yards and equipment dealers with unique software and marketing solutions to increase profits and save time in the management and sales of their fleet. FleetNow’s online marketplace,, is the fastest growing, most flexible platform for heavy equipment sales, and it’s the first of its kind to serve the $300B equipment industry.
FleetNow achieved over $1 billion in assets available for sale at in August of 2023, and new equipment is added to the online marketplace daily.