OHR Rents Partners with FleetNow to Increase Revenue, Case Study

Discover how FleetNow helped OHR Rents boost their equipment sales and achieve impressive revenue growth in this case study.

Facing heavy equipment shortages, OHR Rents wanted to attract more buyers who were willing to pay retail prices for their equipment. Despite investing significant sums in traditional advertising sites, the company mainly received leads from wholesale buyers. Seeking a more effective solution, OHR Rents partnered with FleetNow, an innovative online platform designed to connect heavy equipment buyers and sellers. By leveraging FleetNow’s targeted audience of qualified buyers, OHR Rents was able to expand its customer base and increase its sales revenue by almost $2.6 million in 2022 from FleetNow leads. Find out how FleetNow’s user-friendly platform helped OHR Rents reach its goals and achieve impressive results.

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