OHR Rents Partners with FleetNow to Increase Revenue, Case Study

Discover how FleetNow helped OHR Rents boost their equipment sales and achieve impressive revenue growth in this case study.

OHR Rents wanted to attract more buyers who were willing to pay retail prices for their equipment. Despite investing significant sums in traditional advertising sites, the company mainly received leads from wholesale buyers. Seeking a more effective solution, OHR Rents partnered with FleetNow, an innovative online platform designed to connect heavy equipment buyers and sellers. By leveraging FleetNow’s targeted audience of qualified buyers, OHR Rents was able to expand its customer base and increase its sales revenue by almost $2.6 million in 2022 from FleetNow leads. Find out how FleetNow’s user-friendly platform helped OHR Rents reach its goals and achieve impressive results.

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OHR Rents is a heavy equipment rental company that has been in business since 2009.

The management team set out to increase sales revenue and provide their sales team with fresh leads.

That’s when they turned to FleetNow, the fastest-growing online marketplace in the industry. By leveraging FleetNow’s platform, OHR Rents was able to increase its sales revenue and connect with new, retail buyers. This case study will highlight how FleetNow helped OHR Rents achieve this remarkable milestone.

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OHR Rents was looking to find equipment buyers who would pay retail prices for their equipment due to shortages in the heavy equipment industry. In the past, the company listed on large advertising sites but mostly received leads from wholesale buyers instead of retail buyers. They spent thousands monthly to ensure visibility on the sites.


OHR Rents turned to FleetNow to help achieve their sales revenue goals. FleetNow provided an online platform for the company to sell its heavy equipment, effectively expanding its customer base beyond its traditional local market and advertising sites. FleetNow’s user-friendly platform allowed OHR Rents to easily list its equipment for sale, reaching a targeted audience of qualified buyers.


By working with FleetNow, OHR Rents was able to increase its sales revenue by almost $2.6 million in 2022. The company was able to sell its equipment to a wider audience of retail buyers, which was a significant factor in the increase in sales revenue.

In 2022, OHR saw the following results by selling equipment through FleetNow:

  • An Additional 5 Equipment Sales per Month (AVG)

  • $215,012 per Month in Additional Sales Revenue (AVG)

  • An Additional 45 Leads per Month (AVG)

The 547 leads sent to OHR Rents through FleetNow generated an additional $2.6M in sales revenue for the year.


In 2022, FleetNow worked with OHR Rents to conduct a case study to determine how much revenue and many leads were generated as a result of its equipment listings on FleetNow.


In 2022, FleetNow worked with OHR Rents to conduct a case study to determine how much revenue and many leads were generated as a result of its equipment listings on FleetNow.


“Selling equipment through FleetNow has been a great investment for our rental yard. We covered the entire year’s subscription cost with our first sale from a FleetNow buyer. The team at FleetNow has provided expert advice and exceptional service, making them a solid partner in our sales efforts. We highly recommend FleetNow to anyone looking to grow their business and increase sales revenue.”


FleetNow’s study tracked the monthly leads, sales, and revenue resulting from OHR’s equipment listings on the platform.

Throughout 2022, OHR averaged 5 equipment sales each month totaling 60 sales for the year. These sales generated almost $2.6 million in revenue or an average of $215 thousand per month.

The monthly lead count from FleetNow ranged from 23 to 100 inquiries. OHR’s sales team followed up with each lead and averaged an 11% conversion rate when working to close the sales.

OHR lists over 1000 units on FleetNow, primarily aerial equipment. They were able to keep their listings up to date automatically through an integration with Point of Rental, which helped free up time for their sales team to focus on lead follow up

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